The reality cloning techniques

Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction


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These techniques can be defined as the production of artificial synchronicity AFTER the moment you first act, think of, or dream about something.

In such cases, THEIR intention is to clone your life, imitating each little aspect of it, and trying to assume responsibility for your acts. THEY are saying subliminally to your brain : "You did it because we wanted you to do".

Well, you know it's a LIE, because you did it first, you thought of it first, you dreamt about it first, it happened first to you, etc., but THEY want to confuse your mind.

Through the artificial manipulation of the elements around you, THEY want to inculcate in your brain a BUBBLE-like sensation. The point here is that YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTS. You're responsible for your acts and thoughts. So, if THEY want to imitate you, that's THEIR problem. All you can do is categorize and label THEIR cloning of yours for your brain.


Example #1 :

You are leaving your home in the morning when the phone rings. You have the habit of never answering your incoming calls prior to filtering them through the answering machine.

But this time you won't even listen to the message because you're late. So you go to work without knowing who has called you.

At work, your colleague remarks to the others : "I called the girl, but she wasn't at home, so I left a message in the answering machine".

Then you must immediately mentalize : "SUBJECT CLONING". Your workmate is cloning your life! Don't let THEY do it without a mental response of yours.

And remember : in this case, THEY have first produced that phone call, and later on THEY have cloned it. Both events were artificial.

Example #2 :

Suppose you live in Los Angeles and that you work out in a gym frequented by many famous CHARACTERS in the STAGE WORLD. You have been working out there for over a year now.

At work, you enter a conversation THEY have started and comment on the issue (that many famous people work out in your gym), making a little gossip. You mention the name of a specific actress that is not so famous and that you actually have seen only two times there in the gym, during all this year.

Conveniently, the next time you go to your gym, there she is !






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It may happen every time you have a self-pity feeling or thought in public. For instance, when you recollect a sad memory from your past during a conversation with anyone, or when you feel embarassed because you have behaved in a clumsy way in public.

Example #1 :

You are talking about your childhood with someone in your workplace, and all at once you tell your colleague (or just remember in your mind) that you have broken a leg when you was 9.

So your colleague (or someone else hearing your conversation or reading your mind) tells you immediately that he/she too has broken an arm, for instance, when he/she was a child. "Everybody did", he/she adds.

This you may call "SELF-PITY CLONING".

Well, this would be helpful if you were really a self-pity person, especially a neutral person, but YOU ARE NOT. You are a SURVIVOR, remember ? You think you would have managed to survive all this time if you had self-pity ? Of course not.

Realize that most probably he/she didn't break any leg or arm in the childhood. And if this person is a FOREIGNER or a pre-hurricane non-neutral of YOUR SIDE, so either he/she didn't break anything or he/she did break something, but only as a character, that is, deliberately.

So THEIR intervention cloning your self-pity was just one more description of reality THEY create to manipulate your mind. THEY use this technique to maintain you under THEIR thought control. YOU KNOW IT. You don't need THEM to stop your self-pity thoughts, or to recover from a little loss of energy. This you can do in a question of minutes. YOU KNOW. By the way, you don't need THEM for anything at all.

But the point is that THEY don't wait. THEY act faster than you, generally cloning your self-pity thought just a few seconds after it happens, no matter how tiny it has been.

So I suggest that, as soon as THEY act, you immediately mentalize the archetype : "SELF-PITY CLONING", no matter how tiny was their action.

Example #2 :

Let's say you live in Bologna, Italy. You are at your university and you go have some water in the drinking fountain. But you spill water over your face, in front of many people.

When you start thinking how clumsy you are and feeling embarassed, THEY act rapidly and someone near you stumbles and almost falls. Or, for instance, the person after you in the drinking fountain spills water too in his/her face, deliberately.

Realize that THEY are just imitating you : THEIR imitation, THEIR artificial synchronicity, THEIR control. Your "life", THEIR control.

So here you go again : just mentalize "SELF-PITY CLONING" and go ahead.


Sometimes you want to enter a conversation in order to invalidate or reduce the influence of THEIR speculation over your brain. Do they use keywords ? So you try to nullify its influences participating in the conversation and using first-meaning synonyms or descriptions of reality that have NOT a speculative value within THEIR sick brainwashing.

And sometimes THEY go faster than you, reading your thoughts and anticipating themselves to avoid your interference. This you may call "CHAT PARTICIPATION CLONING" or perhaps "DESCRIPTION OF REALITY ANTICIPATION".

Example :

You're in the elevator with two other people who apparently don't know each other : a woman and a man. The woman starts giving vent to her feelings speaking loud : "God grant this elevator doesn't hurtle down. In the next building where I work the elevator has hurtled many times from the top to the first floor".

Then you prepare to enter the conversation. Aiming to invalidate the speculative value of her words, you THINK of saying something like : "Did it kill anyone ?" (YOU KNOW what she said was a LIE).

So the second person (the man) who until now was quiet, and who is reading your mind - YOU KNOW -, anticipates himself and says first : "It will end killing somebody".

Because reality is just a description, sometimes you may lose or not lose energy depending on the description given to the elements around you, either by THEM or by you. THEY will try to describe these elements in a way that you lose energy, and you may want to interfere (either verbally or mentally) also describing these elements in a way that you do not lose energy.

I suggest that you mentalize the archetype : "CHAT PARTICIPATION CLONING", which may be in this case reinforced by the archetype : "QUESTION CLONING" (because your thought was a question). To reinforce a little more, you may add : "DESCRIPTION OF REALITY".


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Even these tiny details of reality THEY may clone from you. If you scratch your nose in the subway, for instance, and someone near you (having or not seen your gesture) immediately imitates your gesture, this is "GESTURE CLONING".

Keep in mind that these little details, if ignored, may also contribute to subliminally undermine your will to get free. Your brain catches every artificial synchronicity act. So be alert, and mentalize "GESTURE CLONING".

The goal is to be aware of every little speculation. The price of freedom is the eternal self-vigilance and the eternal vigilance on the factory of illusions they reserve for you.

Remember also that there are a number of situations where the "GESTURE CLONING" technique is not so innocent as in the example above. Sometimes a person may clone your gestures, little manias or repetitive gestural behaviors just to attract your sympathy and then take "advantage" of you in the STAGE WORLD. And even if you do not value the STAGE WORLD reality, you may well lose energy if you don't pay attention to see, categorize and label the speculation.

Example :

You're at a business meeting. You're negotiating a contract on behalf of your company with a supplier. At the meeting, the supplier's representative clones all your gestures and your manias. He (She) acts gently to you. You cough a little ? So does he (she). You rub your chin ? So does he (she). You pass your hand on your hair ? Bingo! There he (she) is, passing his (her) hand on his (her) hair. And so on.

He (She) wants to create and explore intended similarities between you and his (her) character, in order to undermine your resistance to his (her) position or argument in the negotiation, and thus make you sign a contract more favorable to him (her) and his (her) company !

On the other point of the speculation, you have the character of your boss or manager in your company who may well put pressure on you to close a good deal (before the meeting) or to account for or report back the results of the meeting (after it).

None of them really cares about the content of this negotiation in the STAGE WORLD. They want to take energy from you, not from each other !

They are all pretending. Remember : THEY don't see the STAGE WORLD as THEY pretend to see. THEY have access to the BACKSTAGE reality, their crystals activated, trips in helicopters, Holodecks simulations, advanced technology and much much more. Do you think THEY are really worried about their characters' take-home pay on payday ? Of course they are not.

So what you must do ? Well, I suggest you deconstruct all the speculation piece by piece. In this meeting, each time the character of the supplier's representative clones your gestures, you must mentalize : "GESTURE CLONING", and proceed normally in the negotiation, as you would proceed if there were no gestural speculations.

Regarding your boss or manager, you must deconstruct the importance his (her) character gives to this contract. When your boss (or manager) starts valuing this contract for your mind or giving particular importance to this meeting, you must deconstruct it mentalizing : "PRETENDED SERIOUSNESS IN THE STAGE WORLD". To reinforce, you may add : "DESCRIPTION OF REALITY".

But at the same time you must avoid to do anything in the negotiation that could be used against you. This may vary a lot from case to case, so you must use your common sense.

For further details, take a look at the sections The Pretended Seriousness Technique and Creating a Situation to Judge You.


NEW ! - Added on April 11 th, 2000.

Let's say now you live in Memphis, Tennessee, and you're a so-called vampire (that is, you have affective lacking). You're having a meal in a salad bar right beside your course. Soon after you take your seat, a kundalinic shell (i.e., a so-called "cute" shell) who happens to be your classmate (and with whom you have no intimacy or familiarity at all) seats right in front of you and starts a little conversation. His/her shell generates in you the illusory sensation of "vampirism".

His/her character KNOWS who you are (a SURVIVOR). He/She KNOWS your present or former preferences, as well as your present or former dislikes. This person KNOWS everything he/she wants to know about your life.

So in order to deceive your brain, he/she explores INTENDED similarities between your so-called "life" and his/her character alleged "life". You like to play basketball in the STAGE WORLD ? (or you don't play it anymore, but you used to play when you was a kid and you have good memories about it ?) THEY KNOW. So without you saying a word on the issue, and without he/she knowing OFFICIALLY about your life in the STAGE WORLD, this person talks a lot about basketball. His/her brother plays at a college team, the person says. And he/she goes to see some local championship matches.

You have worked with tourism in the STAGE WORLD and have liked very much that job ? THEY KNOW. So in the middle of the conversation this person starts talking about trips and travelling. Have you ever been in this or that place ? Do you know this or that state or country ? And so on. Eventually, the guy/girl explains that he/she has worked in a travel agency as a tourism agent. You haven't said a word about your past. Never mind. THEY explore this similarity anyway.

At the end of the meal, a third person (one from the same sex as your classmate) approaches him/her, and asks for his/her telephone number. He/She writes it down in a piece of napkin, using the left hand. This happens to be another similarity, because you're left-handed, too. THEY KNOW. And if you haven't noticed this similarity, so THEY call your attention for it : the other person remarks to your classmate something like "Oh, are you left-handed ? I love left-handed people, I think their calligraphy is more beautiful".

So what's the point ? Well, your classmate is deliberately manipulating similarities to deceive you. He/She is saying subliminally to your brain : "You have to like me. I'm just like you. So, liking me is just like liking yourself! Doesn't your 'ego' feel pleased by all these similarities ? Don't you feel we fit each other ? Our past has similarities. We have born one for the other!".

And because you're a "vampire", these similarities are potentialized to the cube. Just like everyone else in the STAGE WORLD, you have no ego (the so-called 'ego' is just an illusion THEY create for you), but even thus you were hit by a so-called "CHARACTER VAMPIRISM" (see section "GOING OVER VAMPIRISM" for more details).

So now let's going to see how you may deconstruct the illusion during and after the speculation.

The moment this shell starts talking to you (and having no intimacy with you), you may mentalize : "POSSIBLE FLIRTING IN THE STAGE WORLD". Realize that he/she is NOT really interested in you : this person is just a character, has his/her crystal activated and an instantaneous contact with the Operation Center regarding your case, just like in the movie "The Truman Show". What this person wants is to explore similarities with you, and thus deceive yourself. So watch out. And remember : he/she will probably pretend to be natural.

I suggest that since the beginning of the conversation you don't feed the talk. Just be polite and respond with monosyllables. And because you have no intimacy with his/her character, you may also visualize "INSINUATING FRIENDSHIP TECHNIQUE" (you'll see more on this technique later on) : an excessive intimacy or familiarity may generate follow-ups in the classroom and elsewhere. Is that what you want ?

When this shell starts exploring similarities about basketball, you may mentalize "FORCED SIMILARITY" and add "PREFERENCE CLONING". To reinforce a little more, you may still add : "SUBJECT FISHING", since he/she is using this issue also to induce you to reveal your link to basketball.

Then, when the person begins talking about trips and tourism, you may mentalize : "PAST CLONING" and also "FORCED SIMILARITY". And don't talk about your former job, that's just what he/she wants you to do, so as to establish official points of similarity and thus proceed afterwards (in other opportunities) with the speculation over you.

Finally, when the other person approaches your classmate asking for his/ her phone number, visualize : "BEHAVIOR INDUCEMENT" (because they want you to do the same, asking for his/her phone number too). When THEY show you the similarity about being left-handed, you mentalize : "FORCED SIMILARITY" and "SIMILAR DECEIVES SIMILAR". To reinforce, you may add : "CHARACTER VAMPIRISM" and "WRITING CLONING", for instance.


(by Webmaster Zero Left)

NEW! - Updated on July 28 th, 2000

In the world of manipulated realities - that is, the Stage World -, nothing can be proven. However, if you are a survivor of the hurricane, your brain may soon realize that THEY are starting to consistently clone this own homepage (or others like this that may exist without my knowledge) for your brain with their very acts in the Stage World.

"It's a lot of world for one man, Truman."
(Marlon, Truman's "best friend" trying to convince him that there is no "it")

Do you believe in the sentence above ? Ask yourself.

"Are you sure that is not wishful thinking ?"
(Marlon again, following the first sentence)

What about this one ? Do you believe in it ? Or do you prefer to label it "PRESUMED EGO THEORY" ? Ask yourself.

Let's take a look at the chronology of some recent events, that probably are only part of the overall situation.

  • April 02 nd, 2000 - The first parts of this homepage (about 300 kbytes of texts) are uploaded.

  • Last weeks of April - The homepage is listed in some of the main search engines, becoming available to survivors.

In some cases, the characters present in the perception field of these survivors indicate for them the existence of the page, through a variety of possible performances, such as a search for a word connected to the page (like synchronicity, Castaneda, Matrix, Truman Show, quantum physics, telepathy or philosophy) in a computer in front of the survivor, comments using THEIR second-meaning keywords in association with one of the words above, or even direct comments about the actual page.

  • May 04 th, 2000 - The "Love Bug" computer virus (also called "I Love You") "unleashes a flood of e-mail that hits at least 45 million users in at least 20 countries" (source :, also hitting the Stock Exchange. "Several variations appeared afterward, including one masquerading as an e-mail joke and another as a receipt for a Mother's Day gift". The hacker that created the virus left strange words as signatures, such as "barok", "as usually happens in the hacker world". He used the e-mail address Four days later, a suspect is arrested in Manila, Philippines.

Keywords involved : hacker, mother; The definition of "hacker" within their second-meaning language is given in the section Dictionary of keywords, that is, "(1) a label associated to a survivor who frees him/herself from their brainwashing". That's the goal of this homepage : to help you free yourself from this brainwashing.

Believe me : the author of this page is not a "spiritual hacker", neither am I. Nobody is. Although their speculation is essentially mathematical, you only have to feel your Love for your beloved one and follow your heart to deconstruct their brainwashing. Nothing else. You don't need to have a great mathematical knowledge.

Mathematical similarities : a) the use of the Internet to spread information; b) strange words - "barok" used by the hacker versus "chassid", "gao", "sunin", "zoriban", etc., used in this homepage as keywords for the search engines; c) the alias of the hacker - "null" - versus the alias of the author of the text - "piece_of_nothing";

Inversion of values : the "Love Bug" or "I Love You" is a virus that destroys data and corrupts computers, while this homepage doesn't have the intention of destroying anything but illusions.

  • Around May 21 st, 2000 - A coup-d'etat occurs in the Fiji Islands, which are a symbol for the survivor because they were mentioned in the movie "The Truman Show" as the place where Truman's beloved one - Sylvia - lives and where he wanted to go.

    According to some news, it was "the first coup d'etat that ever took place through the Internet". This is a sentence that penetrates the survivors' minds as a "fear fishing", especially when seen in a headline or sub-heading. (It was said in the first meaning of the words probably because communications with the islands were shut off during the coup, but an Internet provider based on Fiji - Fiji Webmasters Ltd. - managed to transmit information to the world - i.e. the Stage World - from its website at

Keyword : Fiji Islands - meaning the homepage (for those who have accessed this page or a similar page) or meaning "linguistic freedom" in general (for those who have not been in touch with this page or any other like this).

Top of Memory Stack : because you probably have never heard of any news coming from the Fiji Islands (unless you live nearby), and because the last time your brain heard of them it was in connection to the movie "The Truman Show", the next time you are in touch with the words "Fiji Islands", your brain automatically associates them with the movie.

  • First week of June, 2000 - A search for keyword "dissahc" (see links.htm) starts bringing a collection of garbage, including pages in several languages about several subjects other than linguistic prison or artificial synchronicity.

    One of them shows the title "Cannell Library" from a university in the state of Washington, near Seattle (USA). The page is still there at but doesn't appear anymore (as of this date - July, 25 th, 2000) as a result for keyword "dissahc".

Keyword : dog. Sound pun : Cannell versus kennel.

Mathematical similarity : "library" versus a relatively big website with dozens of pages of texts.

Simulating the OTHER SIDE : similarity between Seattle - mentioned in this homepage as one of the last hurricane places - and the OTHER SIDE. The photograph in that page, however, showed students at a distance far enough to impede any conclusion.

  • June 17 th, 2000 - A link is added (see section "List of links") to a page presenting a translation of this homepage into a foreign language (Portuguese).

  • June 27 th, 2000 - Just three days after that, the conclusion of the first sketch of the Genome Project is announced simultaneously in the US and in the UK, by President Bill Clinton and Prime-Minister Tony Blair. It is compared "to the invention of the wheel", "the antibiotic" and "the arrival of the man in the Moon". 97 % of the human genes are said to be identified. The information, says the news, will be available for free in the Internet and will "unleash a revolution in Medicine". The media calls it "the Book of Life" and says it is being translated. According to the news, "scientists discovered the alphabet of the man. Now the letters must be put in the right order to form the words and phrases".

  • Aprox. on the same date (verified on June 30 th, 2000) - 90% of the garbage containing keyword "dissahc" (about 10 pages) suddenly vanishes from the search engines if you're looking for this keyword, including the one mentioned above (Cannell Library). The two remaining pages containing garbage were already there since May, 2000. One of them shows the picture of a dog with question marks floating around its head. All the others - the ones that have been listed during June - disappeared.

Artificial synchronicity between facts : the proximity of the dates showing facts with mathematical similarities.

Subliminal premise : the OTHER SIDE was neutralized.

Mathematical similarities : a) an extensive work in the Genome Project versus an extensive work in the homepage; b) 97 % of the genes are said to be identified versus almost all types of speculation listed in the homepage; c) Project announced in the US and in the UK versus homepage presenting both US English and UK English versions of the keywords (see keywords.htm, plus section to the british readers); d) information available for free in the Internet versus page located in a dot org domain in the Internet; e) the 'Book of Life' being 'translated' versus the translation of this page into another language.

Distortions : all the rest.

Keywords : a) antibiotics and Medicine, meaning "the procedures a survivor must follow to avoid death", i.e. "auric death"; b) the alphabet of the man, meaning THEIR language and its derived "alphabet" of speculations; c) the Book of "Life" - meaning "auric life", as opposed to the keyword "death".

Deconstructing the subliminal delirium : this homepage is not important. The author of the text is not important, and I'm not important. The point is : their characters are not important, either. As you must have read in the section "Deconstructing idolatry - the same importance of every one of us ", the President of the United States is as important as a vegetable street vendor in Korea, for instance, or as you, or as me. Every one of them is a character. THEY really don't care about themselves.

As piece_of_nothing would say, the reality makers of the media like to define for your brain what must be given the stamp of "authenticity" or "importance", and what must not. The "media circus" nowadays is a disease stuffed with linguistic news amidst an ocean of idolatry and reality anchors based on Stage World concepts.

As a survivor, you're not responsible for their artificial synchronicity, for their second-meaning keywords and for their reality cloning over your life, nor for the mathematical similarities they like so much to explore to brainwash you. THEY want you to feel "important", deliberately exploring similarities between your life and their very lives, although they do not admit it, but your brain knows that THEY read your thoughts all the time. In other words, you're not important only because they want you to feel this way. Nobody really is.

The notion of "self-importance" is an illusion created by the feedback you receive from your perception field. If you know this feedback is totally artificial and arbitrary, what can you do about it ? Nothing (I mean, nothing but mentalizing your archetypes). The same you can say of the "hetero-importance" they like to create over your mind using idolatry and/or praising the others for your brain.

Following this same reasoning, I'm not responsible for their mathematical similarities over this homepage. They want your brain to idolize the author or to idolize me. Beware of this illusion. Don't take them seriously. I'm nobody, just another person like you and like anyone of their characters.

The Backstage has no idolatry and no gurulatry, no mysticism and no mythology. The Backstage has no "election", no "chosen ones" and no "The One". The Backstage has no pedestals, no podiums and no diplomas. The Backstage has no "media circus". Ah, these things you won't find out there. No, no, for sure you won't.

Following the method, mentalize : "SAME IMPORTANCE" and "ROUND TABLE VERSUS SAME STATUS".

  • Check also your local news these days. Although they may apply to any survivor who is trapped under this linguistic prison, survivors that have been accessing this homepage may illusorily identify these archetypes with the author of the text and/or with me.

These news may range from "John Doe [any "personality"] passes away. He was known as a reference in the struggle against the abuses of the media" to "Prison director fired by the Governor" to "Math teacher arrested under charges of pedophilia". You may watch a woman being interviewed in a talk show displaying a huge knowledge and titles and saying she speaks many languages, is a translator of Sanskrit and Aramaic and has a homepage in the Internet about her spiritual ideas and her secret esoteric society. Or yet the survivor of a slaughter saying in an interview the only support he/she received was from an NGO (after June 24 th, 2000, when the link was added to a dot org domain in this homepage).

Believe me, neither myself nor you nor the author of this text nor the author of any similar text is a "teacher" or a "prison director" or has a great knowledge. Anyone having an activated crystal for more than three to four years is light-years ahead of anyone who doesn't have it.

And at least regarding myself, believe me, I'm not an "NGO", and I do not have any titles.

P.S. If your brain is somehow hit by the word "Webmaster" (referring to myself or to anyone else), you can simply deconstruct it. Remember : "webmaster" is not equal to "web master" (with a space between the words). If you prefer, replace it for "homepage maker".

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