The Keywords exist only in the Stage World

Wait. Introduction and general idea are pending..

Example :

Let's say you have a car, a common car, that you use regularly. And that just a few days ago you reached the conclusion that "THERE IS NO GIFT" to be received (as affirmed on a previous page) , that is, that your crystal when activated will represent only a tool to work.

So you are at a family meeting, seated in a couch and some of the guests are near you in the corner of the living-room surfing in the Net. They stop at a site that shows and even sells first-class cars, and start praising the wonders of that cars, entering into issues like design, aerodynamics, wonderful accessories, etc.

Then, a few minutes later, another group of relatives approaches you. A cousin of yours say : "My father has an aversion for cars. He is kind of an eccentric old-fashioned fellow". And someone asks : "Does he has a car ?". The answer : "Oh, yeah. It stays at the garage. He doesn't use it."

Yet later on, another relative remarks : "Did you see that news about the guy who will stay a year confined alone at home, with nothing but a computer with Internet access and a credit card, and with no permission to receive any visitors, just to prove that he can survive only with the Internet ?".

Now let's analyze the situation : THEY READ YOUR THOUGHTS, THEY KNOW your tactics, THEY KNOW you're learning how to distinguish YOUR LIFE from THEIR speculation. So THEY try to bypass the LABELS and ARCHETYPES you have already created so far.

It is possible that even using the techniques, labels and archetypes you have read in this homepage until this point, you won't be able in this particular case to escape loosing energy, especially if you were tired at the moment the brainwashing has been done.

So let's chew everything now.

Likewise the eccentric man in the example, you also have a car. This is a similarity. There is also a false dichotomy embedded in their speculation. In order to distinguish you from the eccentric guy, a) you either mentalize that you are different from him because he has an aversion for cars but you don't (so you must like cars, and then you're equal that people who praised the wonders of the physical cars previously), or b) you mentalize that you also don't like cars, but how is it possible once you use your car ?

Because the "car", "Internet" and "credit card" used in this example are all keywords for "crystal", and you have just concluded days before that "there is no gift", and because their manipulation was too fast for your brain, you need another label to REINFORCE the separation between the STAGE WORLD reality and the BACKSTAGE reality that they try to sell you as a delirious DREAMWORLD.

In this case, the label would be : "THERE ARE CARS ONLY IN THE STAGE WORLD". Or, if you feel it is better for your brain, it could be "MATRIX" or "TONAL" in the place of STAGE WORLD : "THERE ARE CARS ONLY IN THE MATRIX" or "THERE ARE CARS ONLY IN THE TONAL". (Note : 'Tonal' is Carlos Castaneda's definition of the present STAGE reality).

This label you may use every time the INTENDED second meaning of a keyword do not have a physical equivalent in the STAGE WORLD reality, like in the keywords HAIR, RAIN, HELICOPTER or CAR, for instance.

So let's start over from the beginning.

When the people at the computer start praising the physical cars, you mentalize : "MATERIALISM IN THE STAGE WORLD". When the guy talks about his eccentric father, you visualize : "THERE ARE CARS ONLY IN THE MATRIX".

You must always pay attention to their sentences and images, so as to never let a phrase of theirs penetrate your brain without you visualizing the corresponding archetype, because you DON'T KNOW what will come afterwards. They may be preparing a keywords "trap" for you that will "turn on" only in the end. Watch out!

Returning to the example, IF you were fast enough to catch THEIR maliciousness, you may add to your mentalization : "FALSE DICHOTOMY" or even "I DONT'T LIKE NOR DISLIKE CARS. THAT MAN DISLIKE CARS. THAT PEOPLE LIKE CARS.".

And finally when they reinforce the speculation with the Internet and credit card stuff, you may mentalize : "THERE IS NO GIFT". If you feel it's necessary to reinforce YOUR mentalization, you can add : "THERE IS INTERNET ONLY IN THE STAGE WORLD" and "THERE ARE CREDIT CARDS ONLY IN THE STAGE WORLD" (or MATRIX).

And if you wanna reinforce once more over the Internet stuff, you may still add the archetype : "KEYWORDS NEWS IN THE MATRIX". (Later on in the Section "Deconstructing their 'news' ", you'll see more on this.)

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