Dismantling distorted nomenclature
over some of the main keywords

Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction







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Sometimes your brain may need additional or secondary archetypes to face their speculation. So depending on your level of energy, you may need to dismantle or deconstruct the illusions surrounding certain keywords.

In order to reinforce your mentalization as a whole, and help your mind getting free from their linguistic salad of distortions, false premises and false dichotomies, you'll have the option of adding to the mentalization presented in all the other sections the archetypes presented in this section.


One of the main demented distortions THEY try to inculcate inside your brain over and over is related to this word : dog. I say "demented" because THEY usually try to label you with what they are. Notice this fact. That's in the very essence of hypocrisy : they accuse or label you of being what they are already.

Let me ask you : did you die ? Did your aura die during the passage of the hurricane through your city years ago ? Who are you ? You are a S-U-R-V-I-V-O-R, remember ?

So who are the dogs that have died like puppets under the manipulation (either linguistic or energetic) of BOTH SIDES ? All the former NEUTRAL PERSONS whose auras have died during the passage of the hurricane are actually dogs that have succumbed to the force of the 'Matrix' !

They hadn't have the will, the strength, the determination, the presence of mind and the true love that you had. They were subservient to the Matrix to the point of an illusory auric death. You weren't. You are alive. So who are the dogs here ? They are the dogs !, never you.

Can you see the face, the mask of their cynicism ?

You may be still manipulated nowadays. Never mind. They were manipulated subserviently to the point of death, and they cannot change this fact. You can. You are alive.

Auric death is a delirium, a mental disease that is inculcated over vulnerable minds, over vulnerable dogs of the Matrix. You're not invulnerable but certainly you're much stronger than them, otherwise you wouldn't be alive these days...

You may mentalize the following archetypes when they throw the label 'dog' over your brain : "DOG OF THE MATRIX IS ONE WHO DIES" and "HYPOCRISY IN THE STAGE WORLD".

And always remember : if you're REALLY in one of those very rare areas where the hurricane is still passing, realize that you're being hit by BOTH SIDES with different kinds of speculation. One side (OUR SIDE) reads your mind, while the OTHER SIDE doesn't. But in spite of the fact that the OTHER SIDE doesn't read your mind, they may try to label you a "dog" anyway.

So in this particular case, you may add to your visualization: "DOG IS ONE WHO HAS A DOG-COLLAR IN THE HEAD", like the dogs of the OTHER SIDE, or even like some alligators of a lower caste, that are controlled by those in a higher caste within their system of hierarchy. If you feel it's necessary, mentalize both sentences : "DOG OF THE MATRIX IS ONE WHO DIES" and "DOG IS ONE WHO HAS A DOG-COLLAR IN THE HEAD".

Another common variation of this label "dog" may be related to your kundalinic exercises, especially if you have chosen (as we'll see later on in the section Going over vampirism) the BIB PATH in order to reduce your vampirism. In other words, if you're staring so-called cute shells, THEY may try to associate this exercise to the behavior of a dog, meaning that a true (!) man (or woman) would want to have sex with those shells and proceed accordingly.

Well, if you have chosen the BIB PATH, you probably have concluded that sex is an illusion, something that is not good nor bad, something that is just a loss or waste of energy, something that you would NOT like to experience with your so-called sisters or brothers. Emotional suffering is NOT in your agenda. You want your beloved one.

So ask yourself : do you wanna be a slave, a dog of this illusion called sex ? Or do you wanna free yourself from this illusion ?

Do you see the point ? They first invite you to be a dog having sex with THEM (i.e., THEIR characters), and then THEY label you a dog if you refuse the invitation ! That's a complete inversion of values.

I shall ask you again : can you see the face of their cynicism, of their hypocrisy ?

So whenever THEY make this association (bib exercise x label 'dog'), I suggest you add these archetypes to your visualization : "INVERSION OF VALUES" and "THEY ARE DOGS OF SEX" (or just "DOGS OF SEX"). To reinforce, you may still add "YOU ARE NOT, YOU ARE FREE OF THIS ILLUSION".

And because sex is valued by the Stage society and THEY are inviting you to follow everybody like cattle, being also a dog of sex like them, then you may add : "IMITATION APPROACH".

For additional reinforcements against the label 'DOG', see section Going over vampirism, Making you feel stupid.

Swimming is considered to be one of the most physically complete sports available in the Stage World. THEY KNOW. It is considered to be good for your health, to improve your aerobic capacity, your breath, your respiratory capacity, to develop both upper and lower body muscles, and so on.

So what THEY do ? THEY take this sport and transform for your brain the illusion of sex into this image of a healthy activity. THEY want you to dive in an ocean of traps and tricks. THEY WANT TO TAKE ENERGY FROM YOU. THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY. THEY WANT TO TAKE ENERGY FROM YOU. THEY WANT TO CONTROL YOUR MIND AND YOUR BEHAVIOR.

I'm not saying you should dive or not dive into this so-called pool (that is, having sex with your so-called sisters or brothers). Just saying you must be aware of their speculation all the time, and deconstruct each little piece of it through your mentalization and through your heart.

If you want, you may use the following archetype every time THEY brainwash you over this POOL stuff : "SEX IS NOT A DIVE". To reinforce, you may add : "SEX VERSUS ILLUSION".

Take a look at the sub-section Distorting nomenclature included in the section "Going over vampirism" , and you'll see how to deconstruct distortions regarding these vampirism-related keywords.

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I - General concept
II - Generic fishing and disabled persons
III - Vampirism, sex, the art of stalking and the idea of impediment
IV - Deconstructing the archetype of Forrest Gump and its relationship with your past

I - General concept

Another demented emotional distortion THEY may try to inculcate in your brain is convincing you that you are a "DISABLED PERSON", a "HANDICAPPED", because according to their description of reality you are unable to do certain things, such as to have sex with your brothers or sisters, to flirt with them, to seduce them, etc., and/or to behave maliciously like a corrupt or tricky individual in the Stage World.

Well, again they are inverting the poles : THEY are saying that you have a deficiency or disability to be hypocritical like THEM in the Stage World... In other words, you are a "disabled person" because of your lack of hypocrisy, due to your sincerity, your true love, the pureness of your heart, the high level of your thoughts, and so on.

In truth, you're just like a FOREIGNER that has recently arrived here from one of their places of origin for the first time and that did not have yet any training to pretend a character in the Stage World. Do you believe the FOREIGNERS that are newcomers constitute kind of "a tribe of handicapped people" ? Perhaps "a group of mongoloids" ? A "herd of blinds", maybe ? Apart from hilarious comparisons, that's what is really implicit in their distortion.


Remember : the essence of hypocrisy is inverting the poles, labeling you with what THEY are. This is important. Never forget this. Who do you think have a "disability" to feel true love ? Who do you think have a "deficiency" to be sincere ? That's their characters, not you.

THEY are the ones who used to believe in the values of the Stage World society like zombies, at the time they were neutrals just a few years ago. THEY are the ones who had a "deficiency" to think for themselves and who preferred to "follow everybody else like cattle" during the passage of the hurricane, succumbing to the force of the Matrix. THEY are the ones who have always had a "deficiency" to feel true love and to separate love from illusion.

THEY ARE THE ONES WHO HAD TO USE AN ACTIVATED CRYSTAL LIKE A CRUTCH TO COUNTERBALANCE THE FORCE OF THE MATRIX. They have died. They have succumbed. You have not. You're alive. You didn't need a crutch to face the force of the Matrix : they did.

Again I must say : please do not misunderstand my words. I'm not saying survivors are "better" than the others who have died. They are not. The so-called 'auric death' is an illusion, just like a mirage in the desert (as a matter of fact, a painful mirage, but still a mirage). Do you think that someone who has not been hypnotized to the point of believing in the mirage is "better" than someone who has really believed in the mirage ?

If any time THEY speculate using this idea in their sentences, you may mentalize : "SAME IMPORTANCE" and "AURIC DEATH IS JUST A MIRAGE".

II - Generic fishing and disabled persons

If you think well, you'll realize that the archetype of a "DISABLED PERSON" is just a "GENERIC FISHING" that can be applied to practically everybody in the Universe. Except for an individual who has concretely developed 100% of all his imaginable potentialities, including all areas of the brain and a supra-human wisdom (also known as a 'hyner'), everybody else can be considered "DISABLED PERSONS", including the majority of the FOREIGNERS here present. In other words, virtually everybody can identify himself or herself with this archetype.

Do you realize why Truman Burbank was attacked by a troop of disabled persons in wheelchairs in the corridor of the hospital, in "The Truman Show" ?

Using this generic archetype, THEY want to fish something from your mind - anything. Their goal is to keep you mesmerized under their control like a puppet, thinking about your alleged "problems" every time they press the button. THEY want to take energy from you. THEY want you to associate this archetype of a "disabled person" with anything, and if you do not pay attention nor mentalize your defensive archetypes to neutralize the speculation, your brain will automatically associate the idea of a "handicapped" person with the last subject about your life you happened to be thinking about, especially something previously associated with this label "handicapped". And you'll start an undesirable whirl of thoughts.

I suggest that, every time you see a blind in the street, or a person in a wheelchair, or with any other kind of disability, you should visualize : "GENERIC FISHING". And if you feel it's necessary, you may reinforce it with "HE IS BLIND, NOT YOU", or "SHE IS MAIMED, NOT YOU", and so on, depending on the case. And if even so you start losing energy, you may still add : "SELF-PITY FISHING" and "HANDICAPPED IS ONE WHO USES THE CRYSTAL AS A CRUTCH (to escape the illusion of the Matrix)".

And remember : THEIR characters almost always are NOT really "disabled persons", especially if they have already some years of activated crystal. Those who were actually "handicapped" at the time they were neutrals - before the passage of the hurricane - generally are not "handicapped" anymore. They just pretend to be. They have already been cured in the Backstage, and whenever they go there, their shells are re-established. The Backstage has advanced technology and the Backstage has the so-called paranormal powers. In the Backstage reality, shells are like modeling clays...

So if you want, you may add to your visualization : "PRETENDED BLIND IN THE STAGE WORLD", or "PRETENDED MONGOLOID IN THE MATRIX", or yet "PARALYTIC CHARACTER IN THE TONAL", for example.

III - "Vampirism", sex, the art of stalking and the idea of "impediment"

The problem here is not the disabled person himself (or herself). The problem starts with THEIR descriptions of reality. THEY usually try to associate for your brain this archetype of a "disabled person" with any other problem they choose to attribute to you, generally connected to the illusion of "vampirism" and/or to the idea of impediment related to a military mission involving hypocrisy for example, because of the sincerity inherent to your being especially if you're a PAN.

In other words, according to what they say, you can't do almost anything without pretending hypocrisy in the Stage World, and you can't pretend without your crystal. So you're labeled a disabled person because you don't have your crystal and because you don't speak THEIR language, whereas THEY have been using their crystals and their language all this time as crutchs to deconstruct the illusion of "the Matrix" !

Once more I must ask you : do you feel the smell of their hypocrisy here ?

Remember : your "vampirism" is not a deficiency. It's an illusion that will be resolved in the proper time, using one of the several methods presented in the topic " Going over vampirism - strengthening your reality" that you'll read in the next part. And your pureness and lack of hypocrisy are not a disability, either. On the contrary, that is (was) their difficulty in feeling true love that is (was) a disability that needed the help of a crystal... And everything you need to know about pretending hypocrisy in the Stage World is included in your so-called pigeon-holes, that you'll access in the future.

Regarding these former neutral persons, many of them were already hypocritical before the hurricane. They believed in the values of the Stage World, and they wanted "more of the world" for themselves, but not for the others. That was the reality of that time for them. Some were hypocritical in specific areas (such as in their careers, or in personal relationships - including marriage, for instance).

Now, after the hurricane, they had their crystals activated and they had access to the Backstage reality. They have learned how to be a completely hypocritical person in the Stage World. Do you realize that even their former hypocrisy had a "deficiency" or "disability" that had to be completed after the hurricane ? Now they are professionals of hypocrisy, not amateurs anymore.

Well, you do not have a crystal activated like them, but you know you will have it some day in the future, whether before or right after the GLOBAL D-DAY. YOU KNOW that when you have it, you will be a character just like them, able to participate in coordinated actions in the Stage World, like a bee, under the command of the Operations Centers.

For the time being, you can't be a character, because you don't have them as accomplices of your hypocrisy, because you don't have a script or a scene director, because you don't know what to say or not say, and so on.

Usually, when you try to behave hypocritically in the Stage World, you lose energy because of their descriptions of reality : your brain - like the brain of practically every human being without an activated crystal - doesn't separate correctly the idea of doing something in the Stage World from the idea of pretending this same thing in the Stage World without believing in it.

Since the day you were physically born in the Stage World, your brain has been bombarded with a particular description of reality, and naturally it had no other option than believing in it. This description of reality has been reinforced over the years through the media, and through the sentences you hear all the time - now in its pretended mode.

So you can't be labeled a "disabled person" only because you were physically born in the Stage World without officially knowing about the Backstage, like all the other neutrals.

What you must know is that, on the contrary of what they say, you are technically able today to do things like flirting and seducing your so-called brothers or sisters, unless of course they first choose to control your mind and judge your behaviors. But that's another story...

THEY would say it is just like riding a bike. Well, I wouldn't go that far, because a bike you can control. What about their characters ? Do you trust them ? Ask yourself. Perhaps it would be more like walking in a minefield...

But anyway, these things are just like selling a product : you may be not the "best" seller (especially without your crystal and without your pigeon-holes), but with practice you can be a good seller; you just have to sell yourself to your target(s) going first to the right place(s), producing yourself, creating alternative targets or solutions in your mind every time they try to speculate on you, and then exploring similarities with the target.

So every time they speculate associating the label of "disabled person" with the idea of impediment to do something (anything), visualize : "INVENTED IMPEDIMENT".

The point here is : is that what you want, to have sex with your brothers or sisters ? Do you believe you have something to learn with their characters ? Or something to prove to somebody ? Ask yourself.

Do you believe it's important to pretend hypocrisy now that the hurricane has already passed in over 95% of the Stage World, in the threshold of the 'GLOBAL D-DAY' ? Ask yourself. Do you believe you're a character ?

There's another derived issue that is important to mention here : you will access your pigeon-holes and learn automatically everything you need to know about what Carlos Castaneda named the art of stalking (that is, pretending skills in the Stage World or tonal reality) and also about flirting, seducing and being hypocritical or corrupt in a Stage society like this one, among many other things.

And more important : do you believe you're today a disabled person that needs to learn with their characters how to cure your present "disability", or do you believe that THEY want to induce you to become a really disabled person in terms of feeling true love like them, by diving into their pool of illusions and abandoning your beloved one ? Ask yourself.

IV - Deconstructing the archetype of "Forrest Gump" and its relationship with your past

Finally, we may analyze a more complex example of distortion involving the illusory label of an emotionally "handicapped" or "disabled" person. Let's take a look at the archetype of Forrest Gump, based on the movie of the same name. THEY have probably thrown this label over your head at some point in the post-hurricane period.

Initially, you may identify yourself with the character, because of possible mathematical similarities (that may vary from case to case) : he has never had sex with anybody, he had a problem in the brain labeled as a "flaw", and he has been mentally or emotionally abused by his colleagues at school when he was a child.

And depending on your case, you may be a virgin PAN in your thirties (or otherwise someone who practices sexual abstinence), you may have indeed a little problem in the brain that THEY like to exaggerate a lot, and you may have been really abused by horses of the OTHER SIDE at school when you were a kid.

Well, these are three possible mathematical similarities with your life. The problem starts when you look at the descriptions of reality that surround the life of Forrest Gump in the movie concerning the consequences of the three facts described above : Forrest Gump has never had sex because of his problem in the brain; he had a serious problem in the brain that impeded him of studying like the others in the school; and he was abused by his classmates and because of this he started running over and over for years and went round the world.

YOU KNOW that none of these descriptions apply to you. So let's deconstruct the illusions piece by piece.

The fact that you do not have sex is not a disability, as we have seen before. You are in love with your beloved one, which is a FOREIGNER, and you probably is a PAN. None of you value sex. Only their hypocritical characters do this. And many of them do not value sex anymore although they have to pretend in the Stage World like if they valued. So THEY are the disabled persons here, who have to learn how to feel true love. You are not. So you may mentalize something like : "INVERSION OF VALUES", "HYPOCRISY IN THE STAGE", "SEX VERSUS TRUE LOVE" and "DISABLED IS ONE WHO NEEDS A CRUTCH TO FEEL TRUE LOVE" (or abbreviately : "CRYSTAL CRUTCH").

The fact that you may have a little problem in your brain doesn't mean that you're a mongoloid or a Goofy like Forrest Gump, or that you have a difficulty to detect their speculations. THEY think many times faster than you. That's a characteristic of their language, and they use it to manipulate descriptions of reality in a speed that sometimes doesn't let time for your brain to catch the contradictions and distortions embedded behind their sentences.

Any ordinary neutral person has this same difficulty. Only a neutral brain super-trained with advanced techniques involving memorization and logical analysis would be able to catch all the illusions at a glance. And even so he/she probably wouldn't have the wisdom necessary to deconstruct the society values.

If you're a PAN, your brain may have been hit when you were a child in a sort of assassination attempt perpetrated by the OTHER SIDE. You probably know that a specific race of alligator has the ability to identify who is a PAN in the middle of the neutral persons, even if this PAN wasn't aware of his/her condition at that time.

YOUR SIDE has very carefully let you be partially hit in a calculated way as a strategic maneuver to contain the pressure and the anxiety of the OTHER SIDE over you. Remember that at that epoch the OTHER SIDE had a numeric superiority of over fifteen to one. The masterminds of OUR SIDE's Operation Center(s) dealing with your case didn't want to precipitate a risky hurricane over your family twenty or thirty years ago, as the consequences could have been catastrophic. YOU KNOW. Everything needed to follow its course and mature in the proper time...

In the movie "The Truman Show", the creator of the show - Christof - inculcates a trauma over Truman's mind : little Truman witnesses the death of his father drowning in the sea.

On the other side, depending on your case, some fears or phobias may have been carefully placed as a result of some sort of secret meeting in the physical reality between you and FOREIGNERS in their original shapes, for instance. So secret that you didn't know consciously about it, except for vague and occasional images.

Because of this, one or more of your so-called chakras may has (have) been artificially blocked for many years for spiritual purposes. The hurricane wasn't mature for you yet. In other words, the world around you wasn't mature for you yet.

In this case, your challenge was to deconstruct with your will and your heart all these emotional obstacles during the years that preceded and that followed the hurricane in your city, in such a way that you were transformed in some sort of hurricane catalyzer around you. The OTHER SIDE didn't like it, and you were compelled to face them in the Stage World. And you survived, and they were eliminated.

Remember : you do not have a compromise with the idea of continuity of your person in the Stage World, neither you have a compromise with your present shell.

I know this is a very sensitive question for every one that has passed through this, but I shall ask you : do you know who you are and why have you been born in this Stage World ? Do you realize the importance of the catalyzer element during the passage of the hurricane ? Ask yourself.

And if you're a man, there is still an additional issue : you may have now a child that is your son or daughter, after your semen has been extracted in one of these meetings in the past, when you were officially a neutral person. You know you'll know this child. It's only a question of time. You will like him/her.

So now THEIR speculators may label you a 'Goofy' (or some derived label) only because you may change some names here and there. Believe me : changing names is something very common and natural. Many of their characters do this, as well as many neutrals. Don't take it serious.

They may also label you a "dyslexic" person which, according to the dictionary, should mean someone with difficulty in learning... Well, learning what ? That you should take your aura to the altar of sacrifices in order to make your payment and enter the Promised Land by the hands of Santa Claus ?

Frankly, what an insane distortion, what a demented hypocrisy, what a straight face they have. Can you feel the stink of their cynicism here ? Blaaaargh !

THEY - the former neutrals - are the ones who need to learn about love... Poor them... You can take pity on them : they are the ones who needed a crutch (that is, an activated crystal) to face the illusion of the Matrix, while you didn't... So who are the Goofies here ? THEY are the Goofies that have been deceived during the hurricane, not you.

Regarding the movie Forrest Gump, there are still two distortions that need to be cleared up :

  1. The woman that Forrest loved so much (Jennifer) didn't love him, while your beloved one adores you; and

  2. The only thing he managed to do in the university was playing football : he was a phenomenal player but a zero left in the studies, and he was only accepted by the university because he played football very well. The point here is : a) LOVE is NOT football, LOVE is NOT a game, and LOVE cannot be measured in terms of "good" or "bad". LOVE IS ALL; b) THEY have been using their crutch-crystals all these years to study a lot about many things, including about why THEY died; c) you have your pigeon-holes that have been stored in your head since the beginning of your linguistic prison and that encompasse practically everything you'll need to know; and d) the Backstage has no reductionist limits like "vacancies" in an "university" and no external judgements to decide whether someone is going to be "accepted" or not : everybody is welcome.

NEW! - Added on July 09 th, 2000

A variation of the keyword DISABLED PERSON is the keyword JEW, indicating a person that has suffered in the hands of the horses or Nazis of the OTHER SIDE in the past.

They want to take energy from you, by inducing you to feel self-pity because of the past you have had. THEY want you to feel special and different because of your past. THEY want your brain to associate these horses of your past with your present linguistic prison, and/or with your present "vampirism".

They want to blame the horses of your past for their own Nazi brainwashing in the present time !

I must repeat once more : can you feel the stink of their cynicism here ? Blaaaargh ! Again they are inverting the poles : they are the true horses, the professional ones, the ones with mind reading abilities.

The horses of your past, whether from the OTHER SIDE or neutral horses, were just apprentices compared to the present ones ! They were amateurs, just like children willing to speculate in the Stock Exchange, a place more appropriate for adult horses...

It's a complete distortion. Everybody - I mean, literally everybody - who is caught into this linguistic prison amidst a spiritual hurricane in his/her routine in the Stage World and also amidst a semi-activated state of the crystal stays mesmerized in this trap.

It's a prison for the survivor brain, "Matrix" style, and it has nothing to do with his/her past, no matter how wonderful, how disgraceful or how suffered has it been. It's a prison based on mathematical similarities, on the Pavlovian association of ideas and on the structure of the human brain. You only have to have a human brain to get caught, and of course someone reading your thoughts around you, nothing else. It's as simple as that.

So if there is a team of experts reading your thoughts and creating artificial synchronicity all the time around you, you have no way out of the prison until you learn how to watch your thoughts and how to deconstruct the influences of your perception field.

This text presents one method. There may be others. You may create your own.

Every time they try to emotionally justify your present linguistic prison by associating it with the horse archetype in your past, you may mentalize : "MATRIX-STYLE BRAINWASHING", "MATHEMATICAL NAZISM" and "EVERYBODY IS CAUGHT". To reinforce, you may visualize : "CYNICISM IN THE STAGE WORLD" and "EMOTION INDUCEMENT", for instance.

Another distortion lies in the association between your possible past horses and your present "vampirism" : there are currently hundreds of millions of vampires in the whole Stage World, as you'll see in the next section. The difference is that the majority of them have their crystals activated while survivors have not. And this has nothing to do with horses in the past, but only with a linguistic prison that has been exaggerating or amplifying your neutral-time traumas or emotional deceptions.

If you look carefully to pictures of veterans of OUR SIDE in the pre-hurricane period, like the Sixties, the Seventies or the Eighties, you'll realize that everyone who gets caught into this linguistic trap ends with 'vampirism'. Their language manipulation is capable of creating, producing and feeding the illusion of 'vampirism' for your brain.

The illusion of "vampirism" is nothing new. It's as old as the human being. Through artificial synchronicity and the manipulation of language, they've been creating, producing and feeding this illusion in your mind since the beginning of your linguistic prison, planting distorted ideas like "going back home", "diving into a pool", presenting your beloved one as a "mother" or as a "father", inculcating their "Auric Sacrifice Doctrine" in your brain and also 'ego'-based distortions such as the illusion of the "looking-glass".

"Some believe that we lacked the programming language to describe your 'perfect world'. I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through misery and suffering. So the 'perfect world' was a dream that your primitive brain was trying to wake up from".

(Agent Smith brainwashing Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

They may also try to take energy from you by using terms connected to the archetype of "Jew", such as "concentration camp", "survivor of the Holocaust", "arms marked with numbers", "Hebrew teacher", "Jewish hat", "gas chamber", "cremation", "compensation to the Jewish heir (heiress) to Swiss bank accounts containing the gold robbed from his (her) relatives", and so on.

They want you to feel victimized by your past, comparing possible horses or Nazis from your past to the Jewish Holocaust in World War II, or comparing your present linguistic prison to a "concentration camp".

What you must know is that you're not a "survivor of the Holocaust", but only a survivor of the spiritual hurricane that swept your city a few years ago... You may have had your horses when you were a neutral person, but they were just amateur horses, as seen above... You may mentalize : "AMATEUR HORSES".

And you do not live in a "concentration camp". As a matter of fact, THEY are often much more concentrated than you. They have their crystals activated, they communicate to each other using their crystals in a speed hundreds of times faster than the speed of talk in the Stage World, and they constantly search the immense database represented by THEIR main satellite. This requires a lot of concentration.

So THEY live in a concentration camp - a mental one. Not you. You're learning how to concentrate yourself in order to free your mind from their control. So there lies a distortion again here : the idea of concentration should not be associated with the idea of prison, as it is just the opposite. Concentration is one of the keys to your freedom, along with love and wisdom. But principally love, which is the answer to every doubt.

If they throw the label 'JEW' over your head, you may mentalize : "THEY ARE THE TRUE NAZIS, NOT THE ONES FROM YOUR PAST".

Realize that professional Nazis like THEM don't admit the existence of the Nazism (linguistic Nazism, in this case)...

And please do not misunderstand my words : THEY are not horses in the Backstage. The rule of the Backstage is LOVE. They are just using horse masks in the Stage World, they are just playing horse characters. Their horse characters are much more advanced than the amateur horses of the OTHER SIDE because THEY read survivors' minds whereas the latters don't.


Well, it's a poetic image in the Stage World : water falling from the sky, amongst a couple in love. There is an entire collection of songs and even movies dealing with this image : 'rain'. You know very well that what THEY mean when talking about 'rain' is not a physical rain, but the distorted image of a 'linguistic rain' that doesn't correspond to the truth.

The physical rain that falls from the sky is something essential to the cycle of life in the planet. It's naturally part of the environment, and it's present in the majority of the ecosystems.

The physical weather in the Stage World is something you can't predict for sure, and it doesn't depend on you if it is going to rain or not. It is something apparently natural.

The problem starts with the sickly second meaning : THEIR synchronicity is completely A-R-T-I-F-I-C-I-A-L, not "natural". It's NOT a phenomenon of nature, it's not "the weather", it's NOT a natural synchronicity : it is artificial, and it is produced deliberately to keep your mind under THEIR control. YOU KNOW.

It's a linguistic brainwashing, full of distortions, fallacies, false premises and syllogisms, euphemisms, false dichotomies, cynicism, hypocrisy, dark sarcasm, deceit and lies. Lots of lies.

If you still have any doubt about it, please reread section Introduction and take a look at section Denying the truth, especially the subsection Remembering the hurricane . THEY want your brain to forget everything. Stay alert.

When THEY produce this distortion using keyword "RAIN", especially if you're tired, you may want to use additional archetypes : I suggest something like "ARTIFICIAL SYNCHRONICITY" and "LINGUISTIC BRAINWASHING".

The distortion here is perhaps worst : water is one of the four elements of nature; two thirds of the Earth are known to be water; you can't survive for a long period without water; the human body has water, food has water, water is everywhere, even inside a cactus. You need water to wash your hands, to physically take a shower or brush your teeth, to cook a variety of foods, etc..

Are you seeing the size and proportion of their hypocrisy and cynicism ?

THEIR linguistic brainwashing IS NOT ESSENTIAL TO YOUR LIFE, IT IS NOT NECESSARY to your mind or to your body. It's useless. It's an illusion. It's slavery. It's a mental Nazism. It keeps you like a puppet under the thought control of THEIR characters. You didn't ask for it. It is forced, it is coercive, it is imposed.

Associating the word 'water' with a complete scheme of brainwashing and thought control is an ingenious way to smooth your perception of the very brainwashing. It's also a way of undermining your defenses. After all, as THEY say subliminally to your brain, 'it's just water'.

By using keywords like 'water' to refer to THEIR own brainwashing, THEY want to induce you to conform yourself being a 'happy slave' under their mental control. If you have any doubt about it, jump to the section The happy slave technique - Justifying slavery.

Generally the word 'water' comes associated with ideas like 'lack of water', 'to drink water', 'water bill', 'water valve (or sluice) out of order', among other variations.

Examples :

"The water supply has been cut off";
"I forgot to bring my glass of water";
"The landlord will pay the water bill and charge it afterwards";
"Water is not passing. Gotta fix the valve";
"The sluices of the dam will be opened tomorrow";
"My maid is building a new house. She was so desperate to move in that she didn't wait for the hydraulic parts. It's illegal, but she has no water at home".

In these cases, you may visualize the archetype : "BRAINWASHING INDUCEMENT", because THEY are subliminally telling your brain that "water is something essential, our linguistic is water, so our linguistic is something essential too". It's a fallacy, because it's based on a false and distorted syllogism.

As we'll see later on (section "Happy Slave technique", subsection "brainwashing inducement"), this is a technique THEY use to soften your control over their linguistic brainwashing. So that if you are tired or distracted when THEY use this technique, THEY simply "turn on" the speculative mode again, even if you have "turned it off" before.

That's it : THE PRICE OF FREEDOM IS THE ETERNAL SELF-VIGILANCE. You must watch your thoughts and watch their sentences and images. You must mentalize your archetypes over and over, so as to avoid losing energy. When your brain get used to a specific kind of speculation, THEY will abandon it and try another one more sophisticated. At times, THEY may use an old speculation type, just to see if you have forgotten it.

Other possible variations with keyword 'water' include : 'walk (or drive) over water', 'being soaked', 'hot water', and so on. Remember : THEY will try everything. So mentalize whatever is more appropriate to each case, and if it is about "water", you can add : "THERE IS WATER ONLY IN THE MATRIX" or "THERE IS WATER ONLY IN THE STAGE WORLD".

Labeling their linguistic brainwashing with one of these keywords is another very ingenious way of justifying slavery : in this case, THEY are blaming YOU for THEIR mental torture, for THEIR thought control, for THEIR synchronicity-based hypnosis.

Again it's a complete inversion of values. It would be like the torturer blaming the tortured for the torture. Or if you prefer a better image, the torturer ties your hands, your feet, presses a pillow over your head, injects forcibly a horsy dose of alcohol in your veins, and then comments on to his colleague : "Humm, he drinks like a fish".

What you must know is that you're NOT responsible for being a linguistic prisoner. You never take the initiative of being brainwashed. THEY take, and THEY blame you for it. It's in the very nature of hypocrisy : the abuser blames the abused for the abuse.

Always keep in mind : you NEVER 'drink' THEIR sickly keywords, and you have never 'drunk' them in the past. It's really a brainwashing : your brain has been a prisoner of forced similarities, association of ideas, artificial synchronicity and thought control since the day they started presenting you this new 'vocabulary' through thought reading and the association of ideas years ago, during the hurricane.

Your memory is organized in the form of a relational database, establishing internal pointers between related subjects and stacking similar information on top of each other, chronologically. The most recent information and also the unusual and unique information are accessed first.

Roughly speaking, you can say that it stores info in categories, like the Internet directories (e.g. Yahoo or Open Directory Project), and it retrieves info like some of the Internet search engines (e.g. Altavista or Lycos), that is, giving relevance to more unique words and to recent submissions.

THEY know this fact very well, and THEY read your mind all the time. THEY try to manipulate your mind just like Pavlov used to do with mice in a lab : using the association of ideas. They intentionally create and emit sentences that force mathematical similarities with aspects of your life. The human brain always associates an idea with the last similar idea stored on top of that memory stack (or in some specific cases, with the one before last).

THEY use this characteristic of the brain to control your thoughts : that's what George Orwell called the 'Thought Police' in his book '1984'. This is a brainwashing, not a voluntary action of drinking alcohol, as THEY like to say in their words or in their songs.

If you have any doubt about this fact, take a look in advance in the section The Fishing Techniques.


NEW! - Added on May 29 th, 2000.

An exaggerated version of the previous distortion (keywords alcohol, beer, wine, etc.) is given by the addictive element.

Now THEY not only say that you take the initiative to swallow their sick brainwashing but THEY also say that you are "addicted" to it. In other words, they say subliminally to your brain that you're sick. You're self-destructive. You have a disease, the disease of being addicted to their doubletalk, their thought reading and their synchronicity... You can't resist their sentences !

So you can take that image used in the previous example and add new elements. The abuser is now using a mask. Like before, he ties your hands and feet, presses a pillow over your head, and forcibly injects a horsy dose in your veins, this time of hard drugs or pure ethyl alcohol. Then you ask him : "Why are you doing this ?", and he replies : "Because you like it. Actually, you're addicted to this little remedy, ho-ho-ho, you need it". And you ask him again : "Why are you using this mask ?", and he says : "Mask ? What mask ? I have no mask ! That's your interpretation !".

Can you see here the face of their cynicism, the mask of their hypocrisy ? What a straight-face THEY have. What a perfect and cynical inversion of values, isn't it ?

Remember : THEY usually invert the poles : it's a totally demented and distorted logic. THEY describe reality blaming you for their very brainwashing on you. It's ridiculous.

The raw and naked truth is that THEY are the ones who are sick. THEY have a disease : THEY are addicted in brainwashing you. THEY can't resist for more than a few days without speculating with their sickly keywords. It would be an abstinence syndrome for them. They simply can't resist reading your mind all the time. They are insinuating persons. They are stubborn and blockheaded speculators. They can't resist creating artificially mathematical similarities to aspects of your life.

After all, you're the only one available around them ! You are a survivor of the hurricane. THEY need desperately someone to speculate over, someone to exercise their hypocrisy, and there you are, available, no crystal activated : you're provoking them with your crystal not activated yet, with your availability !

They are just like rapists that argue the victim was using a miniskirt, so he had to rape that woman, she was provoking him ! The difference is that, instead of a miniskirt, you provocatively have your crystal not activated yet. They can't resist !

But THEY are not to blame. That's not their fault : they are addicted in brainwashing you. They need a treatment. You can take pity on them. Poor them...

Do you see how descriptions of reality can be funny sometimes ? Who defines your reality for you ? You or THEM ? That's your life, not theirs. Your visualization, your archetypes, your descriptions of reality.

Artificial synchronicity, however, is NOT a description of reality. It's the truth. YOU KNOW. Now that you're convinced that what THEY do to you is really a brainwashing, take a look at how THEY can react to your conclusion :

"He still needs to grow up, he's an immature boy.";
"My daughter is a rebel kid.";
"Did you see the match yesterday ? The two players were pulling each other's shirts. They are impossible.";
My girl is gonna have a test today at school. Her weak point is text interpretation."

That's it : cynicism upon cynicism. If you hear a similar sentence when reaching a conclusion like this, I suggest you mentalize "DOUBT FISHING" and "BRAINWASHING INDUCEMENT". To reinforce, you may still add : "CYNICISM IN THE STAGE WORLD" and "INVERSION OF VALUES".

"You have no time for fear, DOUBT or DISBELIEF".
(Morpheus to Neo, in "The Matrix")

As Morpheus would say, this 'Matrix' that you have around you is a system projected to keep you under their control. It is a system designed to make you conform yourself to mental slavery, to their thought control and to their brainwashing.

Always keep in mind : their artificial synchronicity is not a belief system of yours (or a shirt, as they like to call), it is not a description of reality, it is not an interpretation. It is what it is : a carefully orchestrated system, elaborately created, and mathematically maintained to keep you mesmerized like a puppet or enslaved like a battery-moved, remote-controlled toy car.

"He needs to grow up", THEY say. Well, what is to grow up ? To free your mind from their slavery or to be a happy slave ? You choose. Ask yourself.

Wait. keywords NEWS, MEDICINE, INTEREST RATE and POETRY are pending.


NEW! - Added on June 1st, 2000.

Well, it's interesting that THEY refer to someone who is sincere and not cynical in the Stage World as a "naked" person. They are subliminally confessing that their hypocrisy is a mask their characters use in the Stage World : no mask (i.e., "naked"), no hypocrisy. Remember : there are no masks in the Backstage.

There are differences, however, that must be cleared up, because of the absurd encrusted distortions. Let's take a look at them.

Nudity is something that is legally forbidden in public, apart from confined areas in some states or countries dedicated to the practice of the so-called "naturism". If you go out naked in the streets, you'll probably be arrested. It's considered to be a scandalous situation, a violation of social norms pre-accepted by everyone in the Stage society.

With pornography, it's worst : it's considered offensive and reserved only for the adults : "X-rated" is the password here.

Now consider for a moment the sickly second-meaning of these words : THEY are saying subliminally to your brain something like :

"Sincerity and true love are forbidden in the Stage society. That's what says 'the law'. Don't you dare be sincere in your words, actions or thoughts, especially in public. Don't you dare ever talk about our Nazi brainwashing, our linguistic keywords, our thought control, don't you dare question our ego-based and competition-based premises, 'cause if you do that, we'll catch you and you'll be arrested. It's a taboo, a prohibited subject. Don't you dare think for yourself, 'cause that's our job : we think for you."

Part of this reasoning is true : for example, you can't talk about this homepage to their characters in the Stage World (your workmates, for instance). They can use it against you, unless you also reduce and compartmentalize the subject of the page into something that fits a previously accepted category in the minds of their characters. Depending on whom is categorizing, it may be reduced and labeled as : fantastic realism, urban legend, entertainment, conspiracy theory, philosophy, esotericism, science fiction, personal delirium, a thought-provoking text or just a piece of bullshit. Whatever.

They would probably include some egoistic premise to "explain" everything, like "it's a marketing maneuver to launch a book", "it's a new religious sect" and so on. That's how the Stage World works, at least for their characters. What they probably won't say, however, is that the author has abdicated his/her authorial rights and that each one of them can actually make money in the Stage World with this text (see section Rules to copy this text for further details) (by the way, I'm not saying making money in the Stage World is right nor wrong : do you do it for giving or for receiving ?)

None of them will define the content of this text as being real. They can't do that : THEY are characters, THEY can't confess their role as the rulers of your reality, THEY can't talk about something that officially doesn't exist in the Stage World. They won't ever confess the brainwashing scheme, nor the continuous thought reading over you, although YOU KNOW through your own experience that it is true.

"Unfortunately, nobody can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it."
(Morpheus to Neo, in 'The Matrix')

That's why a neutral person probably wouldn't understand completely what is written in this page. Only one who has a crystal activated (that is, THEM) or who is caught into their linguistic trap and their thought reading schemes (i.e., survivors) can understand and see the illusion of the Matrix.

They may use their sick keywords to label this page for your mind. By labeling it "pornography", THEY are saying subliminally to your brain : "this person is infringing the law". This is a delirious and demented lie. Remember : the law of the Backstage is LOVE. Their characters like to use anti-love techniques. THEY like to create around you the ambience of a repressive system that you may label (!) an "anti-love dictatorship". It's an anti-love and anti-sincerity scheme comparable to that used in the book '1984', by George Orwell : in the book, you had a department ironically called the "Ministry of Truth" charged with the task of distorting reality.

They may also use sentences like : "My younger son is a maniac for seeing sex pages on the Internet. I think these pages should be forbidden. I will install a filtering program in the computer.". Believe me : this page is not forbidden for minors. No survivor of the hurricane is a minor or a major. Mentalize : "LOVE HAS NO AGE" and "SPIRIT MEASURING".

They may also try to convince you that you are a character, so that you can pretend hypocrisy like them. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the truth is that you are not a character. You are a survivor. You don't have access to the Backstage reality like them. You don't have your crystal activated like them. You don't have a film director whispering to your ears and in their language sentences or ideas to be said. No one of their characters recognizes you as being a character. You don't act together with the others like a bee. You don't have a script. You don't have an "action basic guideline" or a character guideline.

In other words, you can't pretend like them, not without losing energy. THEY have the support of every other character around them, and you're practically alone. Because you don't have access to the sincerity in the Backstage or in the activated crystals like them, you are forced to be sincere in order to protect yourself from their hypocrisy. Of course you can't be 100% sincere : you can't talk to them sincerely about themselves and their speculation, otherwise they could use it against you. And you can't assume some non-ego attitudes that could "shock" their characters.

I'm not saying you should preach love and sincerity like Jesus, Moses or Buddah, initiating a crusade to indoctrinate their characters and producing a revolution to 'change the world' (I mean, the Stage World). Just saying you have no prohibition to make a homepage like this and help the others like you : sincerity is not nudity. As a matter of fact, you can do everything you want, provided that THEY don't use it later against you.

NEW! - Added on June 02 nd, 2000.

See what Agent Smith told Morpheus while brainwashing him in the movie 'The Matrix' :

"(...) The peak of your civilization. I say 'your civilization' because, as soon as we started thinking for you, it really became our civilization, which is of course what this is all about. Evolution, Morpheus, evolution. Like the dinosaur. Look out that window. You had your time. The future is our world, Morpheus. The future is our time."

You see ? When THEY use this label "DINOSAUR" to refer to a survivor of the hurricane, THEY are subliminally passing to your brain a conformist message :

"Like the dinosaur, you had your time. You'd rather give up trying than crushing your face against the wall, you have no chance. Many others have tried before with no success. Like the dinosaur, your race - the race of 'survivors', the race of 'Trumans' - will be extinct from the surface of the Earth. Not even one will remain 'alive' to tell the story. You have to conform yourself to our brainwashing scheme. Your aura will 'die' : that's inevitable".

Well, what THEY forgot to say is that, unlike the dinosaur, the "race" of survivors has never dominated the planet. Survivors have always been a minority, even before the dissemination of the hurricane (1993/1996) throughout the Stage World... Do you remember ?

Unlike the dinosaur, survivors are learning to define reality the way it is in the Backstage. The dinosaurs have never lived in a Stage World, nor have them ever faced the "Stage versus Backstage" duality.

There is not and there never was any inevitability. You're the only owner and master of your destiny. THEY will never push you beyond your limits. You only have to trust your beloved one within your heart. Now it's your time to define reality. Now it's your time to label them. Now it's the time of your life.

Once again I must say : THEY usually invert the poles. That's in the very nature of cynicism and of hypocrisy.

So think with me : who are the real dinosaurs that will be extinct from the surface of the Earth ? Well, I guess you already know the answer. That's THEIR characters, that's the Matrix itself, that's the Stage World.

Yes, the Matrix reality is the dinosaur who is about to be extinct, after the arrival of the 'GLOBAL D-DAY'. YOU KNOW IT. At some point in the future, the Stage World will no longer be a Stage : that's inevitable. YOU KNOW IT. The "reality-made iron curtain" that separates the two worlds will fall apart, all of a sudden, in a heartbeat. And the Backstage will merge with the Stage. The Backstage will invade the Stage. YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY.

So THEIR characters are the ones who are marked to disappear from the surface of the planet. THEIR characters are predestined to cease to exist, to failure, to stop pretending hypocrisy. THEIR days are counted. YOU KNOW.

THEIR race (that is, the "race" of their characters) is inevitably going to be extinct. YOU KNOW THAT. THEY are the ones who are going to be taken out of the map, not survivors. YOU KNOW. So THEY are the dinosaurs, NEVER YOU.

Can you see the mask of their cynicism here ? Can you feel the smell of their lies ?

I suggest that, every time you start losing energy because of this keyword, you mentalize : "THE MATRIX IS THE DINOSAUR WHO IS GOING TO BE EXTINCT", or just "THE DINOSAUR IS THE MATRIX". If you prefer, replace "MATRIX" by "STAGE WORLD" or "TONAL".


NEW! - Added on June 06 th, 2000

Another label THEY commonly use to refer to survivors, especially PANs, is the word "INDIAN". They explore an apparent similarity : Indians ("natives") see the world differently, have different values when compared to those of the so-called "civilization" in the Stage society.

It's one more lie : THEY have their crystals activated, and in the majority of the cases they have it for many years now. It means that, in most cases THEY have learned to see the reality of the Stage World in non-dichotomous ways. THEY have access to the Backstage (or "nagual") reality. THEY have had many HELICOPTER trips by now. Many of THEM have already seen FOREIGNERS in their original shapes. Many of THEM are in the process of developing areas of their brains linked to the so-called "paranormal powers".

Depending on where they lived at the moment of the passage of the hurricane, and consequently on how many years they have of activated crystal, THEY do not believe anymore in any of the so-called society 'values'. Generally speaking, you can estimate that a five years period will represent a tremendous difference, a definitive paradigm shift within their minds.

THEY have access to the Backstage advanced technology. THEY have already used a lot this kind of equipment. THEY have permanent access to their main satellite, with tons and tons of info on practically anything they wanna know. Many of them study day and night. They really don't sleep as much as THEY pretend to do when in your presence.

Many of them have learned how to participate in the survivors' nightly dreams and actually interact with survivors within these dreams. Many of them have learned to leave their bodies consciously with the help of their crystals, in what is known as an astral projection or an extra-body experience (as a matter of fact, for some of them, it is not an "experience" anymore, it's as easy as walking).

Since the first day of crystal activation many years ago, THEY have been watching a several hours long, daily basis broadcasted programming within their crystals network. THEY have learned details about the Backstage history in the pre-hurricane period, as well as about the movements of the "secret Cold War" between characters of BOTH SIDES in the Stage World over the previous decades.

Many of THEM have engaged in military missions against the OTHER SIDE, either in the Stage World or in the Backstage reality, and some of THEM have neutralized dozens of alligators and dogs from the OTHER SIDE. Some of THEM have even changed slightly their shells and assumed new characters in the Stage World, either temporarily or definitively.

THEY got used to treating the same way (and giving the same importance to) different persons in the Operation Centers and in their HELICOPTER trips, persons coming from characters in the Stage World so heterogeneous as a poor Peruvian boy, a Russian granny with pinky cheeks, a rich black American with a mustache in a suit, which happens to be a PAN, and a thin young girl from China. THEY also got used to seeing FOREIGNERS from different places of origin in the cosmopolitan environment of their Operation Centers and of the Backstage as a whole.

By learning to love what is different from them, instead of looking for what looks like themselves, they've realized how special and unique is every one of us, and how easily individual attributes or characteristics can be changed (including shells, nationality, color of skin, jobs, age, "preferences", little manias, etc.).

And by taking part in animated discussions or debates about any issue, in the Backstage reality and/or through their activated crystals, they've noticed how easily each one of their opinions, positions or arguments can be turned upside down, deconstructed or distorted by whom is stronger than them. They have learned how easily reality is divided into pieces, and how many different points-of-view a single subject can have. They have concluded that reality is just a description and that everything can be deconstructed. That is, everything but true love...

THEY have learned in details how to pretend hypocrisy in the Stage World. THEY have practiced it over and over, either in the Stage World or in simulated environments in the Backstage (the so-called Holodecks). THEY have learned how to use their masks.

Like native Indians, those among them who were neutrals by the passage of the hurricane have absorbed a dominant culture : the FOREIGN culture.

You are a survivor. You already see the world and think much more like a FOREIGNER than like a neutral person. So you're part of the dominant culture, and they - the former neutrals - are part of the dominated one.

So THEY are the Indians here, NOT YOU. THEY are the ones who have been civilized out of a previous barbarous and primitive neutral state. You are and have always been part of the civilizers, not part of the civilized like them.

Once again that's their cynicism and hypocrisy inverting the poles...


A second apparent similarity THEY may use with keyword INDIAN is the fact that you don't have your crystal activated yet, meaning that you don't have "technology", likewise the most isolated Indian tribes that don't have Internet or likewise the Indians of some countries that don't have TV.

Well, this similarity masks a fallacy : persons who are neutral today don't have their crystals activated as well. Indeed, they don't have crystals at all. They also don't have this "technology", and they are not labeled "Indians".

THEIR former neutrals' characters are the ones who have been civilized and "technologized" like the modern Indians in the Stage society. And the survivors are already part of the dominant FOREIGN culture, in spite of the fact that they do not have their technology yet.


A third and last false similarity is the comparison between Indian tribes and the process of extinction of endangered species or of the dinosaur. THEY are saying subliminally to your brain :

"You are an Indian, and like the dinosaur your species - that is, your 'tribe', the 'tribe' of 'survivors' - is going to be extinct from the surface of the Earth. That's an irreversible historical process.".

Again they repeat the same concept already showed in the keyword DINOSAUR above : they accuse you of what they are. Remember : THEIR characters are the endangered species here, THEIR characters are the ones who will no longer exist, who will be swept from the surface of the Earth after the arrival of the GLOBAL D-DAY. This Stage World, this Matrix, this Tonal reality is going to have a finish. You know that. It's inevitable. It's irreversible. It is going to happen.

So once more THEY are the Indians here, not survivors.


Another speculative variation, at least in the English language, is using the word Indian in its other meaning (i.e. referring to India; a person born in India or national of India) to try to hit you with the previous meaning : native. They may use sentences including expressions like Indian food, Indian cuisine, Indian file, Indian Ocean, Indian corn, Indian summer, and even Indian hemp. They may produce circus-like "news" in the Stage World involving characters from India just to brainwash survivors with their keywords.

The point here is : do not identify yourself with the meaning "native", and you won't identify with the meaning "referring to India". They are the "natives" here, so if they are using the keyword INDIAN talking about the meaning "referring to India" in an attempt to hit you with the meaning "native", they are just talking about themselves, as seen above.

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