Plan B - Using Antonyms

NEW ! - Added on April 11 th, 2000.

So you didn't make it. After trying countless times getting out of this CIRCUS, you're still a SLAVE. Never mind. Time is just an illusion, remember ?

Maybe you feel SO energetically manipulated by THEM, or your routine is SO full of influences to your ears and to your brain, that you virtually have concluded to be impossible freeing yourself at this very moment, in one only jump.

So now comes Plan B. You take a first step, exercising the visualization of antonyms in your mind, so as to lessen the degree of energetic influence THEY produce on your brain, as a consequence of their manipulation.

The point here is : to keep you in their prison, THEY want you to IDENTIFY yourself with the LABELS and IDEAS contained in THEIR words and keywords. So you DO it, but you also identify yourself, through visualization, with the ANTONYMS of these very words, keywords, ideas or persons.

And the things will become a little harder for THEM, although you will realize that you'll still be a PUPPET. The difference is that now you lose less energy as a result of their speculation.

In order to perfect your visualization, you have the option of mentalizing their words, keywords or archetypes likewise floating bullets in the air , along with the antonyms you create for them. If you have watched the movie "The Matrix", your memory will easily access that scene when Neo stops the bullets in the air (it's a unique scene to your memory).

Here are a few practical examples :

And so on. If THEY present intermediary aspects of reality that cannot be reduced to two antagonistic labels, then you create many intermediary labels and visualize them all.

If you feel it's necessary, you can mentalize a whole set of intermediary labels in a vertical list, like : BABY, BOY, TEEN, YOUNG, ADULT, MIDDLE-AGED, OLD MAN.

Mentalize a handful of archetypical countries or nationalities, including the one they've mentioned, your present country or nationality, one from the same "category" of your country (e.g. First World, Third World, developing countries, Eastern Europe former communist countries, etc.), one from a country that has more development than yours at least in some area, and one from a country that has less development than yours. See the examples below and adapt for your case.

If you are American, mentalize for instance : "France", "USA", "Canada", "Japan" and "Pakistan";

If you are Italian, mentalize : "France", "Italy", "Germany", "USA" and "Brazil";

If you are Mexican, mentalize : "France", "Mexico", "Venezuela", "USA" and "Uganda".

Depending on the speculation, you may reduce these five into just two to three countries or nationalities : yours and the one mentioned. The only rule you have here is not losing energy, or losing less.

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