List of some Keyword-infested Headlines

(including some news transcriptions and pictures)

This page aims to collect keyword-stuffed headlines, news and pictures from papers and magazines around the world, with the purpose of reminding your brain the real proportion of THEIR worldwide speculation. Don't read them if you are with lack of energy. Read only if you are feeling energetically good. Being aware of every detail of THEIR speculation tells your brain to stay alert and watch.

Message from Webmaster : Due to problems of time, this page about news and headlines won't be available in the short term. It will only be available in the long term.

However, if you wanna participate in this process, in order to help the others like you, collecting keyword-infested news/headlines and/or its pictures, and posting them in a page of yours in the Internet, you may follow the suggestion presented in the file links.htm ahead (that is, using keyword "dissahc" and Altavista), so as we can form a ring of homepages connected to this subject.

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