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* Example #1 - 'Clicking' your phone line
* Example #2 - Generic fear and the top of memory stack
* Example #3 - The forbidden subject taboo
(Added on April 10 th, 2000)
* Example #4 - The Chase-and-Run-Away Approach
(Added on June 21 th, 2000)



Example #1 :

Let's say you're in a bus or leaving the subway station, and someone near you pretends to be asking for directions to someone else near both of you. You hear everything and you know the answer for that question, but the asked person seems not to know it at all.

Notice that the person who supposedly has the doubt DIDN'T ASK YOU for directions, but another person. Do you have an inclination for being kind ? So THEY may be just manipulating it now.

THEY want you to be under THEIR control. THEY want you to be PREDICTABLE, THEY want you to have a very clearly-established pattern of behavior, even in the tiny situations of your day-to-day so-called "life".

YOU KNOW that person knows the answer for his/her question, YOU know he/she is just a CHARACTER in your STAGE-WORLD reality.

So I suggest you keep quiet, don't say anything unless the person asks DIRECTLY you for directions, and mentalize the archetype : "KINDNESS FISHING".

Example #2 :

In this example, you are seated beside another person that you don't know in a public area, which may be an airport lounge, a dentist waiting-room or a seat in a mall. You are alone, so as the person. The person sneezes three times making noise.

If you are a gentle person, you may be tempted to say something, and maybe that's what the person wants you to do.

So you mentalize "KINDNESS FISHING" and "CONVERSATION FISHING", and don't say anything, unless you feel it won't be used against you.

I'm not saying you should not be gentle sometimes, just saying you should not transform it into a pattern so as to allow THEM to control you. Use your common sense.


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It's when somebody induces you to have pity of his/her character, because of his/her character's poverty or condition, and asks you for money or goods.


You're in the supermarket doing your weekly or monthly shopping. Then a poor boy approaches you, asking for money to buy his school stuff. He even shows you a large typewritten list of school things like notebooks, pen, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, etc.

You take pity on him and give him some change. And then you lose energy.

Why ? Because YOU KNOW he is a character, YOU KNOW he doesn't give a cent to his so-called 'education' in the STAGE WORLD, YOU KNOW "the Matrix isn't real", YOU KNOW this boy has his "crystal activated" and free access to tons of information in THEIR satellite links, YOU KNOW that most probably he has free access to the BACKSTAGE reality and that very likely he has already gone on some HELICOPTER trips, for instance.

Let's say you earn twice what you need for your expenses, and that you already make every month very generous and anonymous contributions to charity. THEY KNOW.


The point is : the boy doesn't care about his character. So why should you ? HE WANTS TO TAKE ENERGY FROM YOU, NOT MONEY.

You see ? This is the very nature of reality THEY want your brain to forget, so as to keep you under THEIR control, as a puppet.

I'm not saying you must do this or that, neither that you must give or not give him money. I'm just saying you must do whatever you do without losing energy, and because you want to do or not to do it, not because THEY induce you. This is freedom.

I suggest that, when the boy approaches you, you mentalize : "FALSE DICHOTOMY : RIGHT vs. WRONG", adding "CHARITY FISHING", and then, only then, you do whatever you want to do, to give or not to give the money, on condition that you do not lose energy.

You have to learn to feel the situation, and not to think. YOU HAVE NO TIME FOR THINKING. THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO.

And if you're hesitating, or didn't have the time to mentalize, I suggest you do NOT give the money, because you know the boy is a character and because you already make contributions.

Maybe you make these contributions not because you consider it's the 'right' thing to do, just because you don't have where to put your exceeding money, and because you don't want THEM to turn your acts against you.

If you want, you may add "CRITERION FISHING", in case you feel THEY are trying to establish a behavior pattern of yours.


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Wait... This part is pending...


It happens every time THEY create and/or manipulate your expectations about the future, ranging from the arrival of your beloved one and/or your FOREIGN father, to your access to the BACKSTAGE and/or the activation of your crystal, to something related to your STAGE WORLD routine.

Example #1 :

Let's say you're a woman and leave alone. Your beloved one is again present in your routine, occupying several shells.

You have reached the conclusion that you don't need to approach him, because of the existing hypocrisy in the STAGE WORLD society : he has characters, and so he would be forced to behave as a character to you, and even have sex with you.

But you don't want a relationship based on pretending. You don't have your crystal activated, so you're not pretending. You don't wanna pretend sex with him, because your true love for him asks for a more pure relation.

So you're waiting him to approach you without being a character, that is, with total sincerity and true love, yet using a character shell.

That's your expectation. So THEY manipulate it.

Let's say one of the shells of your husband uses the name Gabriel. You know the name. So you dream about the image of ANOTHER Gabriel of your relations ringing the bell of your apartment.

In this case, THEY are manipulating your expectations through an association of ideas inserted in a dream : your Gabriel x THEIR Gabriel.

This is EXPECTATIONS FISHING, and also ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS INDUCEMENT. And because it's a nightly dream, you can consider yet the category PUPPET IN DREAMS (you'll see more about nightly dreams in the section DECONSTRUCTING YOUR NIGHTLY DREAMS ahead).

Let's say you have forgotten this dream. Not totally, because right after the dream you could still have a vague idea, but it was not clear what was the dream about.

The next morning, you're leaving your apartment when your neighbor - the girl who lives next door - is receiving a visit. So the moment you close your door, there is a man ringing HER door bell.

What a convenient 'coincidence'!

Then you recall your dream, through another association of ideas.

Because your memory is organized like a relational database (THEY know this fact very well), every time you see a not-so-common symbol or archetype, your memory recollects the last time you have seen it.

In this case, your memory recollects your nightly dream. So you start thinking about your husband, when will he come : is it today ? Tomorrow ? Perhaps next week ? Maybe next month ?

You see ? THEY are still controlling your thoughts. THIS IS THOUGHT CONTROL.

And the worst part is that you've already talked to your husband 'here inside your heart' and he have said that some day, on a non-specified date in the future, he will really approach you.

Once he has assured you that he will come and approach you some day in the future, you have no reason to re-think and re-re-think the same subject again. THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO : TO REACH THE SAME CONCLUSIONS AND THOUGHTS OVER AND OVER AGAIN, TO KEEP YOU UNDER THEIR PRISON, JUST LIKE A SLAVE.

I suggest that, as soon as you recall your dream (when leaving your apartment), you promptly mentalize all the archetypes involved in the situation : "EXPECTATIONS FISHING", "ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS FISHING", "PUPPET IN DREAMS" and "DREAM CLONING".

This latter archetype refers to the fact that THEY have created a situation during your waking time to clone the dream you have had the night before (you'll see more on this subject in the section "THE CLONING TECHNIQUES" ahead in this text)..

Example #2 :

Let's say you are a man. You work for a department store in Germany, in the area of administrative services. So you don't deal with the public, and your section has a fixed number of employees. Last month, a colleague of yours - a FOREIGN young man - has been transferred to another section, and the vacancy is still to be filled.

So that THEY can speculate over your fears and expectations :

a) In a certain day, that same FOREIGN young man passes rapidly in your section, to deliver a document. Notice that his image represents a symbol for your mind, the archetype of the FOREIGN man;

b) Just a few minutes later, you leave your section area for some reason, and in your way someone says : "She is the new employee". You just hear the sentence, but do not see anybody being this "she". So you start thinking of who will be the girl (you assume it's a girl) that will fill that vacancy. Will she be cute ? Then you realize that THEY are just manipulating your fears, and you mentalize : "NO TIME FOR FEAR";

c) But a few seconds later, you are in the stairs and a guy you have never seen before asks you : "What day of the month is today ?". And you reply : "Today is the first of June". So you begin wondering that it's a good day for a new employee to start working, because it's the 1st day of the month. And once more you mentalize : "NO TIME FOR FEAR", and reinforce with "ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS FISHING";

d) And then again, just a few seconds later, in your way to the other floor, you hear the following sentence : "He doesn't look like a father".

Do you see ? Now THEY are associating the first element (the FOREIGN young man) that you have thought had no meaning at all, with the subsequent ones. THEY are manipulating your expectations concerning the possibility of your FOREIGN father arriving into your routine, posing as a workmate.

In this situation, you must add to your mentalization the words : "EXPECTATIONS FISHING". And stop thinking about what THEY want you to think. THIS IS THOUGHT CONTROL. NEVER AGREE WITH THIS. I know it's difficult, but you have to practice over and over. You may add the archetypes "DON'T THINK", "BRAINWASHING", and so on.


Example :

Let's say you're a Singaporean student. So you go to your course and every day your brain hears THEIR speculations. You're doing your exercises to get free from their control. Your mind has got used to deconstructing THEIR brainwashing.

Well, one day THEY deliberately suspend everything. In the course, your teacher(s) avoid(s) using the intended second-meaning keywords. He/She carefully measures the words in order not to produce any tiny influence over your brain.

In the corridors, in the elevator, in the patio, in the snack bar, you hear nothing, not a word. Absolutely nothing. When you pass around THEIR characters, THEY simply do not say anything. Sometimes, THEY stop talking to let you pass. This procedure may last for two hours, or more.

This SILENCE TECHNIQUE may produce a weird and surreal atmosphere in the way your brain perceives THEIR characters. It changes temporarily your perception of "reality", and activates your sixth and seventh senses.

This is also EXPECTATIONS FISHING. Because of the odd and unexpected situation artificially created by THEM, you get the constrained sensation that SOMETHING is about to happen to you. So you start thinking of your beloved one's original shape, of his/her arrival, of your real father's arrival, even of the GLOBAL D-DAY.

This is what THEY want you to think of. THIS IS THOUGHT CONTROL.

I suggest you mentalize the archetypes : "EXPECTATIONS FISHING" and "SILENCE TECHNIQUE", adding something else you must invent to define the strange situation. It could be : "SIXTH SENSE FISHING" or perhaps "SURREAL SITUATION".

By the way, whenever THEY use something new in THEIR speculation, something THEY have never used before, you ought to create a new archetype, or category, or label, to define and reduce and categorize and compartmentalize THEIR brainwashing over your brain.

That's what THEY do when YOU create something new. So now YOU do the same with THEM.


It happens when THEY try to inculcate an imaginary fear in your brain, either using the elements around you or their sick keywords. It also may happen during the HURRICANE, when this imaginary fear is usually created by THE OTHER SIDE through tiny techniques of subliminal intimidation.

Example #1 - 'Clicking' your phone line :

Let's say you do live in one of those very rare areas of the STAGE WORLD where the HURRICANE is still passing, or where the last remaining ALLIGATORS are still in the OTHER SIDE. You are in the middle of the WAR between THEM and the OTHER SIDE. You have the sensation of being in the eye of the storm.

You're being watched by the OTHER SIDE, as well as by THEM. So the OTHER SIDE try to create in your mind the sensation of harassment or intimidation of your so-called "life" in the STAGE WORLD : whenever you make or answer a phone call, either at home or in your workplace, you hear strange and regular clicks during the calls, like if someone wanted you to know that he/she is watching your steps.

Well, what you must know is that THE OTHER SIDE doesn't need to put a background click during your calls to tap your phone lines, as their technology is advanced enough to avoid this obviousness. So they simply could have done it without your knowledge. But they didn't, because they wanted to intimidate you. They were not interested in the content of your conversations (unless they could use it to take energy from you later on). They were interested in creating and manipulating your fears, in intimidating you.

You must also know that there is absolutely nothing the OTHER SIDE can do to really harm you, besides trying to plant the seed of intimidation in your brain. In other words, the intimidation doesn't have a physical correspondence in your physical life.

THE OTHER SIDE IS NOT GONNA PHYSICALLY KILL YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE TOTALLY PROTECTED BY YOUR SIDE, that is, by THEM. You have to TRUST your protection. Remember that THEY are much stronger than the OTHER SIDE, especially now that THEY control over 95 % of the world population. You have to TRUST your inner voice, the voice of your beloved one inside your heart.


If you have any doubt about it, just reread sections "There is No Payment", "Kundalini is No Fire" or " Your Beloved Wife (Husband) is Not Your Mother (Father)", for instance.

You have nothing to worry about : that's what both sides want you to believe, each one with its reasons. Remember : the rule of the BACKSTAGE is LOVE, and therefore THERE IS NO EXTERNAL JUDGEMENT.

It's just an ILLUSION THEY (YOUR SIDE) create for your mind. Through the ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS, THEY try to establish a connection between your acts and thoughts and the elimination of elements pertaining to the OTHER SIDE, like alligators and dogs. And although sometimes the elimination itself is true, the association is totally false. Remember : THERE IS NO GAME.

THEY eliminate an alligator or a dog of the OTHER SIDE whenever one of these elements try to kill or physically harm you, with or without your knowledge. It is as simple as that : a military approach. There is no connection with your thoughts or acts. You may have terrible thoughts or wonderful thoughts about any issue, you may perform disastrous acts or wonderful acts, that these elements WILL BE eliminated anyway, because it's for your physical protection.

These elements are judged by THEM, NOT YOU. And this judgement has nothing to do with YOUR thoughts or acts, but only with the elements' OWN THOUGHTS AND ACTS. For example, if one of these elements is desperate to leave the OTHER SIDE, THEY will know it and will try to find a solution whenever possible.

So, returning to the example, your telephone line is NOT being tapped : it is being CLICKED ! There is really nothing the OTHER SIDE can do besides intimidating you. I suggest you mentalize : "FEAR FISHING". To reinforce, you may add : "INTIMIDATING DELIRIUM" and "NO TIME FOR FEAR". And don't forget to deconstruct that sickly game-based speculation : "THERE IS NO GAME" at all ! There has never been.

[ NOTES : a) If you live in any other area OUTSIDE these very rare HURRICANE remaining areas, I suggest you read Example #1 again. Remember that THEY can fake everything, including apparent actions from the OTHER SIDE. So if for example YOU hear such a click in your phone line, after years of calmness, YOU KNOW that it's just THEM (YOUR SIDE) faking the click. So you mentalize : "OPPOSITION INVENTED", "FEAR FISHING" and "NO TIME FOR FEAR". And DON'T THINK of any hypotheses concerning the OTHER SIDE, because that's just what THEY want you to do. Now it's YOUR TIME to describe reality, remember ? So don't believe in trial balloons, because they are false.

b) THEY can also try to deceive you saying these days subliminally to your brain something like "O.K., so you play no game now, but you were the champion of 1994 [or 1996 or 1998, whatever] , during the hurricane". Do you see how distorted THEY can be ? Read the Example #1 again and realize that THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY GAME OF ANY KIND, EITHER BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER THE HURRICANE.

c) And if you were trying to "change the (stage) world" during the hurricane, you may want to deconstruct the sensation of external judgement rereading section TRUMANIZATION OF HAPPENINGS. ]

Example #2 - Generic fear and the top of memory stack :

Let's say now that you're a girl and that you live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You're crossing the street distractedly when you hear two people talking : "Her biggest fear is ...", and then they don't complete the sentence. They just let the question open in the air, FOR YOU TO COMPLETE.

And because your memory works like a stack, you start associating the phrase heard with the last time the issue "fear" was mentioned by THEM, either through the Expectations Fishing technique, or through the Trial Balloon technique, for instance.

This is ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS FISHING and also FEAR FISHING. THEY try to induce your brain to believe you have a fear. Any fear. After all, THEY say, "you OUGHT TO HAVE a fear". The subliminal message is something like : " How do you dare not having any fear ? How are we supposed to manipulate your mind if you don't have any fear ? ".

So DON'T THINK of anything, DON'T THINK of any fear you HAVE HAD IN THE PAST, because that's exactly what THEY want you to do : to keep on with an endless whirl of thoughts and illusory feelings like fears, expectations and other derivations.

You don't have time for this. You have no longer time for fear. Try to concentrate only on what is happening concretely right now around you, and not on what might happen some day (according to their sickly speculations). Realize that fear is just an illusion like all the others THEY try to sell you.

Once you have your beloved one on your side and his/her voice inside your heart, you have really nothing to worry about. Trust in your inner voice, always follow the orientations given by this voice and believe in the protection of your beloved one.

In the example above, you must mentalize : "FEAR FISHING" and "ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS FISHING". To reinforce, just add : "NO TIME FOR FEAR" and "DON'T THINK".

Example #3 - The forbidden subject taboo :

NEW ! - Added on April 10 th, 2000.

Let's say you are a male PAN and that you have decided to build your homepage about this subject (i.e., reality prison, artificial synchronicity, language manipulation, kundalini, freedom, etc.) presenting your ideas, lists, suggestions and/or translations to your language.

[NOTE FROM WEBMASTER : for details about exchanging links with this page, read section links.htm].

So you're maturing this decision in your mind these days, when someone in your workplace holding a newspaper comments on : "Did you read the latest ? The FBI is investigating the son of the governor.".

Then your brain is hit by the word "son", because you're a PAN. Well, HE is being investigated (that is, his character) because he has probably comitted a crime, or done something illegal. That's his problem, not yours.

THEY are trying to induce you to believe that you're going to be investigated by the FBI because of your homepage. They are saying subliminally to your brain something like : "This is a forbidden subject, a dangerous subject, a sacred cow that must remain untouchable, a taboo for the rest of the times... So how do you dare building a homepage about these subjects ? How do you dare question our authority as your puppeteers ? We have our Echelon programs and our supercomputers, and we'll catch you".

This is part of a technique THEY use to subliminally repress your will to get free from THEIR Nazi brainwashing and also to reaffirm their role as the rulers of your reality, that is, the ones who describe your reality for you. This is a dictatorial technique comparable to those anti-love techniques showed in books like "Brave New World" (Aldous Huxley) and "1984" (George Orwell).

You're not a terrorist ! You did not commit any crime. As "The Beatles" would say, "there is nothing you can do that can't be done, (...) All you need is love". Remember : the rule of the BACKSTAGE is LOVE.

THEY want you and your brain to forget the reality presented in the section Introduction. Never forget : as of March 2000, THEY represent over 95% of the total Earth population. YOU KNOW. And this includes the entire population of Washington, D.C.. So THEY control the FBI, as well as any other U.S. federal government agency. This may be extended to similar agencies in the main countries of the seven continents. YOU KNOW. You watch the news.

You only need to TRUST your beloved one within your heart. All the rest is just a factory of illusions THEY create to brainwash you. So when you hear repressive sentences like the one above, I suggest you mentalize "FEAR FISHING" and DON'T THINK of the delirious second-meaning of the sentences, because IT'S NOT TRUE. Trusting is not in the field of thinking.


Example #4 - The Chase-and-Run-Away Approach

new! - Added on June 21 th, 2000.

Another variation of the "FEAR FISHING" is a subliminal message they may try to inculcate in your brain manipulating the description of the elements pertaining to the Backstage reality, inducing you to believe that you are about to be catched by "the powers that be", or by "the forces that govern the Matrix".

To this illusion, they attach another one, trying to sell you the idea that you're going to be replaced by a stunt in the Stage World and that you will escape to the Backstage in a breathtaking last time movement. They may insinuate you will run away with your beloved one and perhaps go on a trip to another region or country in the Stage World as a kind of "honeymoon" or else as a "military mission" against the OTHER SIDE, while your stunt stays there in your routine doing whatever you were doing, which is something they had previously labeled as "dangerous".

THEY like to create, distort and/or exaggerate your potential problems, artificially creating an atmosphere of fear and urgency, manipulating false exceptions in the reality of the Stage World and masquerading themselves as neutral persons, like if everything was "natural".

THEY create imaginary hurricanes and whirlwinds of speculations around you, trying to sell you false images of liberty in a DREAMWORLD that simply doesn't exist. THEY want your brain to associate the idea and the feeling of fear with freedom. THEY want you to fear freedom. They want you to feel just like if you were being literally hunted by traffickers (that is, THE OTHER SIDE) and/or chased by government agents (that is, THEIR characters), like a beast in a forest or like an alleged "dangerous criminal" in a Hollywood movie, such as the characters played by Mel Gibson in "Bird on a Wire" or by Will Smith in "Enemy of the State", for instance.

Do never forget : THEY are the "forces" that govern this world. THEIR characters control this Matrix nowadays with more than 95% of its population. YOU KNOW. THEY don't have a clear and defined pattern of behavior when dealing with you. THEY want to take energy from you. THEY want to judge you and your thoughts. The reality around you is artificial.

THEY want to clone or imitate your thoughts with their own acts or sentences, forming an artificial synchronicity of ideas and archetypes around you, in such a way that nothing will concretely happen related to this sick Chase-and-Run-away description of reality unless you first believe that it will happen.

"Their strenght and their speed are still based in a world that is built on rules. Because of that, they'll never be as fast or as strong as you can be."
(Morpheus to Neo, in 'The Matrix')

One of these rules is the artificial synchronicity over your acts and thoughts. THEY may insinuate themselves with tiny (yet tangible) elements of speculation within the Stage World, but believe me : THEY won't do anything if you TRUST in the description of reality presented to you by your beloved one within your heart. Remember : the rule of the Backstage is LOVE (that is, the rule of the real Backstage, not of their delirious DREAMWORLD-TO-SELL).

You just have to trust your beloved one within your heart. If your beloved one says nothing will happen to you, it won't. They're NOT sadistic monsters and you're NOT a criminal, so you really have nothing to worry about.

You can say that this time they are selling you a DREAMWORLD of adventures, an ambience of trips and adrenalin. They are selling you the archetype of James Bond, the 007, or perhaps Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. You are going to enter the amazing world of adventures and espionage, provided that you first pay the price, of course, taking your aura to the altar of sacrifices...

Well, it's time to get real. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this is a delirium, a fantasy that doesn't correspond to the truth. The Backstage has no "adventures" or "videogames" at all. The Backstage has no "glamor". The Backstage has no "movies", that's the real life, with no hypocrisy, no masks and no time for "videogames" in a HELICOPTER.

And in spite of the fact that you may probably feel a little fascinated by THEIR technology while entering the Backstage, the reality is that a military mission is something very serious, dealing with the lives of human beings. You have to have responsibility here, there's no time for amusement amidst a WAR. A military mission is a WAR, either in the Backstage or in the Stage World, and cannot be compared to Stage-society parameters.

Regarding this honeymoon with your beloved one, it may be true. Depending on your case, you may really share these wonderful moments with him/her, either in the Stage or in the Backstage. But obviously it's not because of their speculation, their sentences. THEY never "announce" the future, they never give you the "news", as THEY like to say. It's a fantasy. It's a LIE. Listen to the voice of your beloved one inside your heart, this voice is telling you the truth, THEY are not. So this voice is the one who gives you the 'news', NEVER them.

In this case you may also ask yourself : do you believe a relationship based on true love needs Stage World concepts to label this or that moment ?

Just to illustrate this Example #4, take a look at some sentences they may create to speculate over your brain and form this illusion. They usually join several of these sentences in a short period of time to form the idea in your mind.

Suggested archetypes to mentalize if necessary : "ANTI-TRUE DELIRIUM" and "THE CHASE AND RUN AWAY APPROACH".

In addition, don't forget to deconstruct occasional distortions, keywords or mathematical similarities. In the examples above, you can reinforce your exercise with these extra archetypes : b) "THE MATRIX IS THE ENDANGERED SPECIES" or "NEUTRALS ARE IN EXTINCTION"; c) "THERE IS NO EXTERNAL JUDGEMENT"; d) "THERE IS NO PAYMENT"; e) "YOU'RE NOT A TERRORIST" and "THE RULE OF THE BACKSTAGE IS LOVE"; f) "DOG OF THE MATRIX IS ONE WHO DIES" and "INVENTED MISSION".


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Wait. This part is pending.

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