The Denying the Truth Techniques :

The Prentended Naturalness Technique /
The "hurricane is not over" Technique /
The "hurricane never existed" Technique - Trumanizing your past

Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction




NEW - Updated on April 22 nd, 2000.

THEY will try, by all forms and means, to convince your brain that the reality of the STAGE WORLD is not artificial, that everything is natural, that THEY are not pretending anything, that THEY are not performing like actors in the STAGE WORLD, that their characters in the STAGE WORLD have the very values of this world, that THEY believe in their positions as characters and in the collective circus they create to manipulate survivors' minds.

Well, your memory captures more vividly the last images, scenes and ideas than the previous ones. THEY KNOW this fact very well. So THEY can try to make your available memory in a certain particular moment forget about the true nature of reality. Their goal is to make you believe, at least for a while, that everything is natural.

This technique you may label as the "PRETENDED NATURALNESS TECHNIQUE". It happens every time THEY simply "turn off" their speculation mode over your brain. THEY stop using the keywords, stop giving emphasis or imitating elements of your routine (artificial synchronicity and reality cloning techniques), stop associating your thoughts with their ideas and phrases, and so on. They start talking about useless subjects, usually in a lower tone of voice. They make gossips, they chat on irrelevant details of the alleged "lifes" of their characters that have nothing to do with your life, and so on.

As you must already know, this happens in "waves". In other words, likewise the speculation archetypes that are manipulated repeatedly through a short period of time (one or two different ideas each day, for instance), there is also a "wave" of "pretended naturalness" they create to convince your brain, at least for a while, that everything is natural. Or, if your brain doesn't buy this idea anymore, that some things are natural, and other things are artificial, that some people around you are still neutral people and some are not.

"The worst artifice of the Devil is to make you believe that he doesn't exist".
(popular saying)

Realize that in this saying THEY play the Devil role, not the OTHER SIDE.

They want your brain to forget about their brainwashing capabilities . So you need a label to classify, categorize, reduce and compartmentalize this speculation inside your brain, through visualization. Notice that "turning off" their speculation is also a speculation", so I suggest the label "PRETENDED NATURALNESS".

What you must know is that NOTHING, NOTHING penetrates the perception field around you, your ears, eyes, smell or nightly dreams, without being previously filtered, analyzed and approved by the Operation Center(s) connected with your case.

Unbelievable, isn't it ? All the sentences you hear, all the peculiar images you see, all the ideas and archetypes, everything was put there for you to see and hear. This is quantum physics : you only perceive as 'real' what THEY want you to perceive.

"The Matrix is everywhere. (...) It is the world that has
been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth"
(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

In other words, THEY describe reality for you. This happens because every one of them has the ability to easily read your mind, using their activated crystals. For them, it's just like it is reading or writing for you, a technique they learn and use via crystal.

So when you are in movement through the streets, for example, their crystals communicate to each other under the command of the Operation Center, and then their characters are instructed to emit this or that idea the exact moment you're passing by them. Or not to emit anything at all. Sometimes the idea is divided into two or three pieces so that one character says part of the idea and the next sentence you hear a few seconds later from another character presents the other part.

Your perception field is blocked in such a way that you don't listen a phone ringing in your workplace, for instance, or a cell phone ringing around you in a bus, for example, or yet an incoming message being recorded in your answering machine at home, without this element being previously filtered through the Operation Center. THEY have an entire Section in the Operation Center nearest to you specialized in faking voice frequencies and background sounds, faking or redirecting phone calls, producing deliberate "wrong number" calls or misdirected e-mails, pretended telemarketing calls, and much more.

Keep in mind that every apparent "wrong number" call around you (that is NOT synchronized with any meaningful act or thought of yours), for instance, has been carefully calculated to reinforce their description of reality concerning the "PRETENDED NATURALNESS" technique. They are saying subliminally to your brain :

"This 'wrong number' call you have received by mistake of the caller, it was totally by chance. It was a natural call. We're not pretending, there is no speculation around you. You can't prove it! Ha ha ha. We're not reading your mind nor using second-meaning keywords, it's just an interpretation of yours. Ha ha ha".

YOU KNOW IT'S NOT. THEY want your brain to forget momentarily about all these years of daily artificial synchronicity, thought reading and association of ideas, all this time of second-meaning words forced delirium that they've created for you, all the situations they artificially create all the time to manipulate your acts and thoughts, all that songs stuffed with keywords (and sometimes with non-sense phrases considering the official meaning of the words), and so on. In a word, all the brainwashing.

"Have you been brainwashed too ?"
(name of a song by the group R.E.M.)
"We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control,
No dark sarcasm in the classroom, Hey, teacher, leave us kids alone"
(from 'Another Brick in the Wall', by the group Pink Floyd)

Ask yourself : do you believe there is something natural penetrating your hearing field ? Do you believe in the subliminal message transcribed above ? Ask yourself. Ask your beloved one inside your heart as well.

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"As Truman grew up, we were forced to
manufacture ways to keep him on the island".

(Christoff giving an interview in 'The Truman Show')

One of the ways they've manufactured to keep survivors in their prisons all over the last decades is exactly denying the truth : the pretended naturalness technique and also other techniques like for instance denying the very existence of the hurricane (as we'll see in the next section).

To these, you can still add the "happy slave" techniques that we'll see later on, as well as a subliminal repressive system based on the "forbidden subject" premise that you have already seen in the section FEAR FISHING, Example #3.

THEY want you to have a self-image, so that THEY can perpetuate their speculation over your brain. THEY want you to believe in the veracity of the STAGE WORLD and in the supposed "importance" of its values, so that you can feel like a "happy individual" living in the Matrix, provided that you remain mesmerized like a puppet under their control, of course. THEY want you to dream about a Wonderland or a Promised Land that simply doesn't exist, so that THEY can wash your brain and transform you into a conformist slave, willing to escape from this prison but not knowing how.

Is that what you wanna be ? Ask yourself.

Well, there is a scene in the movie "Crossworlds" (with Hutger Hauer), that I recommend you watch in your video. It's about believing in a certain description of reality instead of believing in your foe's one. Watch the elevator scene, and you'll know what I'm talking about. That's when the man says :

"Believe in the floor".

If you still have any doubt about the very nature of reality around you, I suggest you read the section "THE HAPPY SLAVE TECHNIQUE - JUSTIFYING SLAVERY" ahead, in the " Example #12 - The natural synchronicity approach".

Just to illustrate a little more, take a look at the definition given in a dictionary [credits to the "DK Illustrated Oxford Dictionary", New York / London, 1998] to the entry "glass ceiling" :

"noun. An unacknowledged barrier to personal advancement."

Another important aspect regarding THEIR characters and the perception fields of survivors in general is the fact that the behavior of THEIR characters, their opinions, their criteria and procedures in the STAGE WORLD are produced in a customized way for each survivor of the hurricane.

In other words, their characters do NOT have a REAL opinion in the STAGE WORLD about any subject. It's just a pretended opinion. They don't want to indoctrinate you with their opinions. They guard their REAL opinions (when they have one) for themselves or for the BACKSTAGE reality. Therefore, the same character may express an opinion to one survivor in the morning (in the university, for instance) and the opposite opinion about the same subject to another survivor in the afternoon (at work, for example).

The same way, one of THEIR characters may express to you a specific opinion about an issue if your thoughts and state of mind are heading towards a certain direction, or he/she may express a different opinion about this same issue if you change your thoughts or state of mind.

THEY describe the reality of their characters aiming to clone (imitate) or "reflect" survivors' opinions, acts and thoughts with their own alleged ones. This is artificial synchronicity : they respond to your thoughts creating an environment in which your thoughts are manipulated by their sentences, their alleged "opinions" about an issue, etc.

What THEY really want is to dichotomize your reality, is to divide it into little pieces attributing values to each piece and comparing these values afterwards. What THEY really want is to completely distort, label, compartmentalize and reduce your description of reality, and then create for you another one, one that is based on their demented, delirious and sickly key ideas (payment, death, mother/father, fire, home, pool, looking-glass, etc.).

What THEY really want is to take energy from you.

This is not limited to opinions. The same process may be applied to THEIR characters' very acts in the STAGE WORLD, their procedures, their criteria, etc.

A same character may exert a great variation of procedures or criteria regarding the same situation, depending on whom is being targeted by the procedure, and on this person's thoughts or state of mind at that very moment.

So one day a character may treat you one way and the other day another way, depending on your thoughts or state of mind in each day.

And it doesn't matter if the character is in position of applying a rule, regulation, internal guideline or law in the STAGE WORLD. He/she may bend the norms and flex procedures just to adapt them to your thoughts, either in your benefit or prejudice. This is thought control as well. You'll see more on this in the section "Creating a situation to judge you" ahead in this homepage.

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To sum up everything, you can use a concept that has been ventilated in some areas of philosophy :

"The subject constitutes the object as much as the very object".

In other words, the observer constitutes the observed fact as much as the fact itself.

Thus, depending on who is observing (which survivor, for instance), the fact will change. That is, the behavior of their characters will change. Once THEY have the capability of easily reading your mind, and once THEY represent everyone around you, there is no "neutral observer" anymore. There never was. You can't put them in a lab. They are faster than you.

After all, who is watching who ? Who is the observer and who is the observed "fact" ? Reality just is. You can't divide it into little pieces or slices, observer to a side and observed "fact" (or person) to the other.

You can't establish a pattern of behavior and attribute this pattern to one of their characters, because they know you are watching them, they know when you are holding them with your thoughts and when you're not.

So they change their behaviors because of you. They clone and reflect your thoughts, they create an artificial synchronicity around you, they construct a reality cupola or dome around you, just like in the movie "The Truman Show".

They want you to believe that you're "creating" their behaviors so that you can feel like a happy slave under their judgement : if you do your homework well and have a pattern of thoughts that "deserves" to be "rewarded" by them, so they may "reward" your thoughts behaving in a way that somehow "benefits" you in the STAGE WORLD.

Pavlov has done this with rats and mice in a lab, manipulating its acts instead of thoughts. That's how dogs are trained in kennels or lions domesticated in circuses.

Is that what you want ? To have your thoughts "domesticated" in a reality circus ? To have "benefits" in the STAGE WORLD ? Do you think "the Matrix is real" ? Ask yourself.

What if these alleged "benefits" are given or not given to you depending on the judgement of Nazi characters in the STAGE WORLD ? Do you trust their characters ? Do you think they are reliable ? Do you believe there is any "fair slavery" ? Ask yourself.

(you'll see more on this in the section "The Happy Slave technique - Justifying Slavery", "Example #2 - The partial free will approach").

Another derived issue is the manipulation of two or more perception fields of survivors at the same time. You can subdivide this phenomenon basically in two categories : the physical intersection of survivors and the multiplicity of survivors watching on TV (or listening on the radio) a same program at the same time, especially a live program.

A physical intersection of two survivors in the STAGE WORLD is really something very rare these days (unless THEY manage to induce both to be at the same place at the same time). If you estimate (just estimate) an average proportion of one survivor or Truman for each group of ten thousand characters in the STAGE WORLD, for instance, you can see how difficult it would be to have two survivors intersecting the perception fields of one another.

One survivor have no means of recognizing another, but THEY know who is who, THEY read both minds at the same time if necessary. In a situation like that (more common during the passage of the hurricane, very rare nowadays), they would have to carefully measure their words, in order to hit one survivor not interfering with the other, and vice-versa. Or, depending on the archetype they want to manipulate, hitting both with the same words, and so killing two birds with one stone (no second meaning here, please).

The other possibility is still very common : a TV (or radio) program involving a large audience of millions or perhaps hundreds of thousands of characters in the STAGE WORLD will very likely reach hundreds or thousands of survivors at the same time, so that the characters participating in the program (a TV newscaster or the anchor of a talk-show, for instance) will have to use generic archetypes representing key ideas that can be used to manipulate several cases at the same time : DOG, POOL, DEATH, PAYMENT, MOTHER, HOME, KING, FIRE, HAIR OR FAT OR TOOTH, and so on.

In the case of low-audience local LIVE programs, you'll have probably a small number of survivors watching or listening to the program, perhaps only ten survivors, for instance. So their characters can direct their sentences to individual cases taking turns among survivors.

Considering the speed of their language and their activated crystals , this is not difficult for them. It only requires a little training.

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Another way THEY may use sometimes to subliminally induce your brain to forget about the true nature of reality is forging conflicts among themselves. THEY want you to believe they are not linked to each other and act independently, that some of them are neutrals, don't have crystals and don't read your mind.

For example, let's say you're doing your shopping in your local supermarket. So you're pushing your shopping cart when a woman by the cash register near you starts yelling to the cashier apparently complaining about something in a very high tone and cursing all the market staff including the manager.

Well, once it is happening around you, you may consider it to be fake. It was produced because of you, it was there for you to see. It is an invented conflict just to reinforce their description of reality concerning the pretended naturalness technique. Do never forget : your perception field is blocked. They are all pretending around you.

So you must mentalize : "INVENTED CONFLICT IN THE STAGE WORLD". To reinforce, you may add "PRETENDED NATURALNESS" and "IMAGES CIRCUS". And if you feel somehow identified with the situation, you may still add : "CRITERION FISHING", "COMPLAINT FISHING" and "FALSE DICHOTOMY".

Another way of pretending naturalness is creating a diversion to deviate the focus of your attention and again make your brain forget about the true nature of reality. THEY want you to believe that there are no characters at all, that their characters are just "real" people really believing in the values of the STAGE WORLD and having "problems" and "misfortunes" here and there.

Sometimes THEY concentrate the occurrence of this "natural misfortune" archetype in a short period of time so that your brain may be induced to start doubting the reality presented in the section Introduction and start believing in the so-called naturalness of events happening around you or referred to as happening somewhere.

Example :

Let's say that you live in a city in Montana, USA. You're at work. A colleague of yours receives an alleged "natural" call from her husband in the cell phone. She answers it and in the middle of the conversation you hear she saying : "The carpenter is at home but he has just arrived. He is very late. I've scheduled for him to be there at 8,30. But the painter has arrived punctually.". Then you look at your watch and it's 11,00 a.m..

These days you've been thinking of the pretended naturalness technique. So now they exaggerate its proportion and concentrate similar archetypes (alleged misfortunes, in this case) in a short period of time, in order to clone your thoughts.

Thus, some time later another workmate says : "My cousin's car was robbed. He lives in your neighborhood", he says pointing at you. "And the week before someone robbed his wife's car. They don't have a garage and it is a problem. They have to leave the cars outdoors. At least they had made an insurance. Now they'll have to convince the insurance company about the veracity of the facts".

At night, you go have a dinner in your parent's house in another town a few miles away. They live in an apartment. Your mother says : "You know, I can't stand anymore the noise the neighbors have been doing every morning at 7,00 a.m. for about a month now. There are workers there making a fussy noise of hammering, of fixing things.".

Let's say you go to your parent's house frequently but you never see these workers or hear this noise, because you never go there at 7 o'clock in the morning !

A few minutes later, your father adds : "Your uncle is thinking of moving away, he is having problems with termites infesting his house. It's the second time it happens.".

Realize that all these four alleged "happenings" have come to your knowledge in the same day. THEY are manipulating your perception field and associating for your brain the idea of "naturalness" with the idea of "misfortune".

THEY are manipulating a false premise ("our misfortunes are natural") and planting subliminally in your brain the seed of "naturalness". THEY want you to believe in the occurrence of these things as being natural in the STAGE WORLD in order to keep you mesmerized believing in the Matrix, so that they can set a trap to take energy from you the time THEY make something similar occurring to you.

You really have no means of knowing if these things have happened in the STAGE WORLD or if THEY are just inventing everything. You didn't see yourself none of these things actually happening in front of you.

Never mind. The fact is that THEY are characters and THEY manipulate descriptions of reality all the time. So you must mentalize : "PRETENDED NATURALNESS" and "INVENTED MISFORTUNE", because you didn't see anything happening to them.

Sometimes THEY really produce deliberate "misfortunes" just to compose their characters. THEIR characters have guidelines, and this encompasses particular behaviors, purposed mistakes, and deliberate "misfortunes" in the STAGE WORLD as well. It is very likely that in the cases showed above nothing really has happened, because of the artificial concentration of the same archetype in one only day.

And if some "misfortune" really occurs to you in the STAGE WORLD, you must know that it's just THEM creating reality for you. So don't believe in the supposed naturalness of the event, because it's not natural : it's artificial. (for futher details take a look at the section "SABOTAGING YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE").

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THE "HURRICANE IS NOT OVER" TECHNIQUE - Denying the passage of the hurricane through your city years ago

NEW - Updated on April 26 th, 2000.

Along with the techniques explained above, THEY will probably try to inculcate in your mind the ingenious idea that nothing has really changed since the hurricane passed through your city years ago. Indeed, they will deny the very existence of the hurricane.

THEY will try to describe the reality of the world around you as being similar to the pre-hurricane reality, perhaps adding a cover-up rational explanation to subliminally cheat your brain.

THEY will present this reality as an ongoing WAR between YOUR SIDE (i.e. THEIRS) and THE OTHER SIDE, a continuing WAR taking place in the BACKSTAGE, like in the old times. Lots of neutral people all around you, alligators here and there, the OTHER SIDE's dogs potentially available to "assault" you next corner and so on.

THEY will deny the probable existence of stunts in your family or workplace. Some of their characters will pose as neutrals, and some will pose as genuine foreigners or genuine pre-hurricane veterans from YOUR SIDE. After all, your brain needs to have something to believe in.

Well, all this crap is a LIE : nowadays THEY represent over 95 % of the total Earth population (including stunt characters in this number as part of the population). YOU KNOW IT. But THEY repeat their description of reality so many times that your brain is induced to believe in it, at least for a while.

This false reality that THEY try to inculcate in your brain you may call the "TIGHT SHOE REALITY". It's a description of reality that doesn't correspond to the truth. As long as you believe that "the Matrix is real", your perception will therefore be anchored in the veracity of this "TIGHT SHOE REALITY".

For those of you who like sci-fi movies, remember Fox Mulder and the X-Files motto :

"The truth is out there".
Out there of what ? Of the STAGE WORLD, of the Matrix reality, of Carlos Castaneda's tonal world. That's the BACKSTAGE. That's the activated crystals. That's where THEY live. That's where 95% of the STAGE WORLD's population are.

In another level of perception, you may add : "the truth is out there" : out of your linguistic and synchronicity prison. Inside this prison you'll find nothing but lies and illusions.

Never forget these facts. Read again the Introduction section over and over. If you have bought those videos ("The Matrix" and "The Truman Show"), watch daily small parts of them at home, as much as you need. Your brain may need it in the beginning of the freeing process.

And don't let them cheat your brain with a false reality that no longer exists.

The COLD WAR in the BACKSTAGE between YOUR SIDE (THEM) and THE OTHER SIDE is over ! YOUR SIDE (THEY) has (have) won. The HURRICANE is over, at least in your area, city or town, as well as in 95% of the STAGE WORLD, including virtually all the key areas in terms of power. YOU KNOW IT. YOU REMEMBER IT.

In order to stay alert, you must recollect the images of that time you still have in your memory. Try to remember the historical moments of the WAR around you during the hurricane. I suggest you write down the main facts. Write down names, dates, what happened in each moment,etc.. You can even MAP the characters around you, categorizing them according to what they are today and what they were before the hurricane. Your brain may need these memories, and if you write down at least some memokeys it will help a lot.

You may recollect (and write down) meaningful details such as :

Another idea is to watch (and record) some specific programs on TV about the history of the last decades in the STAGE WORLD (up to 1993 or up to the year of the hurricane in your city), showing auras of neutral people all around, as well as auras of pre-hurricane veterans or foreigners. You must concentrate on the difference between the former (neutrals) and the latter ones. And if you start losing energy because of keywords, you can use the MUTE button of the remote control.

The following channels have regular programs on recent history :

If you have the time, you can even go to a library in your city (a public one or a newspaper library) and make a comprehensive research on recent decades, pre-hurricane pictures.

Use your imagination. Other option would be to look for pictures of your relatives or friends before the hurricane. Compare the auras.

[ NOTE FROM WEBMASTER : To help you recollecting the 'hurricane' period, I'm collecting pictures of 'neutral' people that will be posted in the page history.htm. The goal of this gallery of pictures is to remind your brain about the difference between a 'neutral' aura and the auras of YOUR SIDE that you see every day everywhere. There is already a sample with some pictures showing a vast majority of neutral people in certain places and times. Take a look and compare their auras with the ones you see nowadays around you.]

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Well, another way of denying the truth is using desperate descriptions of reality as a last resort to cheat your brain at least for a while, by manipulating your memory.

One of the most ingenious desperate deliriums of all is describing the auras you see all around you as "sedimented auras" of neutral people, except for a few ones that belong to YOUR SIDE, of course, like in the old times, before the hurricane.

If you touch the key point trying to dismantle the "tight reality" inducement, saying to SOMEONE that everybody around you is in YOUR SIDE, and has their crystals activated, then this SOMEONE may say to you something like :

"It's just your impression. You're not the only one to commit this misjudgement. All these people are NOT from OUR side, let alone have activated crystals. This would be very good, but it's not the truth. The truth is that these people have 'sedimented auras' that result from our subliminal positive transmissions".

Ask yourself : do you believe in this crap ? Well, this SOMEONE is manipulating your memory. For some of you it may be something hard to believe, but that's the raw and naked truth. Ask your beloved one inside your heart.

You know that this SOMEONE would never harm you, because he/she is the one who is helping you spiritualize yourself. So there must be a good reason for him/her to do this to you. Ask yourself. Maybe the reason is that he/she is inviting you to spiritualize yourself deconstructing the lie.

So now you may deconstruct this description of reality, because it's a delirium that doesn't correspond to the truth. This type of delirium is also part of the very Matrix-like brainwashing system that keeps your brain mesmerized like a puppet. YOU KNOW.

You must exercise your memory. I suggest you first re-read carefully the previous section "Remembering the hurricane", and then ask yourself :

YOU KNOW there are no "sedimented auras". You remember the hurricane. You have witnessed rapid auric change all around you during the hurricane. YOU KNOW that all these people - representing over 95% of the STAGE WORLD population - have their activated crystals. THEY are all pretending. THEY are all characters.

If you still have any doubt about this, reread the section Introduction, watch again "The Matrix" and "The Truman Show", and use your sixth sense. Remember all the speculation. All the artificial synchronicity with your thoughts. The circus images in the news. Write it down. MAP it.

"You have no time for fear, doubt or disbelief".
(Morpheus to Neo, in "The Matrix")

NEW! - Added on April 27 th, 2000

Depending on your case, SOMEONE may pass you an exercise that he/she will probably call "the 'Where is Wally ?' exercise", in an allusion to that comics puzzle where you have to find the character 'Wally' amidst a confusion of situations, drawings and toons.

In an usually weekly basis, survivors are asked to write down, type or e-mail a report about the exercise, called "the Wally report".

Although the official goal of the exercise is good and valid - to develop your perception regarding the recognition of a certain type of energy emitted by foreign auras around you in the streets -, its timing is wrong, because YOU KNOW there is no longer a WAR against THE OTHER SIDE, and therefore there aren't military missions for you anymore, neither in the BACKSTAGE nor in the STAGE reality as a character. Well, at least not in this STAGE WORLD. Perhaps some day in the future in another STAGE world, but not in this one anymore...

By doing this kind of exercise and reporting it afterwards, your brain subliminally accepts for a while the "tight shoe" reality as true. The exercise reinforces the description of the reality around you for your brain as being this "tight shoe" reality, which is false. YOU KNOW IT IS FALSE.

So this is also part of the whole scheme of denying the truth. Be aware of this.

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All these techniques showed above and others you may realize to be present in your life may raise a question in your mind : whether to leave or not leave the "source".

But who am I to tell you what to do or not to do with your life. I'm nobody. You have to listen to your heart, to your beloved one "here inside".

Notice that most probably there have been and there are two forces manipulating your brain since the beginning of your linguistic prison : to one side you have a totally delirious and false force, represented by THEM (that is, the persons around you in your routine : workmates, relatives, friends, classmates, neighbors, people in the gym, passers-by, etc.); to the other side you have a force that is partially true and partially false, that you may call simply "the source" or "the root".

This "source" knows you very very well. It is false when it uses second-meaning keywords or artificial synchronicity to brainwash you. It is false when it denies the very occurrence of the hurricane around you years ago, inducing you to believe in the "tight shoe" reality. It is false when it dochotomizes the reality of the STAGE WORLD in terms of 'right' or 'wrong'. And it is false when it labels the voice of your beloved one inside your heart as being an "illusion" or just "imagination" of yours. It is truly your friend all the rest of the time.

You have to use your sixth sense to decide what to do or not to do (leaving or not leaving the "source"), as well as to choose the right timing and the wisest way to do it (if you decide to leave the "source"). If you're a PAN, use also your PAN side.

"I can only show you the door. You have to walk through it."
(Morpheus to Neo, in the movie "The Matrix")

Realize that the only 100% true reality you have for sure nowadays is that who comes from the voice(s) you hear in your heart. You have to TRUST the voice of your beloved one, because this voice is telling you the truth.

None of these forces is your school or teacher, as THEY like to call. The only school or teacher you really have is (are) the voice(s) of your heart.

So if you choose to leave "the source", perhaps your greatest challenge after leaving it will be not returning to the source and at the same time not following THEM and THEIR sick words and keywords (unless of course you want to do something and will do it because you want, not because THEY are telling you to do).

Thus, your greatest challenge would be in one side not getting caught in the "tight reality" inducement originally created by the "source", and in the other side simultaneously deconstructing the illusions perpetrated by THEM over you and your brain.

You'd have to find or invent a middle path between these two forces, separating those ideas emitted by the "source" that correspond to the truth from those corresponding to an illusion. Trust in the voice of your beloved one inside your heart. Good things may happen.

NEW! - Added on May 2nd, 2000.

Another piece of this "tight reality" delirium THEY create to cheat your brain (denying the occurrence of the hurricane years ago in your city) is a technique used to corroborate everything, simulating the presence of the OTHER SIDE and of military movements typical of the WAR.

This may be done using second-meaning keywords, invented little stories, forged news in the STAGE WORLD, forged conflicts between THEIR characters, or practical procedures adopted by them.

Let's take a look at some practical examples, and you'll see what I'm talking about :

Well, all these sentences above are false if you consider the sick second-meaning of the words. Remember : THE WAR IS OVER, at least in your area and also in more than 95% of the STAGE WORLD.

The sentences mean exactly what they say, in the first and only meaning of the words : if someone is called "Johnny Bear", for instance, that's just it, the name of the guy, and nothing else ! There are no alligators of the OTHER SIDE anymore in your area ! You won't see them anymore (not in this STAGE WORLD) ! It's over !

This kind of news is false. It's a circus. These facts are created and produced just like in the motion picture industry : if someones "dies" devoured by lions for instance, it wasn't real, it was a stunt. YOU KNOW. THEIR characters create, produce and manipulate acts and facts in the STAGE WORLD just to transform these "facts" into alleged "news" stuffed with keywords that will then be used to brainwash survivors' minds !

I suggest that whenever you hear one of these sick speculations around you, or whenever you start losing energy because of "news" like these, you mentalize the archetypes : "INVENTED OPPOSITION" and "THE HURRICANE HAS ALREADY PASSED". To reinforce you may add : "FEAR FISHING". And if it was through the news, you may still add : "LINGUISTIC NEWS IN THE STAGE WORLD".

Besides the type of example showed above, there are also more elaborated speculations as we'll see now.

Advanced Example #1 :

You're moving into a new apartment. Just a few days after your move, you're introduced to the landlord, who indoctrinates you about an alleged conflict between him and the neighbor next door to yours. He portrays this person (a woman) like the evil witch of the forest.

He is saying subliminally to your brain something like : "She is bad, she is evil, so she must belong to the OTHER SIDE. Be afraid of her.".

She is described as a dangerous figure. And he is suing her, as he says, "for constant violations of the internal rules of the building".

The same day, someone in your workplace says "casually" : "It is not allowed to have dogs in my building".

This same night, you dream about being attacked by a furious dobermann.

Two days after that, you "providentially" witness a discussion at the entrance of the building : that very woman is engaging in a noisy wrangle with another neighbor who lives the same floor to both of you.

A few more days and you meet her (she, the "monster", the "bogeywoman") in the elevator. She gives you a polite but arid "Good morning" and you just reply the same automatically.

So ? THEY are trying to sell you an idea about that woman that simply doesn't correspond to the truth : she is not a dog (or in this case a bitch) from the OTHER SIDE, let alone an alligator. YOU KNOW. And THEY KNOW YOU KNOW that the hurricane is over in your area for many years now, but THEY manipulate your brain anyway. THEY try to cheat your brain, creating and feeding for your brain a carefully calculated image of her, so as THEY can use this image as an additional lever or instrument to perpetuate their control over your mind.

THEY want you to fear this woman. They want you to feel intimidated every time you see her, or hear a reference to her person. THEY are transforming her figure into a new symbolic archetype to be used in the speculation over your brain.

This is part of the very process of creation and description of reality they have been using to brainwash you over the years from the beginning of your linguistic prison to the present time.

Every time you notice the creation of a new archetype for you brain, I suggest you mentalize : "CREATION OF ARCHETYPE".

And, in this case, you may add : "INVENTED DOG (or BITCH)", "THE HURRICANE IS OVER" (or "THE WAR IS OVER"), and "INVENTED OPPOSITION".

Advanced Example #2 :

NEW! - Added on May 3 rd, 2000.

Let's say your living-room needs a painting and so there you go to make the arrangements. The painter you call has been labeled by THEM as a former alligator from the OTHER SIDE, converted to YOUR SIDE after the hurricane. They have synchronized the association of expressions like "white soul black" and "white shark" to the image of this man inside your head (i.e. to your thoughts about him and the painting).

Then when the painting begins, the man has an erratic behavior, full of comings and goings, something very typical of the hurricane period. YOU REMEMBER. The man divides the service into three parts. The first day, he comes accompanied by his assistant, a young man. The second day, he comes with his son, a teen boy. The third day, he comes alone.

In the first day, soon after they arrived, he leaves your house "to have a quick sandwich at the snack bar next corner" (although you have offered him some food). But his assistant stays : he says he "is not hungry".

In the second day, his cell phone rings frenetically every time you go there to take a look at the painting, and sometimes there is apparently nobody in the other side of the line, as he keeps on repeating "Hello, hello, hello" over and over.

In the third day, after the end of the service, he asks you to leave the rest of the materials in your garage next to your car so that the next day he can return there and take the materials to a nearby house where he allegedly has already scheduled another painting.

Do you realize how perfect and thorough is the system of convincing your brain about practically anything they want ? THEY first create an elaborate and artificial description of reality for your brain, and then THEY keep reinforcing this false description subliminally to your brain a dozen times, till your brain finally start believing in it !

That's the very essence of the speculation, the very nature of the brainwashing you must deconstruct. You know that that character is NOT an alligator from the other side. You know there is really no difference if he comes alone, accompanied by one person or by the other. You know all these movements don't mean anything at all. Not anymore.

They are just trying to imitate the old military movements of the WAR, to cheat your brain and maintain yourself mesmerized and imprisioned into their distorted description of reality, their frozen-in-time delirious reality, their sickly "tight reality", so to speak.

I suggest that whenever you perceive this practice, you mentalize "TIGHT REALITY INDUCEMENT" (or "TIGHT REALITY DELIRIUM"), "INVENTED OPPOSITION", "THE WAR IS OVER" and "INVENTED ALLIGATOR" (or "INVENTED LIZARD").

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NEW! - Added on April 29 th, 2000.

Well, as a consequence of seeing all this illusion created to deny the very occurrence of the hurricane years ago in your city or area, you may feel a little disappointed with the raw and naked truth. Your brain may need a time to get used to the truth.

"Welcome to the desert of the real."
(Morpheus to Neo, in the movie "The Matrix")

Oh, but THEY don't wait. THEY will try to speculate with their delirious keywords over this sensation too. So you may need to reinforce your mental defenses creating new archetypes and arranging your ideas clearly in order to face THEIR distortions.

As Carlos Castaneda would say, you must avoid letting your assemblage point moving down, in order not to lose energy.

Here are some concepts and ideas that may help you in this process : (you may add your own ideas, perhaps writing them down and categorizing everything).

Finally, always keep in mind : time doesn't exist.

NEW! - Added on June 11 th, 2000

Sometimes they may use a derived approach to subliminally deny the occurrence of the hurricane years ago in your city and also in (almost all) the rest of the Stage World. In this variation they also deny the proximity of the 'GLOBAL D-DAY' in the Stage World.

Take a look at some examples :

In both cases, they want your brain to forget that the 'GLOBAL D-DAY' is near. They want to induce you to believe that you have a whole lifetime ahead in your present condition as a survivor in the Stage World, before the arrival of the 'GLOBAL D-DAY'.

They want to take energy from you. They are saying subliminally to your brain : "What are you waiting for, to live your 'life' in the Matrix like everybody else ? Come on. Let's dance together. Be a character like us". That's a subliminal variation of the Come-and-have-fun approach that you've seen before in the section "There is no payment".

What they won't say is that they are all characters, they are all pretending, they all have their masks, their activated crystals, whereas you're not a character. Do you have a mask ? Where is your activated crystal ? Your script ? The film director ? Do they recognize you as a character ? Do you talk to them about it ? Do you have the complicity of their characters in the Stage World ? Do you combine actions with them, either in the Backstage or through an online network of crystals ? Do you speak their language ?

In the specific examples given above, your brain may also be hit by mathematical similarities that bring along illusory praises embedded in the ideas. Let's dissect it thoroughly.

In the first case, you're not writing a book, but you're somehow organizing lists of keywords and filing their speculation in separated categories of texts or notes. Perhaps you're making your own homepage about this subject. In any case, you are writing a large text that may have the size of a book. That's a mathematical similarity.

So you first deconstruct the delirious praise : you're not a mastermind, nor a Nobel prize writer or something like that. You're just and only you. Mentalize : "SHE IS A MASTERMIND, CLAPS FOR HER" and "ASSOCIATED PRAISE". You may add : "MATHEMATICAL SIMILARITY".

Then you must add to your visualization : "DENYING THE PROXIMITY OF THE GLOBAL D-DAY". They're subliminally comparing the content of your texts to a projected future in the year 2053, like if there were lots of neutrals living in the Matrix nowadays, like if the Backstage reality wouldn't merge with the Stage World until 2053.

In other words, they are saying you're talking about very "advanced" issues that will be officially disclosed only after several decades from now. That's a lie. Nobody really knows exactly when the 'GLOBAL D-DAY' will be decreed, but YOU KNOW we're on the threshold of big changes in the reality of the Stage World. You can feel it. Do you think building homepages about these subjects would have been possible just five years ago, during the peak of the hurricane in many countries ? You know it wouldn't.

"There is something wrong with the world".
(Morpheus to Neo, in "The Matrix")

All these linguistic news, all these artificial flavored performances, all this circus, do you think this is "normal" ? Ask yourself.

In the second example, they also try to hit your brain with an intended mathematical similarity : the expression "a man ahead of his time". Well, you know it's a distortion : if they're saying that you are ahead of the official reality of the Matrix, because of your "advanced" ideas and discoveries, what about themselves ?

They are light-years ahead of the Stage World official reality. Never forget : they all have access to the Backstage. They all have their crystals activated, have had their helicopter trips and so on.

Again you must deconstruct the embedded delirious praises : "inventor", "mathematician", "great painter", etc..

And again they are denying the proximity of the 'GLOBAL D-DAY' saying subliminally to your brain : "You're just like Leonardo da Vinci, you're a person ahead of your time, the truths behind your discoveries won't be disclosed in the near future. You'll have to wait much much time, perhaps 'centuries' !".

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NEW! - Added on June 11 th, 2000

Another technique THEY may use to deny the truth is a more audacious and ingenious maneuver, carefully orchestrated to deceive your brain and push you to the other extreme of reality. THEY simply change the elements in order to convince your brain that you're not only a Truman in the present time, but also you always have been just like Truman Burbank since the moment you were physically born in the Stage World !

Example :

You're at a family meeting with lots of people. Someone close to you picks up an old family album from the bookcase and starts browsing it in front of you. The person says :

"Hey, look at your parents in their wedding. How young they were !"

And when you look up the pictures in the album, you become petrified by what you see : in each one of the pictures of the wedding album, everybody has their auras from OUR SIDE. I mean really everybody : your parents, your relatives, uncles and aunts, cousins and cousines, grandpas and grandmas, the friends of your parents, even the priest. In other words, according to that album, since the day you were physically born in the Stage World everybody in your family was already from OUR SIDE.

So your brain is caught in a whirl of delirious fantasies about your condition as a Truman, and/or as a PAN, and you start doubting your own sanity. Perhaps the Matrix reality has never existed, you think for a moment, or perhaps the world where you live is only a computer-generated, Indian Reservation-like environment in one of the FOREIGNERS' places of origin. Then you start thinking to yourself : "How do you know that Japan exists ? Have you gone there ? Even if you had, did you go on foot ? Or would it be just another 'Reservation' ?".

Watch out ! This time THEY are pushing your brain to the other extreme of the reality spectrum. Instead of denying all the transformation generated by the hurricane a few years ago in their condition (in the majority of the cases, changing from a neutral state to the one of a member of YOUR SIDE), THEY simply push the occurrence of the hurricane toward the past, from the nineties to a time before your physical birth.

They are subliminally saying to your brain that you're not a survivor of the hurricane, because you were born after the hurricane. They are saying you're literally like Truman Burbank.

Again I must repeat that motto from the movie 'The Matrix' :

"You have no time for fear, DOUBT or DISBELIEF"
(Morpheus to Neo)

In this case, you have no other option than exercising your memory. YOU KNOW you were born in an almost totally neutral environment, and that the majority of your relatives (including your parents) were neutral persons before the hurricane.

YOU KNOW THOSE PICTURES IN THE ALBUM WERE MANIPULATED. YOU KNOW they've artificially inserted those auras in the pictures in order to deceive your brain. Remember : this is a 'piece of cake' for them. They can forge, fake, imitate, distort, or clone everything you can imagine (everything but true love). For some of them, it's so easy that they do not need the help of an Operation Center to do that, they do it mentally with their activated crystals.

Well, Stalin have consistently made this to change the 'official History' in Russia for many years, altering pictures or the content of many entries in the encyclopedias. That's a stalinist technique. For the purposes of this text, you may consider that "Trumanizing Your Past" is a particular variation of the "Stalinism technique - Changing the description of the past".

And always remember : the hurricane existed ! There was a hurricane ! There was a WAR against the OTHER SIDE ! Exercise your memory. Remember their auras when you were a child. Remember other pictures that you have seen prior to these ones. Remember the dark auras of the OTHER SIDE, including their dogs and alligators. Reread the section " Remembering the hurricane " above.

Don't let THEM play with your memory. Mentalize : "DENYING THE TRUTH" and "TRUMANIZING YOUR PAST". To reinforce, add : "REMEMBERING THE HURRICANE". In this example, you may also add : "FORGED PICTURES IN THE STAGE WORLD".

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