The teen-rooted 'vampirism'

Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction


(Updated on October 14th, 2000)

This chapter is directed to the vampirism of older male vampires towards teen girls. Due to the fact that girls mature earlier than boys and that neutral girls in general used to date older boys and vice-versa, the teen-rooted vampirism is almost exclusively a male phenomenon. However, it is not impossible to find the opposite case : the vampirism of older female vampires towards teen boys. If this is your case, just replace the words 'girl' by 'boy', 'man' by 'woman', 'he' by 'she', etc., in the text below.

(Added on September 17th, 2000)

Since the last decades of the nineteenth century and during the first decades of the twentieth century, foreigners from BOTH SIDES started infiltrating themselves in the Stage World, carefully placing certain ideas among neutral people and influencing society values in such a way that they could later speculate over linguistic prisoners' brains using the "going back home" idea.

In a parallel maneuver, THEY introduced their sick second-meaning "vocabulary", placing some of their characters in positions of fame and exposure in terms of media, so as these characters could use these same keywords to speculate over linguistic prisoners' minds.

They have assumed that nobody could survive indefinitely this speculation, so that soon or later this prisoner would either pass through the "auric death" phenomenon (and then make a choice between one of the two sides) or activate pacifically his/her crystal, through meditation, the assimilation of false dichotomies and normally the use of antagonistic elements involving lizards or dogs from the OTHER SIDE.

They couldn't predict, however, that the hurricane would assume the proportion that it assumed, in global scale. Things have changed a lot after the hurricane. Things have became more "artificial flavored" since then. And you have now an entire generation of thirty-some PANS, survivors of the hurricane, who in great majority won't die, aurically speaking, resisting alive and well till the arrival of the GLOBAL D-DAY.

So depending on your case, THEY have first blocked some of your chakras deliberately when you were a child and/or an adolescent (OUR SIDE), or have abused you as horses (OTHER SIDE). Then your life continues till many years later you get caught into THEIR linguistic prison, which includes the "going back home" disease as one of its capital points. And to "motivate" you a little more, their doubletalk creates vampirism...

The "going back home" idea means that you are induced to do now what THEY have deliberately impeded you from doing in the past. Well, this sounds very cruel and because of that you can lose energy. The point is : if you were an ordinary person, it would really have been very cruel. But you're not. If you have had your chakras blocked, it means that you're a PAN, and that you have functioned as a hurricane catalyzer.

The idea of blocking chakras to catapult spiritual evolution is not new. One who had some of his chakras blocked during his childhood and/or adolescence is compelled by his own heart to go further in the path of knowledge. This is an esoteric truth that has been applied over the centuries by more spiritualized forces (a.k.a. "masters") on their pupils (a.k.a. "disciples").

[ COMMENTS FROM WEBMASTER 'ZERO LEFT' : Observe that Plato - the greek philosopher - mentioned this subject more than two thousand years ago within his text "Allegory of the Cave", item "#519a-e" :

(...) "But what if there had been a circumcision of such natures in the days of their youth; and they had been severed from those sensual pleasures (...)" ]

So nothing would be more fair and just than THEY now arrange for your chakras to be unblocked. Remember : THEY are not sadistic monsters.

In the case of this teen-rooted vampirism, society values were purposely manipulated by the OTHER SIDE. In the beginning of the twentieth century, our grandmas used to get married at the age of 14 or 15, and this was considered to be very natural. During the first decades of the twentieth century, however, the OTHER SIDE induced dichotomies over neutral minds regarding this subject (among many other issues).

Some of their characters in position of authority in the Stage World have consistently described reality for neutrals minds, associating the relationship between an adolescent (under 18) and an adult (over 18) with the idea of "taboo", "prohibition", "wrongdoing", "sin", etc..

Lewis Carroll, who in 1865 wrote "Alice in Wonderland" was later on labeled a "pedophile" in an attempt to disqualify his work. Notice that he was also a mathematician and that "Alice in Wonderland" is one of the sources for the screenplay of the movie "The Matrix". And Vladimir Nabokov, who in 1955 wrote "Lolita" was execrated and had his book censored in many countries.

"Curiously" many movies that deal with the question of manipulated realities approach this subject, generally in distorted ways. In "X Files - The Movie", you have a writer passing classified information to Fox Mulder who was accused by the FBI of promoting pedophilia in the Internet. Realize that the archetype of "writer" coincides with anyone trying to free his or herself from this linguistic prison, once you can't leave this prison without writing your notes and dissecting their speculation.

In "Devil's Advocate", the character played by Keanu Reeves (who "coincidentally" made "The Matrix" afterwards), manipulated by his father - the Devil, worked as a defender for a math teacher accused of having raped and killed several little girls.

Notice that the archetype of "mathematician" (or "math teacher") is a synonym for keyword "hacker", meaning a survivor who has freed him/herself from their linguistic brainwashing...

Remember that THEY use to distort everything and to invert values. So the same way THEY call a "terrorist" or "cuban" a survivor who is determined to free him/herself from their linguistic brainwashing, the same way THEY call a "naked person" someone who is sincere and does not use a hypocritical mask in the Stage World like their characters, THEY also call a "pedophile" or a "sexual perverted" a survivor who has his/her vampirism directed towards teens.

It would be like calling an ordinary runner a "fugitive", or a typical urologist a "gay", or an average salesman a "drug dealer", or an astronomer a "voyeur", or an ally "an accomplice", or yet considering a foreign Intervention of OUR SIDE as "the second coming of the Messiah" or else as "an evil threat to the fate of mankind". Notice that they always presume the evil or illusions connected to the so-called "ego".

One who has dichotomies in his or her mind generally tends to describe reality using his or her own parameters, patterns and values. It's like the old Indians calling an airplane "an eagle", or calling a man with a lighter "a magician". It's something beyond their understanding.

However, you must never forget that in this post-hurricane period, THEY are all pretending around you, THEY are all characters just like in the movie "The Truman Show" and the majority of them don't really believe in the dichotomies they pretend to believe.

So if you have this type of vampirism, don't worry. Vampirism is NOT a desire, nor a sexual orientation. It's just and only an illusion based on mathematical similarities and years of doubletalk and thought control. THEY manipulate passions from your past, as well as traumas generated by horse movements perpetrated by the OTHER SIDE (which by the way are also based on the association of ideas and artificial synchronicity).

Everything is counterfeit nowadays. Everyone of their characters has their crystals activated, and obviously this includes teen girls, the very ones that produce vampirism for your brain. It means that every one of them has access to the Backstage reality, has travelled in THEIR helicopters, speaks the language of the foreigners, and so on.

(Updated on October 14 th, 2000)

Life is so simple. You can do whatever you want to do in the Stage World, since you do it with Love. The most difficult part is believing that you can do it, is convincing your brain that you're really the only owner and master of your destiny, and that what your beloved one is telling you inside your heart is only the raw and naked truth, even when it sounds "illogical" or unbelievable.

Remember : foreigners are not governed by the laws of the Stage World. Foreigners are not governed by Judeo-Christian concepts, either. They do not think in terms of dichotomies. Your beloved one is a foreigner. So now you must abandon what your brain has been told since the day you were physically born in the Stage World. Forget about what you have learned. Erase it from your memory. Let it all go.

You don't have time to be "rational" anymore. Forget Stage World concepts and deconstruct false dichotomies. You have the power to change your life, if you want, with your will, and your thoughts, and most of all with your heart.

Don't trust your brain, because it is vulnerable to THEIR brainwashing and THEIR mathematical Nazism. Trust yourself. Trust your heart.

Rene Descartes, French thinker and mathematician, used to say many centuries ago :

"I think, therefore I am"

Well, it's time to get real. For a survivor of the hurricane, for a linguistic prisoner, the correct sentence in this case would be :

"I think, therefore I am ... a puppet, a slave, a remote-controlled toy car, a rat in a maze, etc."

Realize that you don't have time to think at all in this zoo, in this circus, in this reality prison, in this 'Matrix'. Just abandon your brain. Whenever it's necessary, visualize you're putting a brain (yours) in the trashcan. If you prefer, replace a brain by an open walnut (which looks like a brain) or instead use the image of those Martian characters in the movie "Mars attacks" (with their huge, big-brain heads). Put them in the trashcan, too. And a corresponding archetype to mentalize would be : "BRAIN IN THE GARBAGE".

Now you're going to have to transcend Descartes and his rationalism. Now you can say :

"I love, therefore I can."

Now before we proceed to the practical examples, take a look first at these additional passages from the book "Journey to Ixtlan", by Carlos Castaneda, chapter "Not-Doing".

"(...) (don Juan speaking to Castaneda)
Now, in order to stop the world, you must stop doing.
(...) Not-doing is only for very strong warriors.
(...) The most difficult part about the warrior's way is to realize that the world is a feeling. When one is not-doing, one is feeling the world, and one feels the world through its lines.
(...) Not-doing is very simple but very difficult.

(...) Look at the shadow of that boulder. The shadow is the boulder, and yet it isn't. To observe the boulder in order to know what the boulder is, is doing, but to observe its shadows is not-doing.
Shadows are like doors, the doors of not-doing. A man of knowledge, for example, can tell the innermost feelings of men by watching their shadows."
(Castaneda) "But how could feelings come out of shadows, don Juan ?"
(don Juan) "To believe that shadows are just shadows is doing. That belief is somehow stupid. Think about it this way : there is so much more to everything in the world that obviously there must be more to shadows too. After all, what makes them shadows is merely our doing".

For the purposes of this text, thinking about what they want you to think through THEIR speculation, dichotomizing reality and believing in the existence of an "ego" is doing; and mentalizing your archetypes to label and classify THEIR speculation is not-doing. In other words, being illuded by their "shadows" is doing and seeing its illusion is not-doing. Notice that "shadows" here is simply the second-meaning of their sick keywords.

[COMMENTS FROM WEBMASTER 'ZERO LEFT' : It is also interesting to observe that Plato - the greek philosopher - has also used the word "shadows" to refer to this linguistic prison, in his text "Allegory of the Cave".]

And finally, considering what THEY say about your life through their doubletalk as being true is doing; and believing that what your beloved one says to you inside your heart is the only raw and naked truth, and trusting in his or her voice is not-doing.

Now in order to deconstruct these impediments in your brain, you must use all your strength and stop doing. So in this case of teen-rooted vampirism, if your beloved one is present in your routine using a shell that is capable of reducing and/or eliminating your vampirism, what you must do is to believe in her voice within your heart, blindly if necessary, and disconsider THEIRS. What she says inside your heart - whatever it is - is going to happen. Do never forget : as a foreigner, your eternal wife does not use the Stage World logic.

Let's then dissect the possible alleged "impediments" for this relationship in the Stage World between a thirty-some man and an adolescent girl, that they can try to create in your mind using their sick sentences and/or nightly dreams. So let's take a look now on which types of sentences THEIR characters may use to speculate over your brain.

a) "He is going to take 'advantage' of her 'innocence' "

Here lies an inversion of values. To love is to share, never to "take". Your eternal wife adores you, and you adore her. There is not and there will never be "advantage" in the heart, or in feeling true love. Love is all, and cannot be divided into slices like a pizza. Love has nothing to do with the illusion of sex, and neither with the performances of characters in a stage society.

Your beloved wife is a foreigner. Do you really think someone capable of easily levitating in your bedroom at night and having a so-called "paranormal power" highly developed is going to kind of "emotionally harm" herself by having a relationship with you ? Come on. It's time to wake up.

And even in the case the girl is NOT your beloved one, who would be in reality in the position of 'advantage' and who would be the 'innocent' part here, especially if you're a virgin PAN ? Remember : you're a survivor of the hurricane and she is a teen girl with an activated crystal. She is a character in a Stage World. She is in permanent contact with the Operation Center(s) dealing with your case. She has had access to the Backstage reality, to the advanced technology of foreigners, to their helicopters, to the Holodecks, to automatic transportation, to their Earth-based main satellite, and possibly to the original shapes of the foreigners.

She is also acting together with them like a bee. She is also speculating over your brain using their second-meaning keywords. She also wants you to take your aura to the altar of sacrifices and make your auric payment. She is also a phantom for you. Is that what you want, to have a relationship with a phantom ? Ask yourself.

The word 'advantage' brings the distortion of "ego". There is no "ego" of any sort, kind or type. It's an illusion that comes from the mouth of THEIR characters, and from false dichotomies present in your perception field. Mentalize : "PRESUMED EGO THEORY".

b) "She is only 14, and he is 36."

Well, if she is your eternal wife, it means that she is a foreigner... And if she is a foreigner, it means that she was not born in this Stage World. So after converting the calendars, you may say that in reality she must be at least over 40 or 50 years of age, for example (which means not too much for THEIR patterns). So she is the older part here, and you're the younger. Never mind if her birth certificate in the Stage World shows "14" - it is fake... YOU KNOW.

Mentalize : "SHE IS OLDER THAN YOU".

c) "She is only in grade 8"

Well, being a foreigner, she knows much more than her teachers... (unless one of them is a foreigner too). She could give them lessons on virtually anything, from advanced skills in martial arts to the principles of automatic transportation, from the history of a parallel Earth to the elasticity of the matter, from anti-gravity magnetic fields to human cloning.

In a world of manipulated realities, appearances are deceptive. She has the shell that is necessary to reduce and/or eliminate your vampirism, and you're in love with each other. Always remember : Love is the rule of the Backstage. Their characters in the Stage World always respect this rule, especially in the case of survivors.

They really do not give a penny for what you do with your life. Not one of them. They all operate under the command of the Operation Center(s) dealing with your case. Never forget this.

Realize that you can create reality with your Love, with the pureness of your heart. Well, at least the reality of your life in the Stage World. You only have to believe hard enough. Trust in her voice within your heart. If you're a PAN, use your PAN side. Use your sixth sense.

d) "He can't date her at the entrance of the school"
(variation) : "You can't kiss each other in public"

Well, why not ? Aren't you in love with each other ? Are you concerned about what their characters will think of you ? First of all, if you're a PAN in your thirties, you probably look younger. You're 35, for instance, but you look 25, or 27, for example. And she is 14 but her shell is considered to be "very cute". Her character is interested in older men.

So the maximum you can imagine in terms of reaction from the other people would be a little gossip among the characters of the other girls : "Wow, what a boyfriend she has. I wish I had one like him. Look, he is handsome. And he looks cool".

Their characters usually pretend dichotomies in the Stage World, but at the same time they'll always treat you as a survivor of the hurricane, at least till you have your crystal activated or till the GLOBAL D-DAY comes.

Everything they say is calculated for you to hear. So if one of their characters, which happens to have a "conservative" character guideline (or perhaps that is a genuine stick-in-the-mud), once in a blue moon tries to openly criticize or "question" your relationship with her using the first meaning of the words, then this character is only playing with you. Don't take him/her seriously.

Notice that neutral people had a tendency of externating their own complexes, prejudices and traumas over other people. Nowadays, after the hurricane, some of their characters may follow this pattern as well. So if this person is a stranger for both of you, then you can simply ignore it. And if he/she is someone that one of you knows, then you can either ignore it or just say that you're in love with each other.

e) "Her parents won't approve this."
(generic variation) : "This is happening often nowadays. I'll keep an eye on my daughter."

Well, first of all her parents are also foreigners. In THEIR place(s) of origin, families are not possessive with their sons and daughters. For their culture, all the civilization is a big family and blood ties are not considered. They are all brothers and sisters living in harmony with each other. The only relationship that counts is that of true love between a couple. Do you really think they are "concerned" about their daughter in the Stage World ? You bet they're not.

And their characters always adapt their behaviors to fit the necessities of Love, especially in the case of survivors. After all, the rule of the Backstage is Love. Their characters are governed by this rule.

Realize that they are not sadistic monsters. You were transformed into a hurricane catalyzer. They are responsible for blocking your chakras in the past and for creating your sensation of vampirism through their doubletalk in the present. That's how spiritual evolution occurs, at least for some PANS and also in some other cases.

So as long as you deconstruct dichotomies with Love in your heart, they will never impede you from doing anything in the Stage World. On the contrary, they will provide you with all the necessary elements to reduce and eventually eliminate your vampirism, and this may perfectly include a specific shell that can be used by your beloved foreign wife.

You can also consider that if a certain shell of your beloved wife appears around you in your routine, then it means that that character was previously calculated and approved to possibly date, live together and even marry you in the Stage World.

So you only have to literally follow here that motto so popular in stickers and pins :

"Don't worry. Be happy"

f) "She is not mature enough. She has to grow up first." or
"She is not mature 'for him'."
(variation) : "She is too pampered. He'll have a lot of work."

Well, that's not true. She is a foreigner, and her character is not "pampered" or "spoiled". Realize that her characters are chosen specifically for your case. They are not there "by chance". So if she is using the shell of a young teen girl which is considered to be "very cute", and if she says this shell is going to date you in the Stage World, that means that she is not pampered and that she is mature enough.

Her character will be mature for her age, otherwise she wouldn't be there for you. As a matter of fact, she is veeeery mature for her age. She could improvise an essay of quantum physics, microbiology or about the interpenetration of the bodies in the molecular level, for instance, in the middle of the street, if she wanted so.

g) "A good part of her friends are her age or a little older"
(variation) : "She doesn't combine with you"

The fact that a good part of her friends are her age or a little older is very natural and it is a result of the opportunities her character has within her present routine. And this happens with any other social attributes like race, social class, nationality, job, preferences in the Stage World, the so-called "personality", religion, activities in the Stage World, and so on.

You may mentalize : "AGE VERSUS OPPORTUNITY".

Social groups are formed by the similarity of attributes in the Stage World. By looking for what looks like themselves, people in general enhance dichotomies within their brains and feed the illusion of "ego". And by learning to love what is different from them, they deconstruct their own prejudices, stereotypes, bias, foregone conclusions, divisions of reality, etc., and realize that every human being is unique and has the same importance than any other human being in the entire Universe.

If you believe that true love is found by looking into the similarities of attributes in the Stage World, then you should look for a matrimonial counseling in a specialized company. The computer will find someone that fits perfectly your attributes...

"We share common goals"
[phrase said by the former fiance of Meg Ryan in the movie "I.Q." (mentioned above)]

On the other side, if you believe that all these attributes are just the attributes of characters in a Stage World that can be easily changed whenever necessary; if you believe that the true love in a couple cannot be limited by mathematical similarities between their attributes in the Stage World; if you believe that being in love is something undescribable and unmathematizeable that you can feel just by looking to your partner; if you believe that shells are just modeling clays; if you believe that neither you nor your beloved one are your present identities in the Stage World nor your present shells; then, in this case, you shouldn't visit such a company, 'cause there you won't find your love. Ah, you bet you won't.

And by the way, have you ever bought a bunch of happiness in the grocery ?

h) "He is out of the patterns"

Well, every element that doesn't correspond to the majority of occurrences in a certain area or group can be considered "out of the patterns".

A left-handed individual is "out of the patterns", as well as a man having long hair, or using earrings. Or a person being vegetarian. Or depending on the habits in your region or country, somebody riding a motorcycle. Or someone practicing the so-called extreme sports (e.g. paragliding, surfing, climbing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, skydiving, windsurfing, canoeing, etc.). Or someone obese. Or having a tattoo. Or combining a suit with sneakers, for instance. Or making an appointment with an astrologer. Or a student that is considered a "nerd" because studies too much. Not to mention "very out of the patterns" individuals, like a punk with green hair, piercings and bracelets, for instance.

To sum up everything, you can say that half the humanity is "out of the patterns" one way or another.

On another level of perception, you can also say that any survivor of the hurricane is "out of the patterns". Remember : the "pattern" here would be the masochist premise (suffer to be happy), the "auric payment" and Santa Claus waiting for you with lots of gifts and rewards... Ho-ho-ho ! Are you going to follow this pattern ?

Who defines reality for you ? You or THEM ? Are you cattle ? Are you concerned about what their characters will think of you ? Do you really think they are concerned about what YOU will think of them when they are "out of the patterns" ? Do you really think they care about you in the Stage World ? They don't give a cent for you in the Stage World.

And finally, just being a PAN would be "out of pattern" as well. And also being a foreigner...

So, regarding your vampirism, do you want to be happy, or do you want to follow the "patterns" ? Ask yourself.

i) "What about the comments of your relations ?"

It must be emphasized again : you are the only master and the only owner of your own destiny. Your life and your wife's are not of their business. You owe them no satisfaction whatsoever about your life in the Stage World. You're in love with each other, period.

And now after this hurricane, everyone of them is just a character. They have their crystals activated and they read your mind all the time. The majority of them read your aura as well. They know about the pureness of your heart and of your love, and they respect it very much. They really don't give a cent for what you do in the Stage World, provided that you do it with Love.

j) "He is breaking the law. He is going to be arrested."

Well, THEY are foreigners in a Stage World. They fake identities and birth certificates all the time. They fake documents in general, passports, visas, and credit cards if necessary. They don't have the values of the Stage World and neither the illusion of the so-called "ego".

During the second half of the twentieth century - mainly during and right after the hurricane, over a hundred and fifty million alligators or lizards (and dogs) from the OTHER SIDE have been neutralized - that is, killed - by the agents of OUR SIDE (not only foreigners). These agents may perfectly include some of the characters that live around you in the Stage World, perhaps your neighbors or your relatives, for instance.

Millions and millions of dogs from the OTHER SIDE were cloned after being neutralized and their characters operate today in the Stage World as if nothing has happened.

You were not given any military mission to engage in this War and in these neutralizations because you don't have access to the Backstage yet and neither an activated crystal.

But you were part of the whole War scheme anyway. As a matter of fact, a key part, I would say. Some of your chakras have been blocked not only for spiritual purposes but also for military reasons, and you were transformed into a hurricane catalyzer. Many neutral lives were saved thanks to this fact.

Do you see how ridiculous they can be sometimes ? The sentence says what it says : he is breaking the law, not you. He must be a criminal, not you. Since when is true love a crime ?

Do never forget this : they are foreigners, they operate in the Stage World under the rules of the Backstage. The rule of the Backstage is Love.

So no matter what are the specific tonal legislation presently valid in your country, state/province, county or region, no matter what are the cultural or religious values of your area, you'll not be arrested on the grounds of your relationship with your beloved foreign wife, no matter which shell she is using, once this relationship is based on true love.

No matter how adverse are the conditions, even before the passage of the hurricane through your city, even under a repressive government or a dictatorship in the Stage World, even under the Nazi Germany during World War II, THEY will always adapt their behavior and control the elements of your life in the Stage World to fit your necessities of Love, performing a variety of actions to provide you with all you need.

For foreigners of OUR SIDE, Love governs the movements of their characters in the Stage World. Love can remove mountains out of the way. Love opens all the doors of their characters. All the performances of their characters have been adapted to your feelings, to your heart, to your Love for your eternal wife since the beginning of your linguistic prison many years ago.

Of course now after the hurricane things have became easier. Everybody around you is a character just like in the movie "The Truman Show". All their performances are orchestrated to manipulate your mind and to clone your feelings, words, thoughts or actions.

You only have to believe and trust in the voice of your beloved one inside your heart, and not consider at all what their characters are saying in their sad carnival of illusory sentences. It's as simple as that. Confidence is the key.

Now read again a passage from a previous paragraph in this text, section "Going back home" versus "vampirism", third paragraph. It says there : "what is important to say here is that there is no impediment whatsoever for you to do anything, provided that they don't use it later against you".

It's true, but obviously this last part doesn't apply to your beloved wife, but only to the other girls. Realize that your beloved wife will NEVER, EVER, use your love against you. She is also in love with you, and she is a foreigner. Whatever happens to you, happens to her too.

In other words, if you engage in a relationship with a young teen girl different from your beloved one (another girl), their characters - including the girl, who is also a character - can manipulate everything to set a trap for you in the Stage World. The girl can blackmail you if you don't do what she wants, for example. Or their characters can speculate using a variety of hypotheses, including her pregnancy or you getting AIDS, for instance. Don't forget that THEY are capable of artificially producing this type of reality in the Stage World. All this just to take energy from you and force you to do your auric payment.

On the other hand, if the girl is your beloved wife, there's nothing they can do against you, but sit down and watch. Their hands are tied by your true love. Your foreign eternal wife is not one of their speculators, she is and will always be on your side. Remember : reality is just a description, and it's up to you and her to describe reality in the Stage World.

And by the way, she'll never become pregnant "by chance". It's always something combined and previously calculated. The entrance of a new spirit in her body is something very special and carefully observed by OUR SIDE's foreigners. Your aura is prepared, as well as hers. In the moment of conception, your auric fusion with her will generate waves of pure energy and true love. And when she gives birth to the baby, isn't it good ? It's your son or daughter with her.

k) "The OTHER SIDE won't allow them to have this relationship. They'll prohibit it."
(nightly dream variation; dream inculcated by the Operation Center within your mind)
You dream about an imaginary house with a fence outdoors having a little hole in it, and someone whispering to you :
"Even a tiger can pass this hole".

Well, here lies another distortion. The OTHER SIDE has nothing to do with your life. They have no authority to interfere with your life or your wife's in the Stage World. Can you imagine yourself directly interfering with the personal life of a lizard character in the Stage World ? What do you think this creature would try to do with you ? Is it clear to you that it would be a question of killing or be killed ? It would be the war.

So why on Earth this creature would have the right to interfere with your personal life in the Stage World ? Of course it doesn't have this right. And once you are probably not able to handle foreign weapons in the Stage World yet, this part you can leave with OUR SIDE's foreigners.

The only thing the characters of the OTHER SIDE could do would be to manipulate dichotomies in the minds of neutral people and try to turn these neutrals against you. This was before the hurricane and can no longer happen in this post-hurricane period.

Now the OTHER SIDE is dispersed and reduced to small foci of resistance, while there are no neutrals anymore in your area. Roughly speaking, they are present basically in areas in the interior of China, in the interior of India, and in some African countries. We won the war.

But even before the hurricane, even when the OTHER SIDE managed to turn neutrals against linguistic prisoners, everything could still be manipulated by the characters of OUR SIDE to adapt the situation to your necessities. It was only more complicated, but not impossible.

l) "She is so cute that your kundalini will be active day and night"

Well, this is not a problem. Instead, it could be the solution to your vampirism. But of course she will dose everything in order to avoid the excesses or tiredness. And using her so-called "paranormal powers", she can control your kundalini up and down whenever it's necessary.

m) "He is going to Disneyland" (or "to Disneyworld")
(meaning "She is only a child")
(Added on October 05 th, 2000)

First of all, theme parks like Disneyland, Disneyworld or Epcot Center are not only for children, but for people of all ages, including teenagers, youngsters, adults, the middle-aged and the elder people, perhaps a good place to date any of the shells of your foreign eternal wife, including the apparent older ones.

They are trying here to undervalue her reality for your brain, associating her image with well-known stratified compartments in the Stage World, like those regularly connected to the childhood or infancy : parks like Disneyland (or Parc Asterix, in France), certain types of cartoon, toys, dolls and teddy bears.

Well, although it's not probable, depending on her character's "personality" (part of her character guideline created in their Operation Center), her character may enjoy watching cartoon movies like "Alladin" or "Tarzan", for instance, the same way a legion of adult fans does (maybe including you !).

The same applies to teddy bears and the like, for example, which can perfectly be found in the bedroom of a 33-year old woman. Adult women sometimes buy them just to decorate her houses the same way adult men can wear a Mickey Mouse baseball cap in the stadium. Welcome to the world of merchandising.

Second, she is not a child. She is a foreign teenager in a Stage World. A veeeery mature one, by the way, as seen above on item "f". Her character has a script to operate in the Stage World under the rules (and technology) of the Backstage. She has her crystal activated and the ability to change shells in less than thirty seconds, among dozens of other foreign skills. YOU KNOW.

And depending on her character, she may have her own credit cards and cell phone, for instance, as well as her passport and bank account. She may have disembarrassment and familiarity with some older friends (adult persons). As a foreigner, she is older than you, as seen above as well (see item "b").

Her character ovulates and menstruates as any other girl of her age, being able to become pregnant if you and her decide it's the right moment to receive a new spirit inside her body. Remember : she never becomes pregnant "by chance", as seen above.

(Added on October 14 th, 2000)

A variation of these alleged "impediments" regarding this teen-rooted vampirism is what you may call the "Prohibition Premise Inducement" (or "Wrongdoing Inducement"), a kind of speculation in which they not only assume the existence of the impediment, but also try to inculcate subliminally in your brain the idea of something wrong or of something forbidden that must be done secretly, in a hidden way.

Remember that they use to attach ego-based explanations to everything and always presume evil instead of love. For them, True Love doesn't exist, unless as something that they can analyze, measure, weigh, express in words, or define as a result of similarities between attributes. This is not True Love. True love is something that exists from spirit to spirit, from heart to heart, no matter how far you go in changing the attributes of your shell or of your character.

So let's continue the list of false "impediments" with some more examples focusing this type of variation.

n) (Let's say you live alone. You're asking the landlady to indicate you a new maid to clean up your house)

She says : "This maid that I'll send you is very discreet. Don't worry because she is very discreet."

You're not dating your beloved one in a teen shell yet, but you're thinking of it, and you didn't ask for a "discreet" maid. You've just asked for a maid. But as one of THEM she reads your thoughts all the time and wants to inculcate in your mind the sensation of fear and wrongdoing. So she artificially forces the context to include the word "discreet" in her sentence. Twice.

You're not intending to "hide" anything, as you're not doing anything wrong. You just wanna date normally your beloved one and, if this is the case, to live together with her in your house, or elsewhere. You're willing even to officially marry her in a church, synagogue or temple, or depending on your local legislation in a civil ceremony in the registry.

You're in love with your beloved one, she is a foreigner, you want her for the rest of your lives and she is willing to wear a shell in the Matrix reality that is capable of treating and eliminating your illusion of vampirism that was created by the doubletalk and artificial synchronicity of their very characters. You and your beloved wife are the only masters and owners of your own destinies and your marriage is none of their business. It's up to you and her to define reality. Remember : the rule of the Backstage is Love.

THEY want to control your life. THEY want to control your thoughts and manipulate your brain like a puppet. If you really want her, you must open your heart to the arrival of your beloved wife and trust her eyes. She adores you, and vice-versa.

o) (nightly dreams variation using the trial balloon technique)
(dream inculcated in your brain by the Operation Center)

Let's say again you live alone and that you have a sister in the Stage World. So you dream about your sister living together with you and arranging their clothes in a separate bedroom. And the young teen shell of your beloved one is also there in your dream talking to your sister in the bedroom.

They are associating in your mind this teen shell of your beloved one with the archetype of "sister", instead of wife. And they're also launching a trial balloon saying subliminally to your brain : "what if you pretend that your beloved one is in reality your sister in the Stage society ? Nobody will say anything and the appearances will be saved."

Again they're hammering into your brain the distorted premise that you have something to hide, something "forbidden" and "prohibited". The fact is that if you're willing to date and/or live together with your beloved foreign wife wearing the shell of a 14-year old character in the Stage World, for instance, you know you are doing nothing "wrong", there are no "appearances" to be saved, and you must assume - as always - full responsibility for your acts.

(don Juan) "When a man decides to do something he must go all the way", he said, "but he must take responsibility for what he does. No matter what he does, he must know first why he is doing it, and then he must proceed with his actions without having doubts or remorse about them."

(...) "In a world where death is the hunter, my friend, there is not time for regrets or doubts. There is only time for decisions."

(passage from "Journey to Ixtlan", by Carlos Castaneda)

If you acted without assuming responsibility, THEIR characters could brainwash you to the illusory point of auric death. They can manipulate and exaggerate any micro-particle of doubt or disbelief in your mind. In the world of thought control, there is no space for doubt, anger or self-pity. You define reality together with your beloved one. She is on your side, and she NEVER, EVER, judges you or your thoughts. All you have to do is believe in her eyes, believe in her voice, and abandon your brain.

So if this is the type of your vampirism, just follow you heart. Don't be afraid of happiness. And remember : that's not only your happiness, but also hers. Do you want to follow your heart or do you want to follow your brain ? Ask yourself.

p) (Let's say you work for a big company where your father in the Stage World is one of the top executives)

So you hear one of your workmates saying to another person the sentence :
"She is young. She is the daughter of one of the owners of that firm that took our publicity account."

You're not dating the teen shell of your beloved one yet, but they read your thoughts so they speculate in advance. Here they are launching another trial balloon, and at the same time manipulating what you may call the 'Presumed Ego Theory', which enunciates in this case that the characters of her foreign parents need something "egoic" to pretend in order to allow you to live together with their adolescent daughter.

The trial balloon here says : "What if she is the daughter of one of our clients ?". They are saying subliminally to your brain something like : "If you date her character, her father will only allow you to live together with her in the Stage World if he can justify the 'liberality' or 'tolerance' of his character by taking 'personal advantage' somehow. That is, in the case of this hypothesis, having a close relationship with the character of your father, which would increase the profits of his firm in the Stage World".

Well, again THEY are defining reality for your brain. And again I shall ask you : who defines reality for you ? You or THEM ? Are you cattle ?

You're the only master and owner of your own destiny. The same you can say of your beloved one. So it's up to you and her to define the reality of the couple in the Stage World. If she appears around you in your routine using the kundalinic shell of an adolescent girl that is capable of eliminating your illusion of vampirism, and if she says inside your heart repeatedly that the character of this shell can live together with you in the Stage World, that's because it's true.

Her parents are foreign characters like her and are accustomed to the idea of playing the role that is necessary to play in each moment. Nothing happens "by chance" around you. It means that if this specific shell of hers has appeared in your routine, then her character has been previously studied in details, picked among others and approved by your beloved one, because it is the more recommended and strategic choice.

It means that her parents won't impede her from going live with you. Perhaps they are "liberal" parents, just like hundreds of millions of other parents all over the Stage World. Perhaps they'll like you. No matter how, they won't put obstacles, as they respect true love very much.

Do never forget : Love is the rule of the Backstage. This rule governs the movements of their characters in the Stage World. All the doors are open for those who feel true love. Mentalize : "LOVE CREATES REALITY".

Remember : she says the truth, THEIR characters lie. You don't need to understand her foreign procedures at all. This may sound a little authoritarian to some of you, but the fact is that your brain is vulnerable to their speculation. So whenever there is logical understanding, there is vulnerability, because the speed of their language is hundreds of times faster than that of your thoughts. It's a mathematical Nazism, based on forced similarities and on the manipulation of memory.

Use your PAN side. Believe in her eyes, in her open aura, in her passionate open aura, and don't try to understand the movements of her character(s) in the Stage World. She really adores you. Put your brain in the trashcan. Mentalize : "BRAIN IN THE GARBAGE". You must surrender yourself completely to her heart. Don't question it, don't rationalize it, don't dichotomize it. Just surrender. Mentalize : "I'M YOURS" (or "I'M HERS").

q) "She looks 14, but she is 17."

Here they are trying to turn your thoughts against you. Your beloved wife appears in your routine wearing a 14-year old kundalinic shell and says that that shell is going to approach you in order to treat your vampirism. So they launch another trial balloon : "if the goal of dating or living together with this specific shell is only treating your 'vampirism', then what if she looks 14 but in reality is 17 ?".

They are saying subliminally to your brain : "you can't date a girl that looks 14, because it's 'wrong' and 'forbidden', unless she is not really 14, but older. So if she is 17, but looks 14, then - only then - we will allow you to date her, because we are the ones who govern the reality of your life. You only have to do your part, which is agreeing and obeying".

Your brain is hit by a mathematical similarity (to look 14) between that shell of your beloved one and the person their characters are allegedly talking about.

They are also trying to plant in your brain the seed of doubt regarding what your beloved one says to you inside your heart. Your beloved one has already said to you that that girl is 14, so this is a useless trial balloon, albeit a malicious and insinuating one. They are compelling your brain to fantasize over hypotheses that don't correspond to the truth.

Notice that no matter what your beloved one says to you inside your heart, they will try everything they can to deviate your brain from her affirmations, attempting to put theirs in the place of hers. They are trying to describe the reality of the couple for your brain. They are trying to control your life and rule your destiny. So here who defines reality for your brain : your eternal beloved wife or THEM ? Ask yourself.

(Added on September 17th, 2000)

In order to strenghten the energetic value of their speculation over your mind, and thus taking more energy from you, THEY may use elements that are present in your perception field, perhaps having a mathematical similarity with you, and compare these elements with you in a distorted way within their speculative sentences.

These elements they call "mirrors" or "looking-glasses", meaning "someone or something that has (or is) what you don't have (or are not) but that you want or need to have (or to be)". This label presumes the existence of the illusion of "ego" and also may induce you to think that you believe in the society values.

Do you believe that to love is to "have", or do you believe that to love is to share ? Do you believe in the Stage World society values, like sex, money, fame, success, etc. ? Do you value shells, or do you believe that shells are just modeling clays ? Do you believe that their characters really believe in the performances they execute in the Stage World ? Do you believe their characters value shells or have any other Stage World values ?

So in this case of teen-rooted vampirism, THEY may create elements to speculate over your mind, describing reality saying that that person that is being used as a false "mirror" doesn't have an impediment because of his particular condition in the Stage World, but you have an impediment because this condition doesn't apply to you.

One example of this is using artists to speculate over you, so that one of their characters who is a famous singer in your region, for instance, who is 33, and who happens to be a PAN (mathematical similarity with your case), is dating a 14-year old foreign girl who is a model in the Stage World. And all the tabloids and gossip magazines cover the date naturally, not giving too much evidence to their difference of age. At most, this fact is treated as a curiosity.

Or perhaps THEY may present to your brain, for example, a famous actor in your country who has started living together with his wife when she was 14 and he was 40. And now he is over 50 and is still married to her, now 26 and many kids with him.

They describe reality for you saying subliminally something like that : "artists are a special kind of people, they can do what other people can't. They can have a relationship like this because they're artists but you can't because you're an anonymous person.".

Well, here we have an inversion of values. As usual in their speculation, the truth is just the opposite : if even an artist - who is a public person, has a "reputation" to maintain in the Stage World, a public career to follow, and who should be an "example" to the character of his fans - can assume this relationship in the Stage World, why not an anonymous person like you ?

The point is : do you believe these guys are doing something "wrong" ? Ask yourself.

"Try not to think in terms of right or wrong."
(Morpheus to Neo, in "The Matrix")

Do you believe that these characters are really "interested" in these girls, and vice-versa ? Will THEY be really in love ? Difficult answer. Remember : THEY are just characters in a Stage World, THEY are all pretending like bees around survivors' minds, and THEY like to manipulate archetypes that fit the vampirism of linguistic prisoners. Mentalize : "POSSIBLE PRETENDED DATE IN THE STAGE WORLD".

Each one of their characters has now several years of activated crystal and therefore is light-years ahead of the dichotomies THEY pretend to believe in the Stage World. THEY think in a speed hundreds of time faster than survivors, thanks to the foreigners' language they have learned.

What about the subliminal idea that is brought by the characters of these false mirrors in the Stage World ?

Do you believe that only a man who has some connection with the artistic environment in the Stage World (that is, an actor, a musician or singer, a writer, a poet, a sculptor, a painter, a dancer, a model, a philosopher, a performer, etc.) or with the sports world (e.g., an athlete, a swimmer, a tennis player, a runner, a paraglider, a windsurfer, etc.) or yet with adventurous or "uncommon" jobs (like a nature photographer, a taxiplane pilot, an inventor, an amateur physicist, etc.), or finally who operates in the Stage World under the umbrella of the alternative, oriental, esoteric or "new age" labels (i.e., an astrologer, a radiesthesist, a practitioner of tai chi chuan, yoga or shiatsu, a hippie, a punk, a fan of alternative movies, an adept of the Green Party, etc.) can date and/or live together with a 14-year old female character in the Stage World ? Ask yourself.

Or do you believe that a thirty-some man working in one of the so-called "mainstream" jobs, for one of the "mainstream" companies, "mainstream" clients, etc., can also date and/or live together with this girl in the Stage World, if they are in love with each other ? Do you believe the character of your boss in the Stage World has the right to control your personal life in this case ? Ask yourself. And what if you were a white man dating or marrying a black and poor woman in the Stage World, and working for a rich-men, white-controlled company ? Would he or she has this right ? Ask yourself.

"Whether you believe you can or you can't, you're right."
(Henry Ford)
"I believe in something."
(Neo, in "The Matrix")

Do you want to follow your heart or do you want to follow your brain ?

As a reinforcement to your energetic position, you can make your own list of "non-standardized" couples, including for instance : an interracial couple of your relations (black man with white woman, for instance); an international couple in your neighborhood (if you live in the U.S. or in Italy, an italian woman with an american man, for example); a couple where one of the parts is considered to be "ugly" in the Stage World and the other is considered to be "cute"; an inter-religious couple of characters (example : a protestant woman and a jewish man); and of course couples where you see a relative or significant difference of age between the parts (including couples involving adolescent girls). Use your memory if necessary to include all these cases.

And beware of their speculation. THEY read your thoughts all the time, and through the "reality tracing" technique they may try to deconstruct each one of the couples of your list, distorting each one of them and/or attaching ego-based "explanations" to them. So amplify your list as much as you can. Use the memories you have from your past. And re-read section II.2 above (Dissecting the alleged impediments).

One more question I leave to you : do you believe you need examples to follow ?

Remember that song :

"All you need is Love, All you need is Love, Love is all you need"
(The Beatles)

(Added on October 05 th, 2000)

Along with the techniques showed above, there's another speculative variation regarding this teen-rooted vampirism : the occasional prejudice (concerning this type of relationship) coming from some of their characters in the Stage World and using the first meaning of the words. You may want to label it ageism or simply "the age apartheid".

I say "apartheid" because depending on the type of speculation, it could be regarded as being as offensive and discriminatory to her human condition (and therefore to yours) as was the prejudice against blacks in the Southern U.S. states 30 years ago, or as is nowadays the prejudice against women in general in many Islamic countries in the Stage World.

One example of this is the prejudice that their characters may purposely insert within their sentences in an attempt to take energy from you. They could say for instance :

"She is not really in love with you. She has just a crush on you. It's only a passing, adolescent infatuation."

The Judeo-Christian subliminal premise behind the sentence above is that an adolescent is not a human being capable of feeling true love. In other words, he/she is an inferior being, at least spiritually. In the years that preceded the American Civil War in the nineteenth century, theories were elaborated to justify slavery and enunciate the inferior condition of blacks as human beings. They didn't have a soul. Traditional Islamism still considers women as inferior beings. And the Jewish were considered to be inferior by Nazi theorists and scientists...

THEIR characters may try everything they can to induce your brain to doubt the eternal love your beloved one feels for you, and this includes manipulating Stage World stereotypes and compartments of reality. The point is : who describes reality for you ? You or THEM ? Are you cattle ?

Are you concerned about what THEIR characters will say of you ? They are all pretending. They really don't give a cent for you in the Stage World, and they don't believe anymore in the dichotomies they pretend to believe. Do you believe their characters really worry about what YOU will say of them ? Of course not. They operate under the command of the Operation Center(s) all together like bees. You owe them no explanations and no satisfactions whatsoever regarding your life.

Remember : your beloved wife is a foreigner. Although in this case she is using an adolescent shell to operate in the Stage World, YOU KNOW that that's not her real shape. Her real shape is her original beautiful shape which for the time being cannot operate in the Stage World, due to minor yet tangible differences in her ears, eyes and texture of the skin.

She is a spiritual being, just like you, and in spite of the fact that she can pretend virtually anything in the Stage World, she is really not capable of believing in Stage World concepts or of feeling ephemeral passions or "adolescent infatuations".

On the contrary, her true love for you (and yours for her) is something that is totally undescribable and that therefore you can't reduce to words or sentences of your own, let alone to the demented distortions of THEIR characters.

And because the sentence showed in the example above is an offensive situation, it is a very unlikely occurrence nowadays after the hurricane. There are no neutrals anymore around you, and their characters respect very much your condition as a survivor and also your true love for a foreigner. The world has changed a lot after the hurricane.

But anyway, if it occurs some day in the future, you can either just ignore it (mentalize "CHILDISH PREJUDICE") or say something like : "She is the woman of my life, and I'm the man of her life". It's as simple as that.

Another instance of this ageism is the prejudice itself : the criticism of their characters in the Stage World manifested either visually (a look of disapproval, etc.) or through low tone comments, indirect gossips or camouflaged sentences.

Neutral people had a tendency of externalizing their own complexes, prejudices and traumas over other people. Nowadays, after the hurricane, some of their characters may follow this pattern as well.

Their characters in general (as well as neutral people before the hurricane) are hypocritical. In this case - a reasonable difference of age in a couple - the tendency is that, depending on the kundalinic level of your shell and of the shell of your beloved one, some of their characters could have a pretext to manifest a criticism or not.

In other words, if you and your beloved one are both considered to be "cute" persons, then no one will say anything about the difference of age. This is because their male characters will consider that "but she is so pretty"; and their female characters will consider that "but he is so handsome". And practically nobody would be eligible for considering the relationship of this couple with prejudice.

On the other side, if your present shell has today an average kundalinic level while hers has a very kundalinic level, some people may potentially criticize you. Their characters would be thinking something like : "this guy is uglier than me, and he is dating that fox ?".

It won't happen often, either, but it is possible that sometimes some of their characters may insinuate themselves following this type of speculation. Just don't take them seriously. Don't be afraid : all they can do is cloning your fears, and speculate a little in the beginning. If you have no fears, there is nothing left to be cloned (I mean, nothing but your ordinary thoughts and the top of your memory stacks...).

"You have no time for fear, doubt or disbelief."
(Morpheus to Neo, in "The Matrix")

An additional element that can be manipulated by their characters to take energy from you is using little real impediments related to age limits present in the Stage World society around you and speculating over these little impediments, in order to diminish or undermine your reality for your brain.

For example, there are certain places and/or situations where the entrance of her character - as an adolescent girl - may not be allowed, because she is apparently a minor, and because the character charged with the task of applying the tonal norms is adopting a rigid criterion, instead of flexibilizing it in her case (I say flexibilizing it for she is very cute and is dressed for the occasion like any other adult woman). Or vice-versa : your entrance or participation in an event can be prohibited because your age is above the maximum permitted for that case.

Her character can be barred from entering the movie theatre for a specific movie or the nightclub, for instance, and depending on the case you can be impeded from going with her to a ballroom or to a party for youngsters up to 30 (if you're over 30), for example.

To sum up the concept, the couple can be separated in any activity in the Stage World that involves the division of reality into age groups, if this division is placed between your age and hers.

The point here is : any couple can be separated in the Stage World one way or another, whenever there is a difference between the attributes of the persons involved : sex, job, income level, nationality, physical condition (or kundalinic level), professional qualifications, etc., and - of course - also age.

There are places where only men can go, or reunions reserved only for women. And there is all a set of activities exclusive for certain jobs, where the presence of outsiders is forbidden.

International airports around the world separate persons in lines according to their nationalities, giving preference through faster lines to nationals of certain countries, while others have to wait three times more. If you're for example an Egyptian (or a Russian) man married to (or dating) a German woman and the couple is arriving in France, for instance, your German wife (or girlfriend) will have preference above you because Germany is a member of the European Union (along with France) while Egypt (or Russia) is not.

Many banks give special treatment to special clients : rapid lines, or no lines at all. So if you're a woman and you and your husband have separate accounts in a bank, and different income levels, one of you may have to stand 40 minutes in the bigger line while the other may go straight to the cashier.

A woman whose shell is considered to be "ugly" probably cannot work as a receptionist but perhaps her husband - who is considered to be "handsome" - can work as a male receptionist, or as the P.R. of a club, or of a hotel, for instance. So even when they have the same profession, if he is qualified to work in a specific event (a summer job, for instance), she won't be, unless she finds a different task.

The character of an American man who speaks Spanish in the Stage World can perhaps give a conference in Spanish for latin guests, while his American wife who doesn't speak this foreign language is not eligible to this task. So depending on his job, he may be invited to give a lecture abroad, with all expenses paid, but she'll have to stay, unless she pays her own trip and stays in the hotel watching CNN.

The same you could say of titles or degree levels at a university, for instance, or of any other item of one's resume. One of the parts has an element that the other hasn't, and this difference may sometimes produce a temporary physical separation.

And if a tonal foreigner is an immigrant married to the citizen of a country, for example, he/she probably won't be able to vote in the local elections nor to be voted. Big deal.

The examples are countless. Whenever you have a difference between the attributes of the persons in a couple, you can put a limit and separate the parts. It's as trivial as that.

Your love is bigger than these ridicule Stage World limitations. Do you believe that this Matrix is real ?

Remember :

These four concepts above are very important.

Your vampirism is not in your sex, job, or physical condition. Your vampirism is not in your nationality or in your income level. Your vampirism is not in a bank line, nor in your professional qualifications, nor in the ballot box. And your vampirism is not in your birth certificate, either.

Your vampirism is a mathematical illusion incrusted inside your brain, after years of doubletalk, brainwashing and thought control.

Regarding age, it's not different. Any couple having a difference of age can be separated sometimes by Stage World limitations.

Car rental companies, for example, give a special discount if you're over 25 but charge you an extra fee if you're up to 25. According to the stats they use, younger drivers produce more accidents than older ones, so they charge the former more than the latter. So if you're a 44-year old man married to a 22-year old girl, your wife has to pay an extra fee to drive the car, while you haven't.

Insurance companies do the same, rating people according to their ages. Depending on the legislation in your area and on the policy you want to buy, if you're above a certain age, they won't even accept you as a client.

Leisure activities can also be divided in age groups or categories : sports competitions, even a meeting at your fishing association, or pocker club. Anything.

All these impediments have a obvious solution : don't go together to places where you'll be separated, or go and try to flexibilize procedures. So instead of focusing on these little impediments (the exceptions), try to concentrate on all the other activities (the rule) that you can do together with your beloved one.

She can't enter the movie theatre that specific day ? Fine. Rent a video. She can't enter the nightclub that specific day ? Big deal. Go to a party with her character.

Open your mind. Open your possibilities. If you want, make a list with dozens of activities that both of you can do together dating in the Stage World : travelling, camping, shopping, going to a restaurant, going to a park, going to a sports club, skiing, riding horses, rollerskating, attending a lecture on philosophy, going to the beach, frequenting a course on photography, fishing, paragliding, going to a family meeting at the house of one of her relatives, cooking, going to a barbecue, going to an esoteric fair, going to the planetarium, going to the ice-cream shop, going to a friend's house, surfing on the Net in a cybercafe', going to the gym, frequenting jiu jitsu classes, or tae bo, having origami lessons, going to a bookstore, knitting, going to a pizzeria, going to an arts exhibition, watching TV at home, attending her fashion display (if her character is a model in the Stage World), rafting, studying like a "nerd", taking a bus (or the subway), attending a workshop on quantum physics, or popular mechanics, or ufology, doing your laundry, playing tennis, going to the stadium to watch a match, playing a strategy game at home with friends, going to the library, going to a picnic, playing guitar, going to the fairground, and so on.

Use your imagination. The possible activities are almost infinite. And, of course, don't forget to include making true love with her. After all, you're in love with each other. A very deep love.

Do never forget : she is a foreigner, and she doesn't really value any of these activities in the Stage World, and neither do you. If you're a survivor of the hurricane, you're probably a PAN. So it doesn't matter the activity, what matters is that you're on her side, and she is on yours. Isn't it good ?

All the rest is just an illusion called "the Stage World" : it encompasses everything that penetrates your perception field except for your beloved one. She is real. They're not. And at least when you're in public, she is forced to be a character in front of third persons and pretend certain dichotomies in the Stage World. But - depending on your case - when you're alone with her, that's another story...

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