Deconstructing your Nightly Dreams

Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction


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As your brain and your memory work both consciously and unconsciously manipulating and associating symbols, ideas and archetypes all the time, THEY have found in the very symbolic nature of dreams a fertile land to speculate over you and your brain. THEY use images of characters you know or don't know in the STAGE WORLD, of dead people of your relations, of toons, movies and comics, of famous characters in the STAGE WORLD, that represent certain ideas or archetypes for your brain.

And because during the night your mental defenses are weaker, THEY take advantage of this fact and try to move down what Carlos Castaneda calls your "assemblage point", which means the point from which you perceive and describe the reality around you and which will define the energetic status of your brain at each moment. In other words, THEY try to make you believe, at least momentarily, in THEIR illusions and in THEIR demented and sickly key ideas.

As long as you do your exercises MAPPING, REDUCING, DEFINING and CATEGORIZING their speculations over your brain, you'll realize that these energetic movements of your "assemblage point", either in the waking time or during the night, will progressively reduce in frequency and proportion till finally practically not occur anymore.

Well, except for a few particularities that will be analyzed throughout this chapter, the procedures regarding the deconstruction of their speculation within your nightly dreams are basically the same of those used to deconstruct the waking time speculation. That is, you mentalize the same labels and archetypes to define their brainwashing over your brain. You label, classify, categorize, reduce, compartmentalize everything using the same methods.

So if you dream about being a player in the field of an overcrowded stadium, for instance, you have to mentalize "TRUMANIZATION OF AUDIENCE" every time your mind start believing in this crap or you start losing energy because of this dream. This may happen in the middle of the night right after your dream, or during the next morning or even the next afternoon. You may add "THERE IS NO GAME" to reinforce. No matter if you are being idolized, booed, praised or criticized by the cheers of the crowd, you have to deconstruct it.

Sometimes, if you feel physically tired in the morning because of a dream or set of dreams THEY have used to brainwash you, then a good tip is eating something right after waking up. Taking a quick shower or listening to some classical songs may help as well.

Now let's take a look at some of the main particular situations that you may find in your dreams, and how to deconstruct them.


One of the cornerstones of the deconstructing process of your nightly dreams is realizing that you have absolutely no will whatsoever during your nightly dreams. You are a totally mesmerized and hypnotized PUPPET during these dreams.

Through your not-yet activated crystal and also through mental techniques, THEY project inside your brain a collection of images during the night and also when you fall asleep during the day. There's nothing "natural" regarding the process of your dreams : these dreams are totally artificial. THEY have an entire department in their Operation Centers specialized in doing this over SURVIVOR's brains.

In other words, you're NOT responsible for your acts during your dreams . In the dreams, THEY can make you do whatever THEY want you to do, including things that YOU KNOW you would never do in your waking time.

They may also give you the sensation of free will in some dreams. Don't believe in this sensation, because it's false. THEY manipulate your so-called "behavior" in these dreams too.

Another type of speculation THEY may also try to perform is dichotomizing your reality in some dreams in terms of "right" or "wrong", and thus making you feel like if you were being tested by THEM. This may be done to reinforce one more time to your mind the false sensation of EXTERNAL JUDGEMENT.

Once your "performance" in this "test" was totally invented and manipulated by THEM, you must not take it seriously. THEY are NOT testing or judging you. THEY are just trying to create in your brain the sensation of external judgement, so as to perpetuate THEIR speculation over your brain day and night.

If you believe in the false sensation of external judgement, THEY will create and manipulate a SELF-IMAGE for you. This may be done in the next dream or in the next waking time, by trying to evaluate your "performance" in that dream, that is, by praising or criticizing your alleged behavior in the dream, by giving you a mark and associating a value to this "behavior". In such cases, you may mentalize : "THERE IS NO EXTERNAL JUDGEMENT", "PUPPET IN THE DREAMS" and "SPIRIT MEASURING".

What you must know is that BEING A PUPPET IN THE DREAMS DOESN'T IMPLY IN BEING A PUPPET IN THE WAKING TIME. In the waking time, you are you. In the dreams, you are not you : you are what they want you to be. So every time you lose energy because you have dreamt about you doing something, you may mentalize : "PUPPET IN THE DREAMS DOESN'T IMPLY IN PUPPET IN THE WAKING TIME", or its short version : "PUPPET IN DREAMS".


At first, you'll be probably still very vulnerable to THEIR attacks in the dreams. Sometimes THEY may exaggerate a lot the dosage of the dreams brainwashing, producing a lack of energy that would last all day long. But in the phase of getting free from THEIR speculation you CANNOT let them do this anymore. I mean, you must avoid losing too much energy in order to contain the movement of your "assemblage point" downward and stop thinking of or believing in THEIR illusions or sick key ideas.

So, as an emergency measure or just an additional cautious, you may need to deconstruct the illusion in the middle of the night. If the dosage of the brainwashing was too exaggerated in one particular dream or set of dreams and as a consequence of this you start losing energy or having the sensation of believing in their sick beliefs, I suggest you wake up, go wash your face, and go watch in your VCR some key scenes of the movies The Matrix and /or The Truman Show. If you don't have these videos at home, try to recall the scenes from your memory. The final battle between Neo and Agent Smith in The Matrix, for instance, may give you energy. Watch (or recall) the floating bullets and the subsequent scenes. Or perhaps Truman leaving his forged reality in the end of The Truman Show.

An additional precaution would be to dissect these movies logically, dividing them into logical modules by subject, sorting and organizing these modules and marking chronologically the beginning of each module, so as to rapidly locate the desired scene.

In order to face intermediate-level speculations in your dreams, speaking alone aloud in your bed may be enough.

Obviously, in any of the cases above, if you can concentrate yourself in the middle of the night, you may simply deconstruct the illusions of these dreams by mentalizing your archetypes.


Another important cornerstone of your deconstructing process is the fact that during many of your nightly dreams you are not you : the 'YOU' of the dreams is NOT you, IT'S A SHAM 'YOU'. In other words, you may dream about your image doing this or that thing inside your dreams, but actually it's not you.

No matter what this image have done : things that you may label as 'good' or 'bad', the 'right thing' or the 'wrong thing', things that you would NEVER do in your waking life, things that could be associated with a feeling of pride or a feeling of shame. They may try to make you feel "ashamed" of your "wrong" behavior in the dreams, or "proud" of your "correct" behavior. Never mind. IT WAS NOT YOU in any of the cases. IT WAS A SHAM YOU. So mentalize : "SHAM YOU IN THE DREAMS" or "SHAM ... (put your name here) ... IN THE DREAMS".

Likewise, the images of THEIR characters you dream about are not real either. THEY ARE NOT THEM. THEY ARE SHAM 'THEM'. YOU KNOW they have the capability of counsciously entering your dreams and participating actively in its script, if they want. In some cases that's part of their training after activating their crystals.

But you must know they are not there all the time. You dream about stunts characters of your relations in the STAGE WORLD. You dream about dead people of your relations as if they were alive. You dream about a politician of your country or a famous artist in the STAGE WORLD. In the immense majority of the cases, that's not them. That's a SHAM 'THEM'.

Let's take a look at a more concrete example. Let's say you are a girl and dream about kissing in the mouth a kundalinic shell of a man who works out in your gym. It's not a real kiss, not even in the dream, because someone in the Operation Center has whispered in your ears that you should kiss the guy just for pretending and you go and kiss the guy and you don't feel anything special, it was just like kissing rubber. Nevertheless, it was not him in your dream, it was a sham 'him'. You know you'd never do this in your waking life, not even pretending.

As your behavior within your dreams is totally manipulated by THEM, you must assume that it was not him there, as usually happens. So you mentalize : "SHAM HIM IN THE DREAMS" or "SHAM ... (put his name here, if you know) ... IN THE DREAMS".


In some cases, they may create and manipulate an absurd reality in your dreams, mixing the present time with the past or the future, mixing or inventing geographical locations or persons, for instance, inserting the image of your deceased grand-mother (for male survivors) or grand-father (for female survivors) like if she (he) was alive, or presenting logical situations that don't have a minimum of palpability in the average environment of the STAGE WORLD.

This technique may be exaggerated in some cases, especially if you're a so-called PAN FIFTY-ONE.

Let's take a look in an interesting example.

Example :

Let's say you're a Danish man and you live in Kopenhagen, Denmark. You have two dreams one soon after the other. That's a sequence.

In the first dream, you dream about you in the sidewalk right in front of the building where you have passed your childhood, in another neighborhood of the city. You're waiting in a three-people line to make a phone call in a public telephone ! You notice a curious fact : just a short distance away you see a triple giant public telephone (with three public phones) totally empty !

So you go there and you're going to make your call, when you see your mother passing by (your one and only mother, that who lives in the Matrix reality as your mother, that who is registered in your documents as being your mother). She seems to be heading to the place where you have lived, and supposedly where she still lives today ! And you were apparently trying to call her in advance prior to your visit. So you meet her and you don't have to make your phone call anymore.

Then abruptly comes Dream #2. You live in Denmark. So now you're watching a TV program where you see what seems to be an American specialist being interviewed on something, a fat man, speaking in English about his private life. He starts saying that he has already had three previous marriages, that he sometimes "recollects the memories" of his first marriage, and that when he was married to his first wife he has had chickenpox ! But he doesn't say "chickenpox" in English, he switches languages in the middle of the sentence and says the equivalent word in Danish. After that, he says (still in Danish) that in this first marriage he used to look at his wife more like a sister than like a real wife.

A few seconds later, your alarm clock rings and you wake up. Everything perfectly synchronized ...

So now you have to deconstruct the absurdities of these dreams. THEY are manipulating your REALITY CHECK in your nightly dreams. (you'll see the waking time version of this technique in the section "BYPASSING YOUR REALITY CHECK" ahead in this homepage).

You may begin with the fact that THEY have tried to attribute two delirous labels to your beloved wife : "MOTHER" and "SISTER". So you mentalize "YOUR BELOVED WIFE IS NOT YOUR MOTHER", and "YOUR BELOVED WIFE IS NOT YOUR SISTER". To reinforce, you may add : "SHE IS YOUR WIFE". To reinforce a little more, you may still visualize a shell used by your beloved wife (any shell) holding a plate or a screen where you see the words "ETERNAL WIFE".

Well, that's the first part. Now comes the rest. You have then to deconstruct the logical absurdity piece by piece. You have to make your data check regarding these dreams.

I suggest you mentalize this deconstruction. It may look something like the following :

  1. Three people in the sidewalk very very likely would never form a line in front of a public phone if there are three others not in use just a few meters away;

  2. Your mother DOESN'T live in that place anymore, neither you;

  3. Nobody changes languages on TV in the middle of a sentence. The program is being aired on Danish TV, so either the guy speaks in English - with or without subtitles in Danish - or the guy speaks in Danish, never in both languages at the same time;

  4. Adults almost never get chickenpox. It's a very rare situation;

And because you have dreamt about returning to the very place where you have passed your childhood, you may add : "THERE IS NO GOING BACK HOME".

And if you have mentalized everything but even though are still feeling a lack of energy, it may be due to the excessive dosage of the dreams. Then you may reinforce your visualization adding the archetypes : "INEVITABILITY APPROACH", "MISERY AND SUFFERING APPROACH" and "THERE IS NO PAYMENT".


Wait. This part is pending.


Wait. This part is pending.

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