Your beloved one as a dentist

Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction


(Updated on October 14 th, 2000)

In a parallel maneuver, THEY may try to inculcate in your brain generic impediments ("generic" because they can be used with any type of 'vampirism') connected to some Stage World-based dense concepts and/or distortions. Their goal is to take energy from you. So stay alert.

Let's then take a look at some of these alleged impediments that potentially can be included in their speculative sentences.

a) "He (She) is so smart : wants to eat without paying."

Well, here we have a complete set of distortions and false premises.

First of all, true love is not food. And by the way, sex is not food, either, and sex is not true love, as well. These are three different and independent elements. You're not going to eat your beloved one, as he (she) is not eatable. He (she) is not meat, or any other food. Mentalize : "SEX VERSUS TRUE LOVE".

Secondly, the fact that your beloved one may date, live together and/or marry you in the Stage World using a kundalinic shell doesn't mean that you prefer it, or that you value shells. It only means that you may need it to end your vampirism, if he (she) decides to follow this option. He (She) knows that you would accept any other shell different from that one. Perhaps he (she) is going to change shells sometimes, to help your brain not become confused with the illusion of shells valorization. Remember : shells are just like modeling clays. Mentalize : "SHELLS VALORIZATION INDUCEMENT" and "SHELLS ARE MODELING CLAYS".

Third, to love is to share, not to possess, never "to eat". Do you intend to have sex with a kundalinic shell of your beloved one, or do you intend to make true love or make "foreign love" with him or her ? Ask yourself. Mentalize : "TO LOVE IS TO SHARE".

Fourth, there is not and there will never be an "auric payment" to be made by yourself. Your beloved one is not a prize, nor a reward, nor a trophy that you would receive after making your "sacrifice to the Gods" in the "altar of delirium". Do you believe in the masochist premise, that is, that you have to suffer in order to be happy ? Mentalize : "THERE IS NO PAYMENT". To reinforce, you may add : "MASOCHIST PREMISE DELIRIUM".

And finally, to call you "smart" because you're going to date a kundalinic shell of your beloved one in the Stage World is too childish of their part. Remember : they're like spiritual kids. Mentalize : "PRESUMED EGO THEORY".

b) "If I win on the lottery, I'll buy a grocery for me in my neighborhood"
(said by a low-income worker of your favorite supermarket)

Well, the character of this guy or girl is manipulating the archetype of "tonal dreams", so common in the 'Matrix' reality, or in the Stage World. Mentalize : "THE MATRIX ISN'T REAL".

The distortion comes when you realize that that character really doesn't expect to win on the lottery. It's just a tonal dream that he or she knows will never achieve. And this person is just pretending. He or she really doesn't value money nor the Stage World anymore. This character has an activated crystal for more than three years now, have studied a lot, travelled a lot in the Backstage, and so on. Mentalize : "PRETENDED TONAL DREAM IN THE STAGE WORLD" and "TONAL DREAMS DISTORTION".

On the other side, your marriage is obviously not a lottery, and neither a kundalinic shell of your beloved one is a "prize" or your "tonal dream", let alone a "tonal dream you'll never achieve". You don't value shells. So if your beloved one opts for using a kundalinic shell as a remedy to treat your illusion of vampirism, it's not good nor bad, not better nor worst, it's just what is necessary in your case. Remember : their doubletalk creates vampirism... Mentalize : "TONAL DREAM VERSUS REMEDY TO TREAT THE VAMPIRISM" (or in short version, "TONAL DREAM VERSUS REMEDY").

Do you believe your beloved one is judging you, "rewarding" and/or "punishing" you with this or that shell ? Ask yourself. Do you believe he or she is an "angel" that must be put in a pedestal and worshipped and who will "give" his or her love to you in order to you "receive" your "salary" ? Frankly, what an insane distortion, isn't it ? Mentalize : "ANGEL APPROACH", "WIFE (or HUSBAND) PEDESTAL" and "THERE IS NO RECEIVING".

The results on a lottery in the Stage World allegedly (and officially) come "by chance". In a lottery, you are buying a ticket, you're making a bet.

What about your marriage ? Are you going to marry "by chance" ? Are you buying a "ticket" ? Are you making a bet ? Who creates the reality of your marriage for you and for your beloved one ? You and your beloved one, or THEM ? Are you cattle ? Mentalize : "BY CHANCE VERSUS OWNER OF DESTINY" and "COUPLE DEFINES REALITY".

c) "It's the life he (she) asked God for".

This time we have a variation of the above. Do you believe there is some sort of "external God" judging your life, and "giving" you what you "deserve", "rewarding" or "punishing" you ?

Notice that God is inside your heart, not outside : you're the only owner and master of your own destiny; there's no external God deciding the destiny of your life for you. Mentalize : "EXTERNAL GOD DISTORTION" and "OWNER OF DESTINY".

And again the illusion repeats itself : there is no "receiving" at all, no "gift", no "prize", no "reward", no "trophy", and no "victory". Your beloved one also deserves you. He/She also wants you. He/She also loves you. You're also a trophy for him/her, etc. He/She is not doing you a favor, he/she is marrying you. To love is to share, never "to receive".

d) "He is not cute enough 'for her'. Only a really good-looking guy would 'deserve' her." (if you're a man)

or "She is not cute enough 'for him'. Only a really good-looking girl would 'deserve' him." (if you're a woman)

"He (She) likes his (her) pudding with potatoes." (variation)
(meaning "their shells don't combine with each other")

Well, to begin with shells are not meat, nor a pudding or any other kind of food. The notion that there should be an intrinsic relation between the kundalinic level of both parts in a couple is false. True love has no boundaries, limitations, frontiers or borders. It's up to you and to your beloved one to define your relationship in the Stage World, and to nobody else. Who defines reality for you ? Are you cattle ?

If you don't value shells, then you won't be "proud" of his or her shell, in spite of all that their characters may pretend to believe. They are all pretending and they really don't give a cent for you in the Stage World. Nobody really cares about you in the Stage World.

Regarding the kundalinic shape of your beloved one, only a minority of vampires among them (or another occasional survivor of the hurricane like you) will look at him or her and consider : "Wow, what a girl" or "Wow, what a guy".

All the others are just pretending that they value shells, but in reality they don't. The majority of them have already seen foreigners in their original shapes. They have witnessed dozens of times foreigners from OUR SIDE changing shells before them in a question of seconds. Depending on the area you are, the great majority of them don't present the illusion of vampirism anymore. They know very well that shells are just modeling clays, and some of them have even altered slightly their very shells.

All this means they see other people as they are : human beings as spiritual beings. Human beings are luminous cocoons, to use the term coined by Carlos Castaneda. In the majority of the cases, they see the aura of the other people through the help of their activated crystals, although some of them - the more advanced ones - can see the auras also by other means.

They have learned how to observe the beauty of an aura, to analyze its colors and their meanings, to see the position of the assemblage point in each moment and to observe the illusion of vampirism inside the aura of a vampire. They have learned how to analyze the results of OUR SIDE's linguistic speculation over an aura, as well as how to analyze the consequences of the OTHER SIDE's plasmic, energetic weapons hitting a survivor's brain during the passage of the hurricane.

They know you're a survivor of the hurricane and therefore that you're a vampire. And they know that a kundalinic shell of your beloved one may be a solution for your vampirism. It's a very natural conclusion for them.

True love has no explanations to be given to the others, either in the Stage World or in the Backstage reality. You don't value shells, and neither does your beloved one. He/She really doesn't care about your shell, as he/she loves you, not your shell. And you don't care about his/her shell, as well. The point is that you have a vampirism that may need to be treated somehow. And your beloved one doesn't have vampirism, so he/she doesn't need you to have a kundalinic shell too. It's as simple as that. Remember : he/she is on YOUR side, not theirs.

The fact that your beloved one may help you deconstructing the illusion of vampirism by using a kundalinic shell doesn't imply in her (or him) being a mother (or a father) for you. After all, if you really feel true love for each other, you'll be together for a lifetime, and this obviously includes the time after your vampirism is completely deconstructed. Mentalize : "ETERNAL WIFE (or ETERNAL HUSBAND) IS ALSO A DENTIST".

And of course you can also work in order to increase the kundalinic level of your present shell, if you want. You can also be a dentist in the future. If you choose to do so, it would be only for giving your kundalinic level to the other people and not for receiving. After all, you don't need to have yourself a kundalinic shell to engage in a relationship with a kundalinic shell of your beloved one.

If this point is not clear in your mind, I suggest you make a list of couples of your relations, or that you see around you in the streets, or in the media, presenting a disparity between the kundalinic levels of each other. Write down all the details necessary to use the image of these couples as memokeys, in order to remember later on about them. Use the memories you have from your past, if you want. Remember that before the hurricane it was relatively common for members of OUR SIDE to form these couples, especially when at least one of the parts was a foreigner.

And beware of the Presumed Ego Theory, a movement that their characters do so as to explain everything that is "unconventional" in the Stage World using "ego"-based distortions. Example : "OK, so that very handsome boy is dating that not-so-pretty, ordinary girl. She must be rich and he must be keeping an eye on her fortune. And of course he is not faithful to her". Realize that these are only malicious descriptions of reality, and that THEIR characters really don't believe in them.

Another important question here is : are THEY uglifying the image you have of yourself ? No matter what is your present kundalinic level, THEY have means of uglifying it for your brain, by distorting reality in so many ways that you are finally induced to believe that after all you're not handsome or pretty, even when you really are.

At this point, their speculation - which is hypocritical in nature - may include labeling you a "narcissistic" person at the same time they use their uglifying techniques to diminish the image you have of yourself.

These techniques may include describing the reality that reach your perception field in distorted ways, that is : using their second-meaning keywords; overvaluing the kundalinic level of their characters; using some of them as false mirrors, perhaps idolizing the ones that occupy positions of fame in the Stage World; and undervaluing your kundalinic level; among other techniques, like hypnotizing your behavior in your nightly dreams, for instance.

Remember : your kundalinic level - as well as the kundalinic level of any person - can vary immensily just by using an enormous variety of techniques ranging from vivid colors in the clothes to skin treatment, from make-up to teeth withening, from depilation and suntan to a thousand ways of producing the hair, not to mention special techniques used by the motion picture, TV, fashion and propaganda industries. For a thorough list, take a look at the section The Cheating Comparisons technique.

(Added on October 05 th, 2000)

e) (Someone speaking on the phone around you) : "I cannot be blamed for your personal problems".

So ? That's it. That person cannot be blamed for the personal problems of the person who is on the other side of the line. Nothing else.

It would be that easy if you didn't have a memory. But if you are a linguistic prisoner and the issue "your beloved one as a dentist" is on the top of your memory stack, for instance, or is on your thoughts, then as soon as you hear this sentence, you may lose energy if you don't mentalize your archetypes quickly. In this case they are trying to question the very role your beloved one may play as your dentist, and the validity of this movement for your brain.

Notice that your beloved one (your eternal wife or your eternal husband) is not doing you a favor. He/She is marrying you. He/She also loves you, he/she also deserves you, he/she also wants you, and he/she also needs you. He/she needs you not to end his or her vampirism (he/she doesn't have such an illusion), but to share his or her love with you for the rest of your lives. He/She is not to be placed in a pedestal or worshipped like a God or Goddess. He/She never judges you, never rewards you and never punishes you.

N-E-V-E-R doubt his/her love for you. Believe in what he/she says inside your heart, because it is the truth. Believe in his/her eyes. Believe in his/her open aura. Their characters lie, he/she doesn't. Trust your heart. Remember that song "Time of my life" :

"Nooow it's the time of my life, I've never felt this way before;
It's all true, and I owe all to you (...)"

So whenever THEIR characters speculate inducing your brain to doubt what your beloved one is saying to you inside your heart, mentalize : "ANTI-CONFIDENCE DELIRIUM". If you're a man, you can reinforce it visualizing the most kundalinic shell of your beloved wife holding the words "YOU'RE THE CAPTAIN OF MY HEART". And if you're a woman, you can do the same mentalizing the most kundalinic shell of your beloved husband holding a plate where it is written : "YOU'RE THE PRINCESS OF MY HEART".

Remember : trusting is not in the field of thinking; trusting is not in the field of rationality; trusting is not in the field of logical understanding. Trusting is in the field of Love . Just abandon your brain if necessary. Mentalize : "BRAIN IN THE GARBAGE".

Do not try to understand the movements of your foreign beloved wife or husband around you in the Stage World. He/She knows very well what he/she is doing, he/she is capable of using nagual methods to approach you in your routine for instance, or of manipulating koans to break your rationalism if necessary. And he/she adores you.

And beware of foregone conclusions, because appearances can be deceptive sometimes. What he/she says IS the truth, but THEY may try to deceive your brain anyway using elements that apparently deny what he/she is saying. Remember : THEY are masters of illusionism.

For example, they may use twin brothers or twin sisters if the shell of one of the twins is being occupied by your beloved one in your routine, and if you don't know that his/her character has a twin brother or sister in the Stage World. So ask first your beloved one inside your heart : "Do your shell has a twin brother or sister in the Stage World ?". If the answer is "no", then period. But if the answer is "yes", then you have to learn how to separate the twins so as to avoid confusion.

Finally, realize that you do not have personal problems, besides the very ones they have created for you : your linguistic prison and your vampirism generated by their doubletalk. Your vampirism is not a problem from your past. It's an illusion created in the present time, during your linguistic prison, through years of mathematical similarities and thought control, artificial synchronicity and the association of ideas, plus distortions, false premises, syllogisms, cynical euphemisms, etc.


f) "The exam was very hard. Practically everybody in the classroom has failed. The average mark was 2.8 out of 10. Only three guys have passed".

It's not exactly an impediment, but it can be used as a generic tool to take energy from you if you're trying to deconstruct the other impediments through your will and your heart, trusting in the voice of your beloved one.

Observe that there is no external judgement at all. You're not on trial. There is not an external force, entity, power or divine creature judging your acts or thoughts in the Stage World. Foreigners are not the owners and masters of your destiny. You are.

"You're the only owner and master of your own destiny".
(from an old foreign book called the Dragvarda)

It's basically a question of control, Matrix-style. They want to control your life. They want your brain to believe that you're not the owner of your own destiny. It's as simple as that : slavery versus freedom. Mental freedom.

In the world of thought control, there are no successes or failures, no victories or defeats, no right or wrong : just actions. Or else what Castaneda calls not-doing.

This is another passage from the book "Journey to Ixtlan", by Carlos Castaneda, chapter "A Worthy Opponent". He was talking about the Other Side but now after the hurricane you can apply it to your struggle against your linguistic speculators :

(don Juan speaking to Castaneda) "When he has to act with his fellow men, a warrior follows the doing of strategy, and in that doing there are no victories or defeats. In that doing there are only actions."
(Castaneda) I asked him what the doing of strategy entailed.
(don Juan) "It entails that one is not at the mercy of people."

In a sense, you build reality with your thoughts. At least you build the reality of your life and of your relationship with your beloved one (together with him or her). If you're sure about your acts (or about your not-doing), there's nothing THEIR characters can do but sit down and watch. They can make all the noise they want, they can produce a storm in a teacup just to speculate over your brain, but your love is still there, along with your will. And you can always mentalize your archetypes. They'll never push you beyond your limits.


(Updated on October 14 th, 2000)

g) "One who earns so little cannot expect to be promoted to general manager in a hurry. Without doing anything for it and even so earning that much ? No way".

(meaning that one who is considered to be "ugly" or "not so cute as him or her" cannot expect to "win" a pretty or handsome shell of his or her beloved one, at least not without making a tremendous effort to "deserve" and "gain" that shell)

Well, again they're manipulating several archetypes at once : shells valorization, the angel approach, to share versus to take, giving versus receiving, the distorted premise of the intrinsic relation between shells in a couple, terrestrial logic versus foreign logic, and also you taking the initiative to approach your beloved one versus he/she taking the initiative to approach you.

So let's dissect everything piece by piece.

Firstly you have the same old archetypes used in other examples. You are not receiving anything. Love is not a salary. Your beloved one also adores you, also wants you, also "deserves" you, also "gains" you. He/she is not doing you a favor, but marrying you.

A kundalinic shell of your beloved one is not a prize or a trophy, it is not something that you "win" or "gain". It is not a higher salary. Shells are just modeling clays. It's a remedy, a medicine that may be the solution for the vampirism that THEIR very characters have created over your mind during all these years of artificial synchronicity, doubletalk and brainwashing.

So if he/she decides to wear a kundalinic shell in order to treat your vampirism, that's because you need it. In spite of your present vampirism, you don't value shells, and neither does he/she. And because he/she is not a vampire, he/she doesn't need you to have a kundalinic shell too. There is not an intrinsic, necessary relation between the kundalinic level of the shells in a couple. It's up to you and him/her to define the reality of your relationship in the Stage World, and to nobody else.

Secondly, let's say hypothetically - regarding your case - that you have concluded - together with your beloved one - that he or she is the one who must take the initiative to approach you in your routine in the Stage World using this kundalinic shell of him or her, because he or she considers it more strategic, from the military point-of-view against the forces of the Matrix, and also from the energetic point-of-view : as long as you anchor your perception in the Matrix reality and rationalize your acts as if everything was natural, you put yourself - along with your assemblage point - at the mercy of their characters.

"The Matrix is a system, Neo. And that system is our enemy."
(Morpheus to Neo, in "The Matrix")

This decision is very important, as it can define the type of relationship you want with him or her : to have sex with his/her character or to make true love to him or her ? What about the sincerity between you and your beloved one when you're alone with him or her ? Do you want it ? Ask yourself.

"We're moving to Fiji"
(alleged father of Sylvia interrupting her moment of love in the beach with Truman Burbank and kidnapping her out of the set, in "The Truman Show")

For one who lives in Florida (like Truman), Fiji is the archetype of the other side of the globe, meaning that one should "learn" with their characters (!) how to develop one's spirit, how to perfect this or that, how to be "rational" and perform a series of actions in the Stage World so as to "achieve" one's "goal", and "deserve" and "gain" his or her beloved one. So there he/she is, on the other side of the globe waiting for you, and all you have to do is going there. Of course along all the way they'll try to "judge" and "evaluate" every little act of yours and every little thought that passes your mind. And you'll stay mesmerized under their linguistic prison and thought control like a puppet... All these alleged "learnings" are already inserted in your pigeon-holes that you'll access later on.

Truman Burbank did exactly what he should have done : he didn't go to Fiji. He just left the set. And there she was, Sylvia, outside the set, waiting for him.

Following this reasoning, if your beloved one is present in your routine wearing a kundalinic shell to treat your vampirism and if you intend to leave your linguistic prison and at the same time share wonderful moments with him or her, all you have to do is not-doing. In other words, behave in your routine exactly as if he/she wouldn't approach you at all, unless he or she specifically tells you inside your heart to do this or that. This sophisticated maneuver can help breaking your expectations about your beloved one's approach and also the tensions created by their ongoing speculation and brainwashing.

THEY probably will then try everything they can to "scan" your routine and apparently "close" all the imaginable doors of opportunities your beloved one could potentially use inside your routine to approach you. Using a variety of speculations, that you may want to label "OPPORTUNITY CLONING" or "ROUTINE SCANNING", they may try to convince your brain that THEY control the character of your beloved one, that THEY control your life and his/hers, that THEY control the destiny of the couple.

And therefore convincing your brain that you're the one that must take the initiative to approach your beloved one in the Matrix reality.

After all - they'd say -, you must "deserve" his or her shell. You must "learn" how to "take" that "meat" for you (see the something-to-learn approach for more details) and you must "prove" them that you're capable of doing this in the Stage World, otherwise they'll label you a " disabled person".

Consequently, you must do a rational effort so as to "achieve" or "reach" your "goal", which is "eating" that piece of "meat". You must have your "merit" so as their characters can "reward" you, "allowing" you to "delight" yourself in such "pleasure". That is, provided that you first make your auric payment - of course. After all, "there is no free lunch", as they like to say.

Do you see how far the distorted and demented logic of their speculators can take you ?


So if your option is for not-doing you must also pay attention to the other edge of this axis "anxiety versus disbelief" : the disbelief sensation. Abandon your brain. Imagine you're throwing it away in the trashcan. Mentalize : "BRAIN IN THE GARBAGE". Forget about terrestrial logic. Your beloved one is a foreigner. Believe in his or her love, in his or her open aura. Believe in his or her eyes. These eyes never lie. It is going to happen. By the way, have you ever had a deja vu ?

"Not-doing is very simple and very difficult".
(Carlos Castaneda, in his book "Journey to Ixtlan", chapter "Not-Doing")
"This is insane"
(Neo, about what Morpheus told him to do in the beginning of the movie - to take a scaffold to get out of the building)

Well, if you have survived all these years their speculation, you must know by now that the world around you is insane, and that foreigners are insane. And therefore, if you're a PAN, you must be insane too.

You create reality with your thoughts and mostly with your heart. Notice that your beloved one is not a prisoner of his or her character, neither of the tonal reality or of tonal procedures.

"Their strength and their speed are still based in a world that is built on rules; because of that, they will never be as strong or as fast as you can be."
(Morpheus to Neo, in "The Matrix")

Love has no logical rules. Love has no formulas : you invent the relationship together with your beloved one. As a rule of thumb, the only movement his or her character must avoid doing is something that THEIR characters could use later against him or her, or against you. Remember : you're the only owner of your destiny and he/she is also the only owner of his/her destiny.

"The world can be what you make it."
(doctor to John Murdoch, in the movie "Dark City" mentioned above)

Their characters cannot control the movements of your beloved one in the Matrix reality. But due to the fact that their speculation is dynamic and sometimes very fast, if necessary, he or she can bypass their obstacles. Every time THEIR characters use military (artificial) movements or procedures in the Stage World to block the approach maneuver, your beloved one can make use of nagual elements to unblock it. Nagual elements such as the automatic transportation system or the so-called "paranormal powers". He or she could turn off the power in a certain area, for instance, or stop the engine of a bus, if any of these acts could help approaching you in the Stage World. Remember : he/she is on your side.

Even before the hurricane, when there were cameras of the OTHER SIDE everywhere, your beloved one could know exactly the position of these cameras, and how to bypass, deviate from and/or neutralize them, if necessary.

Now the OTHER SIDE has gone in your area. But THEY (OUR SIDE) read your thoughts all the time. And their characters try to imitate the lizard point-of-view. It's a military angle they focus here. So you and your beloved one may have to proceed as if all their characters were lizards. It's a military situation, Matrix style. They don't want you and your beloved one to be happy. It's an anti-love Nazi dictatorship.

But you and your beloved one are the only owners and masters of your own destinies. You adore him or her, and he or she adores you. That's all. None of you owe their characters no explanations and no satisfactions whatsoever.

So your beloved one has basically three options :

And if he or she picks the option "a" or "b" above, then depending on your case, he or she may reveal his husband condition or her wife condition openly to you right after the approach moment.

Finally, what about the timing and speed of the approach maneuver ? Do you believe that he or she can approach you on a step-by-step basis, acting rationally in the Stage World like a terrestrial ? Or do you believe that his or her approach must be all of a sudden, in a quick and fulminant movement ? Ask yourself.

"If we don't go now, it won't happen".
(Sylvia to Truman in the library scene, in "The Truman Show")

(Added on October 14 th, 2000)

h) "A bank only lends you money if you first prove them that you don't need it."

(variation) : "He (She) has to give up to win."

(esoteric variation) : "One who conforms oneself to the Loss, is accepted by the Loss."

Well, these are very treacherous sentences. They bring to your brain the distorted premise that you are being judged by their characters. They are trying to sell your brain their distorted logic, like a cynical salesman in a store. They are saying subliminally to your brain something like :

"We control your reality. We are the owners of your destiny. So you have to follow our rules, crestfallen. And our rules say that you first have to suffer to be happy. That's inevitable ! We have several promotions at our store.".
"Our special offer of the day is the "giving up" package. By buying this package, first you must give up your intentions of feeling true love and marrying your beloved one, and then - after you "lose" your love and make your "auric payment" in the cashier, like any other customer - we'll give you the "prize", and you'll "win" the "trophy" that is marrying him or her. Taxes not included, of course."
"Another promotional package we have here is the "not needing" package. It's the sensation of the moment, a must among "survivors", I'd say. By acquiring this one, you need first to eliminate your illusion of "vampirism" by yourself, and then - when you don't have "vampirism" anymore - you'll be given your "prize" (after you buy your "auric ticket", evidently) which is the "favor" your beloved one is gonna do you by marrying you in the Stage World in a kundalinic shell. After all, you "deserve" it."
"But our specialty is the "accepting alternatives" package. Ho-ho-ho ! This one is very simple. You just have to conform yourself - crestfallen, confused and depressed, of course - to the alternatives we'll present you dynamically through our trial balloons, before you "receive" your "product". It's also known as the express package, because we sell it in the speed of thoughts !"
"Your beloved one has chosen that specific kundalinic shell to date and/or marry you because he or she "thinks" it is the most appropriate for your case ? But ho-ho-ho !, we've got plenty of options ! What about this one ? Look at this "meat". Isn't it "good" enough for you ? And what about these "glasses" ? We have special prices and discounts ! Don't you feel you need them to "correct" your "vampirism" - that is, your emotional "disability" - that we ourselves have created in your brain with our doubletalk and artificial synchronicity ? And what about waiting a little more before getting married to your beloved one ? Are you sure this is the moment ? No, you're not ready ! After all, marrying takes time and planning ! We sell chronograms, agendas, schedules and graphics at a fair price ! And we sell matrimonial counseling, too. Ho-ho-ho ! Come on, don't be shy."
"And finally, we have our extra package called "tracing your option". Your brain will be delighted with such rationalizations ! After all, you can't be so sure about your option. So all you have to do when buying this package is changing your mind !"
"Take a look at our free sample of rational questions : What if that shell has a twin brother (sister) ? Wouldn't be good ? You take two for the price of one ! And what if he (she) has a brother (sister) who is even more handsome (prettier) than him (her) ? Don't you want him (her) to change shells ? Oh, come on, confess you want ! Are you sure that this is the shell you want him or her to wear to be your husband (wife) in the Stage World ? And what if this shell of him (hers) has a girlfriend (boyfriend) in the Stage World ? How could be possible that this kundalinic shell of him (hers) doesn't have a girlfriend (boyfriend) ? Do you really trust his (her) voice inside you ? Ho-ho-ho, don't lose your time with this crap. This voice doesn't exist, it's an illusion ! This voice is just like love : merely a chemical reaction of your brain ! And what if he (she) gains weight and becomes fatter, or cuts his (her) long hair ? Would this shell still be a valid kundalinic shell to reduce your "vampirism" ? What if he (she) doesn't have self-discipline ? What if she becomes pregnant (if you're a man) [or what if you become pregnant (if you're a woman)] ? Can you afford a baby ? What if they're twins ? Can you still afford them ? What if they're quintuplets ? What if the baby is aborted ? What if the baby is a mongoloid like you ? What if ? Come on. Confess that you can't stop thinking about our endless options, can you ? After all, you need to flex your mental muscles - under our control, of course ! It's healthy !"
"So... did you like it ? Did you like our formidable packages ? Ah, I was almost forgetting. We can deliver at "home" any of these packages. There's a modest extra "fee", of course. And we have our "installment plans", too. You can "pay" it dividing the total "price" by a number of "parcels". "Interest rates" not included, of course. One who suffers one, can suffer twice ! That's our motto ! So, have you made your choice ?"

Ironies apart, the fact is that they want to control your life. THEY want to judge your destiny, and decide for you what is going to happen regarding your marriage to your beloved one.

"You have a problem with authority, Mr. Anderson. You believe that you're special, like some of the rules do not apply to you."
(boss to Neo, in "The Matrix")

On the contrary of what THEY say, Love is not money, and therefore cannot be borrowed from a bank, sold or bought. Love is free, it's universal and it's for giving, never for receiving. In the world of thought control, there's no "receiving" at all, and no "winning". There are no "prizes" or "trophies", and there are no "losses", either : you can't lose what you don't possess. To love is to share, never to possess.

You're the only owner of your destiny. No external force, power, entity, creature or deity in the whole Universe can decide for you what is better to your marriage. Only you and your beloved one must do it. Mentalize : "DRAGVARDA" and "OWNER OF DESTINY".

So it's up to the couple to define reality : which shell of him or her, the type of relationship in the Stage World, who takes initiative, the type of approach, and the right moment.

But anyway, they want to turn your thoughts against you. They want to reduce your true love, and also your sixth sense, intuition, PAN side and deja vus into well known compartments of the brain. So they will bombard your brain with all kinds of options, exceptions and delirious hypotheses. Their thought control techniques are capable of maddening anyone. So here you have two options : either you choose to be a sad crazy or a happy crazy individual.

Believe in the voice of your beloved one inside your heart. Believe in his or her eyes. Remember his or her passionate, open aura. These eyes never lie.

Concentrate yourself on the raw and naked truth : you're the only owner and master of your own destiny. The same applies to your beloved one, and he/she also wants you. He/She is on your side, and he/she never judges you. So you create reality together with him/her. At least the reality of your relationship in the Stage World, or elsewhere.

Regarding some of the hypotheses presented in the example above, it is important to say that if he/she decides to approach you in a specific shell in order to treat your vampirism, and if he/she says it is going to happen, that's because it's true : it is going to happen. And if the goal of he/she wearing that shell is precisely reducing your vampirism, evidently he/she will mantain the kundalinic level of the shell. And of course a pregnancy that involves you and a foreigner never happens "by chance" : it's always something calculated, and obviously all the means necessary to create that child are made available to the couple. For foreigners of OUR SIDE generating money in the Stage World is something very easy to be done - if necessary - through the combined performances of their characters. They don't have the dense values of the Stage World, and neither do you.

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