Deconstructing the keywords

Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction




I suggest you make your ever-growing own list of keywords, amplifying and improving the list presented in the " Dictionary of Keywords" section. Because of problems of memory, when you write something down, categorizing and labeling, you tell your brain HOW AWARE YOU are of THEIR manipulation of your "life". You tell your brain TO WATCH. To watch THEIR words and phrases, to watch YOUR own thoughts.

The point is : THEY try to categorize, label and compartmentalize you and your life all the time, right ? Fine. So now YOU categorize, label and compartmentalize THEIR speculation about you. YOU MAP IT.

Because THEIR speculation is based on logic rules, using a finite number (although very large) of keywords, and a finite number of key ideas or archetypes, and because YOUR life is based on LOVE (which has no rules and no logics), all you have to do is to MAP their speculation in details, creating YOUR categories, labels, archetypes and key phrases about THEM and THEIR sick beliefs.

You list these words, categories, and archetypes, you exercise over it, you memorize it, you amplify your list, you focus, you visualize your categories, archetypes or labels in your mind while they speak, you do it fast and faster.

THEY think many times faster than you. YOU KNOW. But they still have to use the speed of your STAGE-WORLD reality, the speed of YOUR language, the speed of THEIR characters, to verbalize their sick key words and ideas.

As a starting point, you'll find throughout this homepage many labels, archetypes and categories that you may use. You can also create your own ones.

YOU may be surprised with the results. Like an intelligent software, as long as you enlarge your list, they may slow down the proportion or even suppress the use of already-listed key words, and begin introducing "second-meaning synonyms" that haven't been listed yet !

Don't forget to include words of your language that have two or more meanings, because THEY use these words in one meaning to SHOOT YOU with the other(s). YOU KNOW.

Due to the particularities of each language (e.g. English, French, Spanish, etc.), there is no way to list them here. But you can add them to your list.

Another idea is to map your OWN routine, and then organize a list of key words or keywords' second-meaning synonyms that are connected to the environment of your work, or your study, or any place you go frequently. This will reduce the range of speculation they have over you.

You may also list names of people (like Ray or Daisy), surnames (like King or White), geographical locations (like Los Angeles or the Red Sea), landmarks (like the Statue of Liberty in New York; the inclined Pisa Tower, in Italy; or the Sugar Loaf, in Rio de Janeiro), competitive sports teams (like the Orlando Magics or the New York Giants), band names (like Smashing Pumpkins), brand names (like Kentucky Fried Chicken or Wet 'n Wild) or characters names (like Superman, Wonder Woman, Goofy or Obelix) that may be used by THEM against you.


NEW ! Added on April 12 th, 2000.

Soon or later in the process of getting free from THEIR control, THEY'll attempt to induce you to simply give up trying and conform yourself with the prison situation. Knowing that, you should anticipate yourself and construct your mental safeguard. Memorize it, because at some point in the future you'll need it.

Although THEY theoretically always respect your limits while perpetrating their speculation over your brain, sometimes you may have concretely the sensation of a deliberate excess of dosage in their speculation, and feel just like Truman Burbank in the sea scenes, when Christoff ordered giant waves to be created over Truman's boat.

Be careful, because right after this sensation, THEY may come with the GIVING UP INDUCING TECHNIQUE, which consists basically in trying to subliminally convince your brain that freedom is an utopia, and therefore undermining your will to get free from THEIR brainwashing and inducing you to stop the exercise.

So you must launch your mental anchors in order to dismantle the false idea that a mere difficulty in your path would invalidate all your previous discoveries and breakthroughs. Use your memory and compare your present situation with your situation one month before or just a week ago, for instance.


Let's take a look at some examples of this GIVING UP INDUCING TECHNIQUE, and how to deconstruct it.

Example #1 :

You're walking in the mall, when from a couple near you comes the sentence :

"She was having her spinning classes, but now she stopped".

Mentalize : "GIVING UP INDUCING". Realize that they are talking about a physical exercise, not mental. So visualize : "SHE WAS HAVING SPINNING CLASSES IN HER GYM, NOT YOU. THAT'S HER LIFE, HER PROBLEM". And if you have also spinning classes in your gym, then you explore the differences anyway : "THEY TALK ABOUT HER SPINNING CLASSES IN HER GYM", "YOU DON'T WORK OUT IN HER GYM", "THAT'S HER LIFE, HER PROBLEM".

And if you're tired or feeling a low level of energy, you must keep reinforcing it a little more : "SHE HAS STOPPED, NOT YOU. HER MISFORTUNE, NOT YOURS". Alternate again with : "GIVING UP INDUCING".

Example #2 :

You dream about President Clinton renouncing one day and dying the next.

Well, that's it. That's the nature of dreams, but in your case it's an artificial dream inculcated by THEM within your memory. YOU KNOW.

Never mind. The procedure is the same. Because the dream presented the idea of renouncement, you must mentalize : "GIVING UP INDUCING". Then you may deconstruct concretely the delirium : "HE IS THE PRESIDENT, NOT YOU. CLAPS FOR HIM. HE RENOUNCED, NOT YOU. HE DIED, NOT YOU. HIS MISFORTUNE, NOT YOURS.".

And because of the subliminal message concerning the idea of DEATH, you must add : "THERE IS DEATH ONLY IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD" (we'll see more on this technique in the section "THE KEYWORDS EXIST ONLY IN THE STAGE WORLD"). As you probably know, THERE IS NO "AURIC DEATH" AT ALL : it's just an illusion they try to inculcate in your brain (we'll see more on this "auric death" delirium in the section "THERE IS NO PAYMENT - Deconstructing their Auric Sacrifice Doctrine").

In any of the cases above, if you feel lack of energy, you may still reinforce everything with this archetype : "WHAT HAS BEEN ASSIMILATED SO FAR IS ALREADY ASSIMILATED, WHAT IS PENDING IS PENDING".

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