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(reality prison, language manipulation, artificial synchronicity, mind reading and association of ideas, "vampirism", etc.)

Artificial synchronicity, linguistic manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction


Message from Webmaster : If you have a page about this subject, please put a link in your page to mine. I will be periodically searching in the main search engines for your page, so that I can also put a link to yours.

NOTE: If you wanna be sure that I will find your page, the only way is using in your page a previously combined keyword not known in any language of the STAGE WORLD, and after that adding your page to a combined search engine.

Therefore, when any of you (SURVIVORS) search for this keyword, will only find pages about this subject, probably made by the others like you, so that, after a certain time, a network of homepages will have be built, all linked to all. The more ideas, the more solutions. The more solutions, the more freedom. Remember : the BACKSTAGE is global, not individual.

So I suggest you use the keyword : "dissahc" and the search engine Altavista. Don't miss the spelling : D-I-S-S-A-H-C .

If you don't manage to add your page to Altavista, don't worry. In this case, I suggest an alternative important search engine (always using keyword DISSAHC), such as Yahoo, Lycos or Google, so as I can find your page through a metasearch service such as the One2seek Metasearch.

And don't worry either, if you find exotic or irrelevant responses when searching for keyword 'dissahc'. It's only the Matrix flexing its muscles. That's a usual procedure and that's part of their job, at least from THEIR point-of-view. As our friend piece_of_nothing would say, "YOU KNOW". Deconstruct occasional keywords and mentalize something like "MATRIX SHOWING OFF" and "INVENTED OPPOSITION" (Reread denying.htm).

Beware also of the false friends. Remember : THEY can fake everything, including a SURVIVOR. So don't trust the others, and don't trust me.

I don't know about piece_of_nothing (the anonymous author of this text), but I'm not authorizing anybody to e-mail you on behalf of myself. So in case you do build your homepage on this issue and choose to divulge your e-mail address, don't believe in anybody identifying as myself.


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