There is no "Going Back Home"
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Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction


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(Added on October 05 th, 2000)

In a parallel or additional maneuver to strengthen their speculation over your brain, THEIR characters may try to accustom your brain to the "going back home" premise, associating this premise with the idea of great naturalness. This time they are saying subliminally to your brain : " 'Going back home' is something very 'natural'; so 'natural' that everybody goes, including some of our characters ! Everybody wants to relive their pasts. It's healthy. Come on, do like we do.".

Let's take a look at some examples of speculative sentences presenting this idea.

a) "In my university there is a lot of middle-aged persons in some courses. They blend with the youngers in the classrooms."

Here they are saying that it's inevitable : if you don't "go home" now, when you become a middle-aged person, then you'll have to "go home" anyway, just like their characters allegedly do. And due to the fact that the shells that produce more kundalini are usually from young people, you'll have to find a way of approximating yourself to these shells - your brothers or sisters, in order to dive into this pool of sex and illusions.

The subliminal message that penetrates your brain in this case is something like :

"You have no way out of this maze. You'll dive into this pool soon or later and swim together with your brothers or sisters, and you know very well you'll have emotional suffering when you do this. It's inevitable. Come on, face reality : you have to suffer to be happy, haven't you ?"


You are, have always been and will always be the only owner and master of your own destiny. They'll never push you beyond your limits. Remember : the rule of the Backstage is Love. There is no payment whatsoever, no ticket, toll, fine, tax or fee you must pay in order to be happy. Love is free.

And never forget : your vampirism exists today, not in your past. It was created during your linguistic prison. "What didn't happen yet can be modified" (the Dragvarda). So if your beloved one decides to be a dentist to treat your illusion of vampirism, it has nothing to do with the "going back home" delirium or with this "pool fantasy".

He/She is going to open completely his/her impassioned foreign aura and make true love with you - also known as a loving fusion, and you know very well it has nothing to do with the illusion of sex.

b) "The flight leaves Paris at 04:00 pm and arrives in London at 03:45 pm. So you travel back in time."

In this approach they use a ridiculous distortion that comes from the existence of different time zones to speculate over your brain inducing it to believe in the time travel delirium : they want you to go back in time to relive your past ! In other words, they want you to "go back home" by diving into their pool of illusions and sufferings - swimmming with your brothers or sisters. Is that what you want ? Ask yourself. Ask your heart.

What the sentence says is true : the London time zone marks one hour earlier than the Central Europe time zone (Paris, Rome, Madrid), so if you take a 45-minute flight in Paris heading to London, you'll arrive formally before your departure, but in reality you know that you have travelled 45 minutes and that time zones are only a matter of human convention.

But your brain is hit by the distortion anyway. So mentalize : "GOING BACK HOME INDUCEMENT" and "LOGIC DISTORTION".

c) "Our Lord, preserve us from Evil and particularly from the evils of the past, because these ones can interfere with the future. For God, there is not a timeline : past, present and future are all the same."

This time they are trying to fish any problem from your past, especially those potentially connected to the root of your vampirism. They are trying to create a problem in your brain in the present time, by inducing you to feel self-pity because of your past.

The root of your vampirism is generally connected to passions and/or traumas of your neutral past, but the illusion of vampirism has been created in the present time, over the years of your linguistic prison.

Remember : their doubletalk creates vampirism. Everybody - literally everybody - that is caught into this linguistic prison ends with the same illusion of vampirism, because every one of them was born a neutral person in the Stage World. And the size of your vampirism will be proportional to the amount of years inside this linguistic prison, as well as to the intensity of their brainwashing, association of ideas, artificial synchronicity and thought control during this period, and not to the facts and events of your past.

And it doesn't matter the type of past that you believe you have had : if you believe you had a wonderful past, they will say it could have been better; they will distort everything anyway; they will confuse and manipulate your memories, undervaluing and diminishing for your brain what you consider to be the "successful" events of your past; and they will induce you to feel self-pity whether you want it or not; they can fish and create any micro-particle of past problems within your self-image and then exaggerate it infinite times, so that everybody is equalized on the top level of vampirism.

It's like a machine : the "Vampirism Creator". Or, if you prefer, the vampirizer machine. Its moles and gears are moved by their doubletalk, their thought reading scheme, their mathematical similarities, their nightly dreams manipulation, and their artificial synchronicity of events around you.

And regarding the issue "God", notice that God is inside your heart, not outside. There is not and will never be any kind, sort or type of "external God" or any other "superior entity" judging, evaluating, rewarding or punishing you.


d) "The basketball coach faked his birth certificate to pretend to be younger. (Pause). He wanted to take advantage of his life insurance, 'cause older people pay more. Their death odds are bigger".

Here they are manipulating the archetype of difference of age in a couple, along with the going back home inducement and the inevitability of auric death.

The difference of age in a couple is something that encompasses not only the case of teen-rooted vampirism, but also the other cases of vampirism, because generally speaking young shells are more kundalinic than not-so-young ones, so that shells that appear to be twenty-some years of age, for instance, will on average produce more vampirism for your brain than older ones.

They want you to identify yourself either with the archetype of "coach" (associated praise; delirious leadership in their dreamworld-to-sell) or with the archetype of "old" (many years of linguistic prison; old person = reaching the time to die; auric death inevitability approach).

They are saying subliminally to your brain :

"You are old, and you need a relationship with younger person(s) - preferentially your brothers or sisters, in order to go back home and "relive your past". But you are so old that you will have to fake your birth certificate, so as to "gain" the "love" of that (those) person(s)."

The point is : no matter what is the type of your vampirism, you don't need to fake your birth certificate to have a relationship in the Stage World with a person younger than you. It's something that is up to you and this person to resolve. I'll hammer it again : your vampirism exists in the present, not in the past. It's an illusion created by their speculation.


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