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"We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teacher, leave us kids alone
Hey, teacher, Leave us kids alone

All in all it was just another brick in The Wall"

(Pink Floyd)

"Some of their rules can be bent, Others can be broken"
(Morpheus, in the movie "The Matrix")

"I can't go back, can I ?" (Neo)
"No, but even if you could, would you like to ?"

DISCLAIMER : The story you have just read is fiction. Any similarity with (or reference to) any factual person or fact is either only illustrative or merely a coincidence. IS IT ? YOU KNOW...


NEW ! - Updated on July 09 th, 2000.

  1. Newspaper headline : "The best place on Earth" ("The Truman Show") .

  2. Newspaper headline : "Who needs Europe ?" [Truman Burbank lives in his reality prison in Seahaven, Florida] ("The Truman Show").

  3. Name of the TV program that Truman is watching : "Show me the way to go home" ("The Truman Show").

  4. Poster in the travel agency : "Travellers Beware : Terrorists - Diseases - Wild Animals - Street Gangs" ("The Truman Show").

  5. "I'd like to be an explorer, like the great Magellan." (young Truman at school). "Oh, you're too late. There's really nothing left to explore" (teacher in "The Truman Show").

  6. Passengers around Truman in the bus he wanted to take to Chicago : they include a soldier and a nun.

  7. "You're the closest thing I ever had to a brother, Truman. (...) The point is that I'd gladly step before a traffic for you, Truman. And the last thing that I would ever do is lying to you. I mean, you think about it, Truman. If everybody is involved, I'd have to be involved too. I'm not involved, Truman, because there's no 'it'." (Marlon, Truman's alleged best friend in his reality prison) ("The Truman Show").

  8. "I predict that, in just a moment, we'll see a lady in a red bike, followed by a man with flowers, and a Volkswagen Beetle with a dented bumper. Look ! Do you wanna know how I did that ? I'll tell you. They go round the block. They come back. They go round again. They just go round and round.". (Truman Burbank, in "The Truman Show").

  9. "Why do you think that Truman has never come close to discover the true nature of his world until now ?" (TV newscaster); "We accept the reality of the world with which we're presented. It's as simple as that.". (Christoff, in "The Truman Show").

  10. "There's something wrong with the world." (Morpheus, in "The Matrix").

  11. "The Matrix is everywhere, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth." (Morpheus); "What truth ?" (Neo); "That you're a slave. Like everyone else, you were born into a prison, a prison that you cannot smell or touch, a prison for your mind." (Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

  12. "What is the 'Matrix' ? Control. The Matrix is a computer-generated dreamworld built to keep us under control, in order to change the human being into this [a battery]". (Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

  13. "How do you define 'real' ? If you're talking about what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." (Morpheus, in "The Matrix").

  14. Think about the following passage next time you're tempted to turn on again your TV in the Stage World :

    (Morpheus showing Neo images on a TV screen, in "The Matrix") : "This is the world that you know, the world as it was at the end of the twentieth century. It exists now only as part of a neural interactive simulation, that we call 'the Matrix'. You've been living in a dreamworld, Neo."

    [ COMMENTS FROM WEBMASTER : you can consider the term "neural interactive simulation" as a synonym or euphemism for "artificial synchronicity". ]

  15. "You're faster than this. Don't think you are. Know you are". (Morpheus, in "The Matrix").

  16. "You have to focus, Trinity." (Morpheus, in "The Matrix" ).

  17. "There is no time for fear, doubt or disbelief. Free your mind." (Morpheus, in "The Matrix").

  18. "Their strenght and their speed are still based in a world that is built on rules. Because of that, they'll never be as fast or as strong as you can be". (Morpheus); "Are you trying to say that I can dodge bullets ?" (Neo); "No, I'm trying to tell that, when you're ready, you won't have to". (Morpheus, in "The Matrix").

  19. "Try not to think in terms of right or wrong." (Morpheus, in "The Matrix").

  20. "There is no spoon. It's not the spoon that bents, it's only yourself." (young boy in the movie "The Matrix").

  21. "The Matrix isn't real". (Trinity, in "The Matrix" ).

  22. "Some believe that we lacked the programming language to describe your 'perfect world'. I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through misery and suffering. So the 'perfect world' was a dream that your primitive brain was trying to wake up from." (Agent Smith, in "The Matrix").

  23. "I don't know the future. I didn't come here to say how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it is going to begin. I'm going to show up these people what you don't want them to see : a world without you, without rules or control, without borders or boundaries, a world where anything is possible" (Neo, in the movie "The Matrix").


NEW ! - Added on April 08 th, 2000.

As well, you may want to watch different movies dealing with the question of reality, "what is reality", and its consequences.

I suggest three additional videos : "Dark City", "The Thirteenth Floor" and "Crossworlds" (this latter with Hutger Hauer).

In "Dark City", pay attention to the manipulation of memory scenes and watch carefully the last part when you'll see a battle between two descriptions of reality and the creation of the REAL "Shell Beach".

In "The Thirteenth Floor", don't lose the scene where the main character drives a car passing over all the signs of "Road Closed" and the like, till the road 'alignes' with him towards the horizon.

In "Crossworlds", the elevator scene is very interesting ("Believe in the floor"), as well as the rapid changes of reality and the passage between two palmtrees. "Forget about winning" is also an interesting phrase you'll hear in the end.

You may want to read some books somehow connected to this reality prison and THEIR behavior. I suggest two books : "Journey to Ixtlan", from Carlos Castaneda, and "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", from Lewis Carroll.

In "Journey to Ixtlan", don't miss the chapter where the story teller is walking in a road and everybody comes and says : "Come with us. We have food. We have shelter." or "Ixtlan is right over there, two miles ahead." or "Ixtlan has already passed, you have to return", and so on.


Written by piece_of_nothing (alias)

(C) Copyright 2000 - NO rights reserved, since you obey the following restrictions :

a) if you are a Webmaster, you are authorized to reproduce this text (all the parts) in your homepage(s) in the Internet, provided that you do not alter or distort the text whatsoever, although you can shorten the text to fit your size or memory conveniences, but in this last case you must put a link to the page where you have found the complete text;

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c) in any of the cases above, you are authorized to translate all the text into any language, and may adapt for your language only the excerpts of songs given as illustration and the keywords, synonyms and derived words listed in Section 3 (Short Dictionary of Keywords), provided that you keep their general idea;

d) in the cases "a" and "c" above, you are authorized to add or interpolate in the text your own experiences with YOUR linguistic prison , including new angles of approach, new archetypes, new situations, etc., on condition that you do not supress anything from the original text and that you highlight your text differently and write down clearly which parts you have written and which parts you haven't. ====///====


NEW! - Added on May 30 th, 2000.

This part is directed to the British reader, as well as to those from other countries that have learned the English language through the British English.

Apart from the Dictionary of keywords in Section 3 (where you'll find reference to both American and British English), the main text is written in American English.

Mini list :

American English = British English

apartment = flat
ATM (Automated Teller Machine) = cashpoint
billboard = hoarding
cent = penny
checkbook = chequebook
check it out = verify
Commencement = degree day, degree ceremony in a university
corral = area surrounded by a fence to enclose cattle
cute = good-looking person, pretty or handsome
date, to = to go out with
death duty = inheritance tax
elevator = lift
eraser = rubber
favor = favour
first floor = ground floor
football = American football
fox (slang) = an attractive woman
ground beef = minced beef
installment plan = hire purchase
life insurance = life assurance
mall = shopping centre
maneuver = manoeuvre
moldy = mouldy
motion picture = cinema film
movie = film
outlet = power point, socket
pacifier = dummy
parking lot = car park
period (in a text) = full stop
practice, to = practise, to
raise in a salary = rise in a salary
resume = Curriculum Vitae (CV)
shopping cart = supermarket trolley
sidewalk = pavement
soccer = football
store (small) = shop
subway = underground or Tube (London)
theater (movie theater) = cinema
trashcan = dustbin
upcoming = forthcoming

(by piece_of_nothing)

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