The Reality Fishing Techniques - Part III

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This type of fishing happens when THEY talk about something that doesn't apply to your present life, either using their INTENDED second-meaning keywords, or not.

Example :

Let's say you live in London. You're at work. A workmate is reading the news in the Internet and comments on to the other :

"Did you know the last ? The Post Office is going on strike. They are asking for better salaries and a long list of demands. I hope they get it. They deserve, especially the postmen [US English = mailmen] , who work hard and face all kinds of weather and obstacles.".

And the other replies : "Yes, but they should be worried about downsizing. And besides, it's not a fair strike. I mean, it's an essential service. They will harm half the world. What if I had ordered something important ? I'd have to wait God knows how much time ...".

As you see in the short conversation above, THEY have launched a salad of archetypal ideas in less than a couple of minutes. THEIR goal is to make you identify yourself with ANY of these archetypal ideas. THEY want to creat a self-image for you, so as to have something palpable to start a speculation over your brain.

If you wanna be FREE, you must don't take seriously THEIR opinions. THEY don't believe in the veracity of the 'Matrix'. So why should you ?

THEY are characters, THEY are all pretending all the time, THEY don't care about themselves. THEY live in a STAGE. THEY don't want to emit an opinion about this or that. THEY WANT TO MANIPULATE YOUR BRAIN AND TAKE ENERGY FROM YOU.

You don't have means to know THEIR real opinion about anything. What you have heard was there FOR YOU to hear. You don't know what would THEY say in your absence. Perhaps nothing. Perhaps just the opposite. YOU'RE NOT THERE TO HEAR.

I'm not saying you should or should not have an opinion about the subject. Just saying that, as long as you stay under THEIR thought control, you'll still be a SLAVE, a PUPPET manipulated by THEIR sentences.

You can even choose to verbalize an opinion, since you keep in mind that your opinion is not better nor worst than any other opinion.

"Try not to think in terms of right or wrong".
(Morpheus, in 'The Matrix').

But first, in order NOT to have your brain hit by THEIR speculation, I suggest that, as soon as you hear the sentences above, you mentalize : "OPINION FISHING". And because there were several opinions involved, you may add : "OPINIONS MILL" or "OPINIONS SALAD".

And DON'T THINK of any opinion. DON'T THINK about the subject. That's what THEY want you to do. To reinforce, you may add "DON'T THINK" to your visualization.

If you catch yourself beginning to THINK about the subject, you may still add : "FALSE DICHOTOMY : RIGHT VERSUS WRONG".

Then, only then, you may give (or not) some opinion, whether it's your opinion or not.


In this case, THEY not only try to fish your opinion about an external (to you) fact or subject, but THEY also, using a RAPID TRIAL BALLOON variation, PLACE YOURSELF in the position of the person involved in this same external fact or issue.

Example :

Let's say you work as a civil servant for a U.S. state Legislative branch. So the local legislature has passed a bill assuring an extra pay for the very representatives that have voted the bill. No matter on the grounds of what. Just an extra income.

At your work, your workmates are commenting on the subject. THEY try to fish your opinion : THEY want to know if you do consider this practice (approving a raise in your own salary) as being "right" or "wrong".

So you mentalize : "OPINION FISHING".

But it's not enough for THEM. So THEY release the trial balloon. Someone enters the place, opens a large smile and says : "Hey, folks. I have some good news for us. I've heard a rumour that this raise they've got will be extended to all of us in the Legislative branch".

Do you see ? Using an alleged rumour, THEY now put YOU in the position of the very representatives THEY've wanted you to judge.

Well, you may have an opinion on the issue and even say that you think both raises are immoral, for instance, or that only their raise is immoral. Or you may choose not to have an opinion.

Ask yourself : do you think THEIR characters - which have free access to their BACKSTAGE reality, their HELICOPTER trips, their points of view, and a crystal activated - are really worried about how much THEY earn within THEIR circus in the STAGE WORLD ?

Do you think "the Matrix" is real ?

Remember : as long as you think of THEIR characters as being real, you keep yourself under THEIR thought control, imprisoned under THEIR dichotomies.

THEY want you to think in terms of "right" or "wrong", so that THEY can judge you, turning what you think or do against you.

I suggest that, while you hear the first part, you mentalize "OPINION FISHING".

And if you do consider THEIR characters don't mind about their salaries, you should add : "FALSE DICHOTOMY : RIGHT vs. WRONG".

And when THEY put YOU in the position of these politics, you add : "SELF-POSITIONING". Because it was just a rumour, you may also add : "TRIAL BALLOON".


Wait. Text pending here.


Wait. Text pending here.


Well, the name says it all. You can add this archetype ("MULTIPLE FISHING") to reinforce your visualization, whenever you face a situation involving several types of fishing at once.

Example :

Let's say you live in a small community in California and that your local bank - near your workplace - has an automated system of paying bills. So you go to the bank and you program in the machine the day your bill will be debited to your account.

You have not much money in the account, although it's enough to cover the bill.

Let's say today is Monday. Spontaneously, without thinking too much, you program the bill to be paid tomorrow (Tuesday), although it falls due only next Thursday.

What you forgot to consider in your spontaneity is that your payday will come in two days (i.e., until Wednesday, but you don't know exactly the day because your company do not have a rigid payday).

You forgot to think about it, but THEY didn't.

Right after you leave the machine, you hear two people talking. One says : "Is tomorrow payday ?", and the other replies : "I don't think so, only the day after tomorrow.".

Do you see ? THEY want to reduce your feeling of spontaneity and naturalness, THEY want to compartmentalize and rationalize your actions and your spirit. THEY want to rationalize your LOVE.

THEY are trying to FORCE you to think WHY did you schedule your bill to be paid tomorrow, and whether you're worried or not about scheduling your payment to the payday. This is CRITERION FISHING, ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS FISHING, and THOUGHT FISHING, all in one only package.

So now you must concentrate and mentalize these archetypes : "MULTIPLE FISHING" (to label and categorize the multiplicity of archetypes), and each one of them ("CRITERION FISHING", "ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS FISHING" and "THOUGHT FISHING"). You may add the phrase : "DON'T THINK".

If you prefer, you may sum up all the speculation in one only archetype : "SPONTANEITY CONTROL". Or perhaps : "FALSE DICHOTOMY : RIGHT VERSUS WRONG". Use your imagination.

THEY want you to establish a pattern of behavior in your ordinary life, a set of criteria, so as THEY can use this criteria pattern AGAINST YOU in the future.

THEY want you to give a RATIONAL EXPLANATION to all your acts and thoughts, thinking in terms of right or wrong.

THEY want to suppress all your SPONTANEITY and transform you into a remote-controlled, battery-moved TOY CAR. YOU KNOW IT. YOU FEEL IT. THEY want to manipulate you like a rat in a PAVLOVIAN maze. Is that what you want to be ?

Because your memory works using ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS and also functions like a PILE, STACKING SIMILAR INFORMATION ON TOP OF EACH OTHER, THEY want you to THINK, the NEXT TIME you pay a bill, what do you consider to be 'right' or 'wrong' regarding this subject.

That's why you need to mentalize your archetypes reducing THEIR speculation over your brain into YOUR labels and categories. Every time you mentalize an archetype, your brain creates a positive association of ideas between THEIR speculation and YOUR label.

You'll realize that if you do this and DON'T THINK of anything (right vs. wrong), the NEXT TIME you pay a bill, you probably WON'T REMEMBER their previous speculation. And even if you do remember, you'll also remember your labels that have been associated with that speculation.

That's why it's so important to file all archetypes, and even more important to memorize the association of a new form of speculation with your new archetype.

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