Going Over "Vampirism"

Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction





* Their Goal
* Example #1 - The Impediment Approach
* Example #2 - The Imitation Approach
* Example #3 - The 'Going Back Home' Approach
* Example #4 - The 'Something-to-Learn' Approach
(Added on June 13 th, 2000)
* Example #5 - The New Belief System Approach
(Added on June 24 th, 2000)







So you are a so-called "vampire", i.e., you have the illusion of "affective lacking or shortage". Well, that's no big deal. You're NOT the only one. It is important for you to know that there are at this present moment hundreds of millions of "vampires" all over the STAGE WORLD where you live.

The difference between you and the other vampires is that you do not have yet your crystal activated because you're a survivor, but they have because they have been 'swallowed' by the hurricane years ago.

You also may want to find out an interesting fact : in some countries of the Middle East, for instance, the proportion of vampires is still many times higher than in other areas of the STAGE WORLD, because of the repressive education they have had and things like the obligation womens have to use veil and other rules imposed by the local culture or religion. These areas you may call the "Transylvania".

I'll presume that, besides being a vampire, you're also completely in love with your beloved one, who must be a FOREIGNER.

Ask yourself : do you consider that these two facts (i.e., your so-called 'vampirism' and the deep true love you feel for your beloved one) have to walk separately, in parallel ways, or altogether ?

Another important question is : did SOMEONE pass you some kind of mental exercise you must practice on a regular basis, in order to reduce your 'vampirism', and also to replace the necessity of masturbating yourself that you have had before ?

So now let's take a look at how THEY distort reality (even nomenclature) to take energy from you by manipulating your 'vampirism', on how to deconstruct these illusions THEY bombard your brain with all the time, and on how to strengthen your description of reality.

Later on, we'll analyse which way you may want to take to reduce and eventually end your 'vampirism', the implications of each way and how to remain FREE from THEIR brainwashing during this process.


First of all you may want to realize how distorted is the 'nomenclature' that THEY use to refer to your 'vampirism'. As a matter of fact, 'vampirism' is also a nomenclature, but I've chosen to use it throughout this text because it is the less used and less distorted of them all.

The word 'HAIR', for instance, has nothing to do with the illusion of 'vampirism'. Well, at least not in the sense THEY use it. Except for baldness, a person's hair always grows again after having being cut.

But this doesn't happen to your illusion of 'vampirism' : once you start reducing it, you'll be always reducing it. And although you may sometimes have the sensation that it had raised again a little, it hadn't.

What have caused your 'vampirism' at first were some events or set of events that have marked your past, at a time when you were a 'neutral' person, as well as the majority of the persons around you.

So unless you pass again for similar situations or traumas, your illusion of 'vampirism' won't raise anymore. Now you're no longer a 'neutral', neither are the persons around you after the hurricane.

The same distortion you can see with the word 'NAIL' : it always grows again, on the contrary of your 'vampirism'.

The word 'FAT' also brings an embedded distortion : every person who enters a diet and loses its fats today can tomorrow gain fats again.

So every time you hear one of these three speculative words (HAIR, NAIL (body), or FAT), for instance, realize how distorted they are. You have also the option of adding one more archetype to your visualization : "FALSE NOMENCLATURE" or "DISTORTED NOMENCLATURE".

And if THEY use this distortion trying to inculcate in your brain the false idea that your 'vampirism' is increasing, then you may still add : "VAMPIRISM INCREASE INDUCEMENT".

Another option THEY have to speculate on this is trying to force you to identify yourself with one among many descriptions of reality. For example : one character says to the other : "you're leaner, ain't you ?" and this latter replies : "I'm on a diet. But you looks fatter". And the first says : "Oh, yeah, I'm like an accordion, I come and go" (making a gesture with the hands).

In this case, you may add : "SELF-ANALYSIS FISHING", because THEY are inducing you to feed your self-image with some label THEY create for you, and this way perpetuate THEIR speculation over your brain. (we'll see detailed information on the 'FISHING TECHNIQUES' later on).


THEY want to take energy from you, and THEY do this by describing YOUR reality FOR YOU. Distorting everything, of course, making you feel stupid, and therefore inducing you to think you have something to prove to THEM.


Here is a couple of examples of this distortion.


You're at a family meeting. Two relatives of yours are talking to each other near you.

One says : "Have you seen my new watch ?"

The other replies : "No, let me take a look".

As the first takes out the watch and shows the other, this latter relative remarks : "Oh, it's not waterproof, but it's water resistant. It can be wet for a few moments but you can't dive into the pool with it.".

And coincidentally you're doing an exercise to reduce your 'vampirism' or to free your brain from THEIR control, or both.

Or, to complicate things a little more, let's say that at this same meeting there is a cousin/cousine that produces over your brain the illusion of vampirism and whose shell is considered to be "cute".

You may lose energy either with the idea that your exercise to free your mind is not working properly ("It can be wet for a few moments") or with the idea that you cannot flirt, date or have sex BECAUSE OF your 'vampirism' ("you can't dive into the pool"). Or yet your brain may be hit by both ideas at the same time : you cannot have sex or date/flirt with someone without being influenced or brainwashed by THEIR speculation.

In all cases, THEY inculcate subliminally in your brain the idea of impediment : "You can't do this, but I (we) can. Ha ha ha.".

Well, that's THEIR description of reality. That's a childish behavior and doesn't mean anything. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE TO THEIR CHARACTERS, NEITHER TO YOURSELF.

THEY describe your reality towards this or that ? Fine. Now YOU describe your reality towards what your heart wants to do.


You must know that these archetypes are true. You have really NO IMPEDIMENT to do anything. THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE : that you have an impediment... IT IS A LIE.

By the way, do THEY talk about you ? Do THEY recognize to be talking ABOUT you ? If you approach one of THEM and try to unmask his/her speculation, will him/her ever admit it ? Of course not.


So you have NO IMPEDIMENT to do anything. The question is : do you really WANT to do it ? Ask yourself.

And if you don't want to do it, then you are not doing it JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT, and not because you can't. You may mentalize : "THAT'S NOT BECAUSE I CAN'T, THAT'S BECAUSE I DON'T WANT IT".


Sometimes THEY dichotomize reality associating one of the sides of this dichotomy with an alleged 'everybody does' pattern of behavior (usually connected with sex, dating, flirting and 'donjuanism') and associating the other side of this dichotomy with a 'goofy'-like and/or PAN-based label (generally linked to a non-sexual and non-hypocritical behavior).

To do this, THEY commonly create a regional keywords 'vocabulary' using for instance names of famous local/national sports teams ranging from basketball to baseball to football to soccer to cricket to swimming to any often-commented sport in your area or country.

Due to regional aspects of sports and because this text aims to reach the international reader in general, I won't mention here any team name, but you're encouraged to replace 'team X' and 'team Y' below for the keywords used in your area.

Team X = allegedly 'everybody does' pattern of behavior; and
Team Y = 'goofy'-like and/or PAN-based label.

Using the 'Team X' label, THEY try to invite you to imitate what THEIR characters allegedly do. (I say 'allegedly' because you can't know for sure what THEY really do when you're not there to see : so if a couple of characters kisses each other in front of you, for instance, how do you know they really form a couple ? I mean, did you see his penis penetrating her vagina ?)

THEY are saying subliminally to your brain : "Come on. Come with us. Do like we do. Ain't you wanna also be a 'Team X' fan ? Or are you gonna stay isolated there in your little corner ?".

So now it's your time do define reality. Ask yourself : are you cattle ? Do you feel like a sheep in a flock ? Do you want to imitate the others just like a monkey in a circus ? Are you gonna do something only because THEIR CHARACTERS allegedly do ?

So I suggest every time you hear THEY speculating on 'Team X', you mentalize : "IMITATION APPROACH".

And every time you hear 'Team Y', you may mentalize something like : "THEY ARE FANS OF 'TEAM Y', NOT YOU. IT'S THEIR TEAM, NOT YOURS. THEIR LIFE, THEIR PROBLEM, NOT YOURS".


Let's say you live in Vancouver, Canada. You are a man and are in the mall buying some clothes. You're in the escalator heading towards the garage when you hear a daughter saying good-bye to her mother : "Bye-bye, mom".

Twenty seconds later, you're in the garage and you hear two girls on foot talking to a third girl at the wheel of a car : "With your hair this way you aren't gonna flirt anybody". And the driver answers : "Pfff, I don't even know what it is".

And one more minute after that, right after you leave the garage in your car, you see a teenage girl walking in the sidewalk with a dog.

Can you see the perfection of THEIR synchronicity ? Three successive events one just after the other ! THEY want to keep you under control, and thus THEY don't give you time to assimilate or chew THEIR speculation.

Let's say the root of your vampirism is based on teenage girls, for instance, because you're a PAN, and you're a virgin in your thirties and you have never had a girlfriend.

THEY KNOW IT. So THEY try to brainwash you with this 'go back home' stuff, which means in plain English that you must do now what you haven't done before, in order to 'fulfill' your so-called 'emotional emptiness' and so to 'relive' the past you haven't had (see more details in the previous section "THERE IS NO GOING BACK HOME", and also in the further section "ALLEGED CHARACTER RESTRICTIONS TO FORM A COUPLE").

As you have read before, THERE IS NO GOING BACK HOME. You have no "HOME" to go back. The future is AHEAD, not backwards. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Think about it.

And if you're a PAN, remember : you are NOT your identity, you have no compromises with the idea of continuity of your present shell. YOU KNOW that, at some point in the future, you will be able to be older one day and younger the next. So what do you have to worry about ?

On the other side, as you will read later on, there is no impediment whatsoever for you to do anything, including dating or having sex with a teenage, for instance.

THEY are all characters, THEY don't believe in themselves as being 'real' in the STAGE WORLD, and THEY are NOT ruled or imprisoned by alleged cultural, social or legal restrictions of the STAGE WORLD present society. To facilitate things for your brain, you can remember for instance that the native Indian cultures (both now and in the past) have also a different approach in the age issue and are also NOT ruled by western or Judeo-Christian concepts.

Do you believe you have compromises with the cultural, social or legal aspects of the STAGE WORLD society where you live ? Or you just don't wanna do anything that could be used later against you ? Ask yourself.

Some of THEIR characters weren't even born in the very identities or characters they use nowadays. Remember : REALITY IS JUST A DESCRIPTION. And don't forget : the rule of the BACKSTAGE is LOVE, not LOGIC.

One more clue for you : the girl is also one of THEM. She has her crystal activated for many years now. She speaks THEIR language. She really doesn't care about the false dichotomies embedded in the present STAGE WORLD society. She views the world like THEM.

Do you think you would kind of "harm" the girl just because you seem to be in some sort of "advantageous" position given your older age when compared to hers ? Well, you wouldn't. As a matter of fact, SHE would be in an advantageous position over you, because she has her crystal activated and you don't ! In other words, she (as any other girl or woman younger or older than you) would be able to manipulate your mind by dating or having sex with you.

So, returning to the example above, I suggest you try to act as quick as possible in your visualization, in order to deconstruct THEIR sick manipulation.

When the first girl bids her mother farewell, you may mentalize : "THAT'S HER MOTHER, HER LIFE, HER PROBLEM", adding "I'M NOT YOUR MOTHER, I'M YOUR WIFE. I'M YOUR ETERNAL WIFE" (your wife's voice speaking to you inside your heart). After getting practice, you can sum up everything to : "ETERNAL WIFE".

[Note: if you are a female survivor with a teen-rooted 'vampirism', just replace in the example above 'mother' for 'father', 'wife' for 'husband' and 'girl' for 'boy'].

When you hear the conversation about 'hair' and about not knowing what is to flirt, you mentalize : "THERE IS HAIR ONLY IN THE STAGE", "THERE IS NO GOING BACK HOME", "FLIRTING VERSUS PIGEON-HOLES" (or "DONJUANISM VERSUS PIGEON-HOLES"), "CHARACTER CONTINUITY" and "PAN LONGEVITY".

When you see the teenage girl with the dog, you mentalize : "TEENAGE GIRL - INVENTED IMPEDIMENT" and "LOVE HAS NO AGE". Then you add : "THERE IS DOG ONLY IN THE STAGE" plus " DOG OF THE MATRIX IS ONE WHO DIES".

In the following minutes, you may need to reinforce everything alternating all these archetypes over and over.

To reinforce the deconstruction of the symbol "dog" in your mind, for example, you may need to add another element. If you have ever watched an episode of that TV series "Alf", for instance, you may mentalize Alf's image and compare this image in your brain with the image of a dog. You may notice that the character Alf physically looks like a strange dog, but he is not because he is not from here. You may want to know that there is even an episode of the TV series where Alf is confused with a dog and taken to the kennels ! So ? So he is not a dog and he is not from here.

Because your brain works with symbols, you can use this process to a vast number of labels.(as a complement, you can see more on this technique in the section 'PLAN B - USING ANTONYMS').

Regarding the so-called 'pigeon-holes', you'll see a lot more later on in this text. If you can't wait, see the definition for the keyword "SUBWAY" in the section "Short Dictionary of Keywords".


NEW! - Added on June 13 th, 2000.

Let's say now you're a woman. You're at work. In the morning, a workmate of yours - a FOREIGN man with a reasonably "cute" shell - sits beside you, starts talking informally to you and in the middle of the conversation innocently touches twice your hand with his fingers, holding your hand a little each one of the times. He also puts his arm behind your shoulders, holding the back of your chair. Later on, in another opportunity, he keeps looking at you with that insinuating "second intentions" look.

It's an unusual behavior for his character in this particular day, different from the other days.

A few moments later, when you're thinking about his behavior, you hear two other colleagues of yours commenting on : "He is going to take the course, it should last a year till he learns everything".

In the afternoon, you're in your way to the bank when another character of your relations - this time, a FOREIGN woman - passes you. She says : "Wow, you hair is longer".

Arriving at the bank, you pass by another woman whose image has been used as an archetype to speculate over your brain - the archetype of a woman who knows everything about flirting, seducing and the like. THEY had previously described reality for you associating her image with this archetype. So, at least for your brain, her character knows everything about the so-called "seduction games".

She is as "cute" as you and, according to THEIR description of reality, she is a 'men devourer', an authentic femme fatale. In other words, her character can "have" practically any men she wants to. That's what THEY want your brain to believe.

And 'coincidentally' you were a shy girl when you were a neutral person many years ago. You have had a couple of boyfriends during your whole life, and you are not 'malicious' enough to engage in these "dense" seduction games, full of hypocrisy, illusions and distortions.

Yet to complete the speculation, in the evening of this same day you hear someone in your bus saying the following sentence : "She is pretty only when she is naked".

Once more you can see the perfect synchronization of their acts repeating the same idea in one only day. They are saying subliminally to your brain something like :

"You need to dive into this pool. You need to learn every detail about the 'seduction games', about the 'art of courtship'. You need to learn how to initiate a relationship with a man and how to react when the other men are showing interest in you. You want to be like that woman, ain't you ? You have to learn how to be hypocritical, you have to be a character like us, you can't keep on being sincere. Come on, come with us. We'll show you the way. Don't be afraid. Dive into the pool : it's just for learning ! Don't you wanna learn ?".

They want you to make your "auric sacrifice", diving into an ocean of illusions and circus traps they've set up for you. They are all pretending, they are all characters. They are not amateurs, they are professional illusionists. They want to take energy from you. They won't hesitate if they have a chance.

Do you think you have really something to "learn" diving into this pool, as long as you stay in your puppet condition under their thought control, under the brainwashing that they perpetrate over your mind day and night ? Again I must ask you : do you wanna be like cattle marching into the auric slaughterhouse ? Do you wanna behave like a remote-controlled toy car ? Ask yourself. Do you think their characters are reliable ? Ask yourself.

I'm not saying you should dive or not dive into this so-called "pool". Just saying that if you want to free your brain and at the same time dive into this pool, then you must do it because you really - I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y - wanna dive (that is, have sex with your so-called "brothers"). In this case, you'd do it because you want, not because you have something to "learn". And you'd do it with no doubts, deconstructing each piece of illusion, each microslice of brainwashing.

And remember : every one of your "brothers" is a character that will try everything to manipulate you and your thoughts. They are really not interested in you, no matter how "cute" you are : they operate primarily under the command of the Operation Center. They act together like bees. The ultimate goal of THEIR characters is to deceive your brain. Be aware of this.

In any case, you must deconstruct the speculation. In this example, when your colleague at work insinuates himself, mentalize : "INSINUATED FRIENDSHIP" and "SECOND INTENTIONS". When you hear the sentence about a "course", you may visualize : "SEX INDUCEMENT", "CIRCUS TRAP" and "SOMETHING-TO-LEARN APPROACH". When the woman exaggerates the size of your physical hair, mentalize : "VAMPIRISM INCREASE INDUCEMENT" and "DISTORTED NOMENCLATURE".

When you see that archetypical woman (the 'men devourer'), you may visualize : "FALSE MIRROR", "ARCHETYPE REINFORCEMENT", "DESCRIPTION OF REALITY" and "FLIRTING VERSUS PIGEON-HOLES". And finally when you hear that sentence in the bus about becoming not naked, mentalize : "HYPOCRISY IN THE STAGE WORLD" and "INVERSION OF VALUES", plus " YOU ARE NOT A CHARACTER" and "ASSOCIATED PRAISE" (and depending on whom they are concretely talking about, you may still add "FALSE MIRROR", "SHELLS VALORIZATION" or "IDOLATRY IN THE STAGE WORLD").

And do never forget the obvious: you're truly in love with your beloved one, who happens to be a FOREIGN man. You want him and noboby else. THEY KNOW. THEY don't recognize such 'thing' called 'true love'. Just to make a comparison, to the OTHER SIDE, love is just physico-chemical reactions of your brain, and to THEM (e.g. the characters of YOUR SIDE) love is just a casual dive in a pool.

[ NOTE: If you're a man, just replace the meaningful words of the example above accordingly, as usual : 'woman' by 'man', 'man' by 'woman', 'shy girl' by 'shy boy', 'boyfriends' by 'girlfriends' and 'men devourer' by 'women devourer']


Added on June 24 th, 2000

Along with the previous approaches, you can still be hit by another one, which you may call "the new belief system approach".

This time THEY try to convince your brain that your belief system is like an used car : it needs to be replaced by a fancy, brand new one, that most likely you'll have to use so as to "go home" and also to "learn" how to deal with a new type of situation (flirting, seducing, etc.). It's kind of a mix of some of the previous examples.

Remember : their logic is distorted. Their characters are saying subliminally to your brain that "from now on you have to think differently, you have to think like we do. We'll show you how ! You don't need to think for yourself, after all we think for you ! What do you think we're doing around you cloning your thoughts and controlling your mind all these years ? You think we're clowns in the circus ? You have to 'go home', come on, you'll 'learn' with us. Let's dance together".

What THEY forgot to say is that THEY are characters and you're not. THEY are pretending and THEY have their crystals activated. And you do not. THEY are light-years ahead of their characters. In other words, they are much more advanced than they look like, especially those who have their activated crystals for more than -- say -- four to five years now. So, as of 2000, if you live in a city through which the hurricane passed in 1993 or 1994 or 1995 or 1996 (and this encompasses the majority of the Stage World), then you can conclude that the almost totality of the persons around you are much more advanced than their characters.

It's a lot of time of daily learning, including hours of programs in their crystal-based 'Backstage TV' network, lots of trips, exercises, military training, and much much more, an entire new world in the Backstage. Do you think they are worried about living their "lives" in this Matrix reality predestined to extinction, on the threshold of the 'GLOBAL D-DAY' ? They are not.

So now let's take a look at the practical illustration below and things may become clearer.

Let's say you work out. You do it in the evenings, after your work. So you're in your bus when somebody says to somebody else near you : "How is your daughter ?"; "She is great", the second replies. "She is having swimming lessons now. She loves swimming"; "Oh, yeah" - continues the first - ,"swimming is the kind of stuff that either we love or we hate."

This same day, at your gym someone comments on to another person around you, using a high tone of voice : "Humm, she is using new trousers ! What a beautiful pair of trousers !".

A few moments later, someone says : "He's going to use glasses". And yet a few more moments after that, you hear : "He's going to miss her" and then another person says : "He's going to forget". Let's say you're a man and that your beloved one (a female FOREIGNER) is back again to your routine, now frequenting the same gym of yours, using several shells. But in this particular day, she is absent of the gym for a week now.

Some minutes later, several girls start passing by you here and there, looking at you, mostly girls with kundalinic shells, flirting you in a synchronized ballet of looks.

Five more minutes, and you're doing a specific exercise with a heavy weight. An older woman by your side comments on : "You must be a little dizzy, aren't you ?, with all this weight".

Then you see a guy with a very sad look in front of you. He is almost crying in the middle of the gym.

Well, that's it : a machine gun of emotional archetypes that do not give you time to breathe. Your goal is to avoid your assemblage point from going down and thus avoid losing energy.

Assemblage point is the term used by Carlos Castaneda to refer to the point from which you perceive reality. This point has been pushed downward and upward several times a day since you were first caught in this linguistic prison many years ago, in a procedure that reminds that image of Alice becoming taller and lower, growing and shrinking in "Alice in Wonderland"...

So you must always mentalize your archetypes, always keep focused. You'll feel stronger and stronger every time you do this, week after week, month after month.

In this case, I suggest that when you hear those persons chatting about swimming in the bus, you mentalize : "FALSE DICHOTOMY", "DESCRIPTION OF REALITY", "THERE IS SWIMMING ONLY IN THE MATRIX" and "DISTORTED NOMENCLATURE". You may add "SEX INDUCEMENT" (subliminal) and "AURIC SACRIFICE DOCTRINE".

When in your gym someone praises the trousers of the girl, you may visualize : "NEW BELIEF SYSTEM INDUCEMENT".

When you hear that sentence about using glasses, mentalize : "ANTI-TRUE MOVEMENT" and "INVENTED HYPOTHESIS". You really don't know what will happen the day you will have your crystal activated. There are several ways of losing your vampirism and one of them is using this so-called "glasses" attached to your crystal.

When you hear the other sentence about missing your beloved one, visualize : "ANTI-TRUE MOVEMENT". You know he/she is the one with whom you will marry. There's no doubt about this. You know he/she is always "here inside". And you know that whatever he/she talks to you inside your heart, it is true. Believe in this voice. THEY are lying, this voice is not.

When you hear the phrase about forgetting (forgetting what ?, it wasn't specified...), you mentalize : "ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS FISHING".

When the girls artificially start looking at you in a synchronized ballet, mentalize : "SEX INDUCEMENT", "NEW BELIEF SYSTEM INDUCEMENT" and "FLIRTING VERSUS PIGEON-HOLES".

When the older woman comments on the heavy weight of your exercise, visualize : "BRAINWASHING INDUCEMENT", "DISPERSAL TECHNIQUE" and "SELF-ANALYSIS FISHING", because she is trying to hit you with the second meaning of the words. You may be really feeling a little dizzy, but because of the linguistic speculation, and not due to the exercise. And if you feel also hit by the first meaning as a subliminal praise to your physical condition, then you may add : "NOBODY REALLY CARES", "SHELLS VALORIZATION", "SAME IMPORTANCE" and "GIVING VERSUS RECEIVING".

As always, if your life doesn't fit into the example, you may change it accordingly and the archetypes will be the same. In this case, you can replace "man" by "woman", "female" by "male", "girls" by "boys"; and/or "gym" by "university" and "heavy weight" by "studying a lot" or "reading a lot", for instance.

Once more I need to say, regarding any of the five examples above, that I'm not saying you must do this or that, just saying that whatever you choose to do, you must do it because it's what your heart wants, and not because it's what THEY are telling you to want. Whatever you do, you must keep your mind FREE and always deconstruct THEIR speculations.


After all the approaches you have seen above, it may still be important for your mind to reinforce some additional points, so as to strengthen YOUR description of reality, eliminate remaining dichotomies in your mind regarding this issue and ease your visualization.

Firstly you may make a list of several available ways, now or in the future, both in the STAGE WORLD and in the BACKSTAGE, for you to reduce and finally end your vampirism. Use your imagination.

Here are some ideas you can use as a starting point :

a) when you have your crystal activated, the so-called glasses (a device aiming at eliminating the illusion of vampirism) may also be installed;

b) when you have access to the BACKSTAGE, you may also have access to the 'Holodeck' device (similar to that computer program in the movie "The Matrix" that simulates every aspect of the STAGE reality).
In this 'Holodeck', you may well be put face to face to a shell that fits exactly what would be the very root of your 'vampirism'.
The difference is that YOU KNOW it's a computer simulation and you are in the BACKSTAGE. Therefore, it can't be used AGAINST YOU, because you are IN CONTROL of the situation and you're no longer a slave. So you can stay there and stare that shape as much time as you need, as an exercise to reduce or even end your 'vampirism';

c) the same as above, but with a STUNT or a FOREIGNER occupying that shell, and not necessarily in the 'Holodeck' program (but still in the BACKSTAGE);

d) SOMEONE could visit you in the STAGE WORLD and project right inside your brain the exact images you need to stare in order to reduce and finally end your 'vampirism';

e) SOMEONE could pass a mental exercise to you, with the specific goal of reducing your illusion of 'vampirism', and/or eliminating the need for masturbating yourself.

One of the possibilities listed above doesn't eliminate the others, as they can be applied cumulatively.

So you see ? THEY have the power of eliminating the illusion of 'vampirism' in an OFFICIAL way, and not using NON-ADMITTED subterfuges, sickly keywords or traps planted by THEIR characters to deceive you in the STAGE WORLD. Or I should say in the CIRCUS ?

On the other side, while you wait to have your crystal activated or to have access to the BACKSTAGE, you may want to make your own arrangements in advance, so as to at least reduce your 'vampirism'.

There are basically two paths for you to choose from : the BIB PATH and the SEX PATH. Each one of them is analysed in details below.

But before we proceed, it is also very important to mention the meaning of the so-called 'shelves' or 'pigeon-holes' that THEY have been storing inside your brain night after night, since you were first caught by the 'hurricane' years ago.

Right now it is important for you to know that these encoded 'PIGEON- HOLES', among many other issues, contain information enough to transform you into a state-of-the art Don Juan de Marco, the Ladykiller (if you are a male survivor), or into his female counterpart (if you are a female survivor).

They also contain all the information you may need about the human behavior, like how to play a character in the STAGE WORLD and how to act when dealing with the others. These 'PIGEON-HOLES' contain everything you can imagine about the so-called "ART OF STALKING" (name given by the doctrine of Carlos Castaneda to the behavior skills a "nagual" is able to perform in the STAGE WORLD - which he calls the "tonal" reality).


So now you must choose your path.

"Please, Neo. You have to trust me"; "Why ?";

"Because you have been down there, Neo. You know this road. You know exactly where it leads to. And I know that it's not where you want to be".
(short conversation between Trinity and Neo in the car, in 'Matrix' ).

Always TRUST in the voice within your heart, because this voice is telling you the truth. Your beloved one is telling you the truth. THEY ARE NOT.

Well, here comes the big question : do you believe that you need to have sex to reduce your 'vampirism' ? Is that what you want ?

Or do you believe that the best way to reduce this 'vampirism' is looking at or staring the very persons or images whom the sensation of 'vampirism' come from ? Is that what you want ?

Ask yourself.

Do you think you have something to prove to someone ? Ask yourself.

Do you TRUST in THEIR characters ? Ask yourself.

The easiest way is usually the shorter way, and it is likely to lead you to do what THEY want, not to do what your heart truly wishes.

It is important to say that, no matter what path you choose, you must keep yourself FREE from THEIR brainwashing and from THEIR control.

Now take a look at an excerpt from "Alice in Wonderland", chapter "Advice from a Caterpillar" :

"(...) Then the Caterpillar got down off the mushroom, and crawled away into the grass, merely remarking as it went, 'One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter'.

'One side of
what ? The other side of what ?', thought Alice to herself.

'Of the mushroom', said the Caterpillar, just as if she had asked it aloud; and in another moment it was out of sight.

Alice remained looking thoughtfully at the mushroom for a minute, trying to make out which were the two sides of it; and as it was perfectly round, she found this a very difficult question."

Before taking your decision, you may also want to ask yourself a supplementary question : what is the purpose of you reducing your 'vampirism' ? Do you wanna do it for 'giving' or for 'receiving' ?


So you have chosen to reduce your 'vampirism' by looking at or staring some shapes or shells of THEIR characters, the very ones which produce for you this illusory sensation of 'vampirism'.

Depending on the degree and type of your 'vampirism', you must feel which is the best way of doing this exercise at each moment, as well as the correct dosage of each time.

You have to pick, from the elements around you or pertaining to your routine, those you may use in the exercise.

The elements must be those that produce the illusory sensation of 'vampirism'. They may range from impersonal elements (like images, pictures or photographies present in magazines, billboards, TV, video, Internet, adds, etc.) to people around you in your routine (e.g., some of your colleagues at work, classmates, people around you in your gym, some relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.) or even passers-by.

If you choose to use TV images as an additional element, I suggest you use the MUTE button of your remote control, so as to block or reduce the speculative influence of THEIR keywords.

These elements must be considered as being 'cute', 'pretty' or 'handsome' people, at least in that day you're looking at them (i.e., using those clothes, that hair, that make-up, that tan, etc.). (you'll see more on shells producing in the section "THE CHEATING COMPARISONS TECHNIQUE" ahead).


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