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Artificial synchronicity, linguistic manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction



(and sometimes bringing them back)




NEW! - Added on June 09 th, 2000.

Sometimes THEY may want your brain to face situations that violate the common sense established by the rules of Newtonian physics. You may be faced with curious or intriguing facts. That's a way of smoothing the remaining rationalism of your brain and slowly preparing you for the Backstage reality.

And generally speaking you won't notice these physical incongruities if you don't pay attention to the artificial environment that surrounds you. I suggest you write down the absurdity of some events in a separate list and mentalize the archetypes "QUESTION REALITY" and "INCONGRUITY IN THE STRUCTURE OF THE STAGE WORLD" (or "INCONGRUITY IN THE STRUCTURE OF THE MATRIX").

Situations may vary a lot from case to case, depending on your needs and on your development. Just to situate your mind, let's take a look at some examples of situations that probably will happen to you soon or later :

Example #1 :

Let's say you live in the vicinities of a large city in California. Everything in your town is horizontally built : commercial and residential blocks, shops, stores, supermarkets, etc.. You work out in a giant gym, the biggest in your area, which has around 300 vacancies in its private parking lot. It is located just by a large avenue, and it is geographically isolated from anything else. There's only a small restaurant within a walking distance, which is usually empty the time you go to your gym.

The puzzle for your mind is the fact that there are consistently much more vehicles in the parking lot than persons in the gym. One day you notice this strange incongruity and you decide to estimate at least roughly the number of persons present in all premises of the gym and compare it two minutes later to the proportion of vehicles in the parking lot (that is, cars plus motorcycles plus bikes).

So you count approximately 160 persons in all corners of the gym, including the bathrooms, dressing rooms, sauna, salad bar, pool, and basketball and tennis courts. And you know that you had overestimated this number. Then you realize that the parking lot is operating in full capacity. In fact, the local staff has improvised some extra vacancies.

Moreover, you count near 20 bikes and 20 motorcycles. If you add these 40 to the 300 car vacancies of the parking lot you'll have around 340 vehicles to transport only 160 persons ! You start wondering how is it possible, since there is nothing else in a walking distance besides a small restaurant with no more than 50 seats (usually empty). No residential area, no parties, no nothing. And all the other activities in a remote distance are provided with their own parking lots.

The following days and weeks you realize that this phenomenon repeats itself dozens and dozens of times, in any day of the week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc). It is a consistent and very persistent disparity.

The only rational explanation is too absurd to be true : each person has gone to the gym using two vehicles. They go first in a car and then they get a bus or a lift back home and go again using a second car !

Realize that in fact some of them go together to the gym using the same car (two or three friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, relatives, etc.), some are minors who don't drive and some go by other means (by bus, or by taking a lift with someone that doesn't work out there) in such a way that 160 persons should be using perhaps 140 vehicles, not 340. So you have around 200 vehicles that are lost in space.

This odd situation moves your assemblage point (as Carlos Castaneda would say) outward this world, outward the Matrix, outward the Stage, outward the tonal. You start using your sixth and seventh senses and thinking of a Backstage-connected explanation : perhaps one of their choppers is hovering over the gym, where there is an entire reserve army of 150+ characters on standby, waiting to the best opportunity to clone your thoughts or speculate over you this or that way. Some of their characters represent specific archetypes that induce your brain to associate with this or that idea. So they have a good variety of archetypal characters in the Backstage to choose from. They have a collection of masks to use.

And because you know your perception field is blocked, the hypothesis above may well be very close to the truth. It is really possible that some area in the Backstage (perhaps a helicopter), with an invisible entrance in that parking lot, is being used by a number of supporting elements. It would be a mammoth supporting cast, similar to the one used in the movie "The Truman Show". So their characters go there using their cars in the Stage World and keep waiting in the near Backstage on standby, ready to interfere at any moment.

"Maybe I'm losing my mind. It seems that the whole world all rounds around me somehow." (Truman)
"It's a lot of world for one man, Truman." (Marlon)

That's exactly what THEY want your brain to believe : "it's a lot of world for one only man (or woman)". Although it is true that you're NOT being watched like Truman Burbank by a large audience of millions of people, it is also true that THEY have a big sector inside their Operation Centers specialized in dealing with survivors' cases. If you estimate an average of ten thousand characters for each survivor, it is not too much to imagine a group of about 150 characters on standby because of you.

And please don't misunderstand my words. This fact doesn't mean you're more "important" than the others. You are not. It doesn't mean anything. It only means that you're a survivor and since you don't have your crystal activated yet, your case needs a more in-depth surveillance. You're lost in the Stage World amidst a shark-infested ocean of professional characters pertaining to OUR SIDE. (the word 'shark' here refers to OUR SIDE speculation experts, especially FOREIGNERS). Remember : every one of us has the same importance than everyone else.

They are certainly using this time of standby to do something in the Backstage or in their crystals connected to their own lives and/or to keep themselves informed about other issues, like how the war against THE OTHER SIDE is evolving in its last focuses.

Example #2 :

You live near a dead end street that is perpendicular to a more important street, through which there are bus lines and intense traffic. One of these days you're calmly walking home when something curious happens. This more important street is blocked up due to an emergency repair underground. It is blocked right after the entrance of this dead end street, so that all that intense traffic is taking a detour and entering into this street.

You see several buses and cars going that direction with a great naturalness, in spite of the fact that that street has a dead end. You can't figure out how those buses will return, since they barely fit the width of the street. The drivers aren't surprised about the detour : they do not even slow down, they just go.

And you do not see them returning afterwards. Again you have no other option : you start trying to explain everything with a Backstage-connected explanation that violates the Newton's laws of Physics. Perhaps those vehicles have been automatically transported to somewhere else, you think.

Well, they may be just playing with your mind. Just making some progressive adjustments in order to soften a possible residual rationalism of your brain and gradually prepare yourself to the Backstage.

(and sometimes bringing them back)

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