The Behavior Inducement Technique

Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction


NEW ! - Added on April 05 th, 2000.

It's the speculation THEY do over you, NOT USING the intended second-meaning of THEIR keywords, aiming to induce and control your behavior in your so-called "life" in the STAGE WORLD.

Example #1 :

Your workmates try to create a pattern to everybody have lunch together on Fridays, or even on some random Fridays.

THEY want you to follow THEIR patterns, so as to set a "lunch trap" for you in the future, and also to make you feel embarassed on not following this pattern in some particular day.

I suggest you mentalize the words "BEHAVIOR INDUCEMENT", preferentially at the very moment THEY create this pattern for the first time.

You must, since the beginning, avoid conforming yourself to a pattern THEY have created to control you. Just do not accept the invitation all the times. Make it randomically so as THEY can't predict what will be your answer each time.

And if THEY try some day to "fish" your answer through mind reading prior to asking you directly, you may either enter the conversation and give your answer (going or not going to the restaurant) or you may mentalize "THOUGHT FISHING" and simply DO NOT decide until it's time to go, or until THEY ask you directly.

Feel when to go and when not to go. Use your intuition.

Example #2 :

In the process of spiritualizing yourself, you're feeling waves of pure energy and love within your heart, and so THEY try to use it against you.

Let's say you are NOT a vegetarian. In other words, you have chosen to eat meat, at least in public. This was your choice, and you have no doubt about it.

Then, one of THEIR characters, who IS vegetarian, try to dichotomize your reality, associating spiritual evolution with vegetarianism. The guy advocates the wonders of vegetarianism and talks about yoga exercises, tai chi chuan, and the high levels of superconsciousness the Hindus reach through meditation.

Then a second guy asks him : "When you stopped eating meat, did you do it at once, or taking steps like for instance stopping first the bovine meat, afterwards the chicken and then the fish ?"

The first guy replies : "I did it step by step, but I have a friend who have stopped at once. Oh, and my cousine have tried to stop but didn't manage to do it.".

You see ? In this case, THEY are trying not only to induce your behavior, but also THEY choose the options YOU will have to pick from to be happy, provided that you follow first THEIR behavior inducement, of course.

THEIR rules, THEIR control. YOUR life, THEIR control.

So what to do ? I suggest that first, while the guy advocates the "wonders" of vegetarianism, you should visualize the archetypes : "BEHAVIOR INDUCEMENT" and "FALSE DICHOTOMY". And secondly, when THEY present you the alleged "options" you have ahead, you mentalize the archetype "OPTIONS MILL".

Later on in this text you will be presented to the "MILL TECHNIQUES".

NOTE : I'm not saying you should be vegetarian or not vegetarian. Just saying you must be in control of your life and don't allow THEM to take decisions for you. After all, that's YOUR life, not THEIRS.

"Try not to think in terms of right or wrong".
(Morpheus, in the movie "Matrix")

Example #3 :

Last night, THEY inculcated a dream in your mind, in which the world around you was distorted. In your dream, you were taken to the Sixties, when you were a child, and you were shown a giant crowd of people, including hippies and lots of hairdos from that epoch. Everybody in that crowd looked at you differently, and you could see that all of them had their "crystals" activated. In other words, in your dream you were shown as a Truman since you were physically a child.

(This technique may be called the "HURRICANE NEVER EXISTED" TECHNIQUE - TRUMANIZING YOUR PAST", which you will read ahead in this text.)

And then, during the day, THEY speculate again with the same subject. But now THEY use it to induce your behavior.

A colleague at work, at his fourties and whom you know is not a "foreigner", takes a snapshot out of his bag, and says to the others : "Have you seen it ? This is me when I was seventeen, beside my surfboard". So everybody stands up and go seeing the photograph, commenting on how young he was, how beautiful was the beach, how amazing was his surfboard, and so on.

Well, so what ? THEY want you to stand up too, just like the others, and to look at the photo, only to see that, according to that picture (which can be faked), HE was already with THEM since three decades ago. This would recall the memories of the dream you had the night before, and would bring back that bad sensation of a totally trumanized past.

YOU KNOW there has been a HURRICANE a few years ago. YOU REMEMBER IT in details. You also remember your childhood. So what THEY say now it's a LIE. A SHAMEFUL, HYPOCRITICAL AND SOLEMN LIE.

I suggest that you stay at your place and don't stand up. And that, during their little staging or mise en scene, you mentalize the archetypes "BEHAVIOR INDUCEMENT", "DREAM CLONING" and "TRUMANIZATION OF THE PAST".

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