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Complementary Optional Procedures
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Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction


(Added on October 25 th, 2000 - Last updated on January 28, 2001)

Along with the maneuver of erasing your personal history already seen above, depending on your case and on the proportion of their speculation and rationalizations over your brain, you may need additional elements in order to deconstruct their brainwashing and sustain your assemblage point on the top position. Never mind. It's just a question of accustoming your brain.

Again I must remind you of that passage from "The Matrix" :

"(...) There is no spoon. It's not the spoon that bends. It's only yourself" (young boy to Neo)

And just to illustrate a little more, I'll quote once more respectively Carlos Castaneda, the movie "Dark City" and the movie "Crossworlds", all of them dealing with the question of manipulated realities :

(don Juan to Castaneda, in "Journey to Ixtlan")
"The most difficult part about the warrior's way is to realize that the world is a feeling. When one is not-doing, one is feeling the world, and one feels the world through its lines."
(doctor to John, in "Dark City")
"The world can be what you make it."
(man to boy in the elevator scene in "Crossworlds")
"Believe in the floor".

Notice that you create reality with your will, with your heart and with your thoughts. But most of all with your heart. The obvious truth must be said again : you're the only owner and master of your own destiny.

Now think with me : if you stop one of their characters in the middle of the street, or a classmate in your university, or somebody in your gym, or a relative of yours in a family meeting, for instance, and ask this person using the first meaning of the words : "Would you mind if I date that girl ?" or "Would you mind if I date that boy ?", what do you imagine would be the answer of this person ? He/She would be surprised, perhaps laughing at you, and very likely the answer - if there is an answer - would be something like :

"What ? I don't know. That's your life, not mine. That's none of my business" or "Well, if you want her (him), and she (he) wants you, that's something you have to resolve with her (him), not with me !".

Do you see how ridiculous reality can be ? So now in order to save energy and fix the position of your assemblage point, you may have to :

Let's then dissect some practices that can bring you these results.

It may done preferentially if your beloved one is present in your routine wearing a kundalinic shell and saying "inside your heart" that this shell is going to have a concrete relationship with you in the Stage World aiming at eliminating your illusion of "vampirism" (see section " Your beloved one as a dentist" above).

This maneuver is very simple and very sophisticated, and of course you're encouraged to ask your beloved one inside your heart if it is appropriate for your case, as well as the right moment to do this.

(don Juan to Castaneda)

"Not-doing is very simple and very difficult."

"Not-doing is only for very strong warriors."

The not-looking exercise establishes the idea of educating your look, in a continuous and regular basis. It is the opposite of the "bib path", in which you'd have to stare kundalinic shells present around you and/or that somehow penetrate your perception field.

In other words, in order to stop the world, and reaffirm your condition as the owner of your destiny, you reunite all your might and all your strength, and stop staring the kundalinic shells that appear around you in your routine, or in the streets, anywhere, including the impersonal elements like TV, Internet, billboards, magazines, etc..

By doing this exercise, you may kill several birds with one only stone :

If you're a survivor, it means that you're a vampire, because doubletalk creates vampirism, as seen before.

And if you're a vampire, it means it's not easy to avoid looking at kundalinic shells. You probably got used to doing this if you've followed the "Bib Path" to reduce the level of your vampirism. Your brain may be presently addicted to this behavior.

So it's basically a question of discipline and will.

"You must focus, Trinity"
(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

An old oriental proverb says :

"Discipline is freedom".

If you can't stand performing this maneuver in one only movement, never mind : you can do it in parts. But you must be determined. First, you only stop looking at the kundalinic shells of other people when you're in the presence of the kundalinic shell of your future girlfriend (boyfriend). Then, in a second moment, you stop looking to the other shells even when your beloved one is not present around you using that very kundalinic shell. If you're going to do this exercise, you must be honest.

Following the same reasoning, you first stop looking at their bodies. You focus only the faces (or heads). Then, you naturally look only to the faces of some kundalinic shells around you, and not to all of them. You can alternate these faces with the faces of non-kundalinic shells. You alternate your look between men and women. You can look also to young children and elder people. You accustom your brain to the idea of passing a kundalinic shell coming in your direction and not looking to this shell, not even to its face. You may keep your look straight forward, for example.

So finally you alternate it randomically : to some people you look (but only to their faces), and to other people (especially those ones that are "pulling" your look toward them) you do not look, not even to their faces, unless obviously in case you're speaking directly to them. In this last case, you must be as technical as possible, limiting yourself to the subject of the conversation.

And beware of kundalinic shells wearing clothes with vivid colors. Certain colors can function like a magnet pulling your eyes. Practice deviating your look to some point out of these clothes.

[NEW] Another point is : while doing this exercise, do not change your acts or physical movements in the Stage World in order to do the exercise of not-looking. In other words, don't be anxious to do not-looking : not-looking is also not-doing. Try to be as natural as possible.

[NEW] Every time you act with the intention of not-looking, they can try to manipulate the elements (especially the kundalinic shell itself) to give you the sensation that you're being judged by them : one time the kundalinic shell is available to your look (or to your not-look), the other it is not.

[NEW] For example, in a mall you can take either one of two elevators, but you know (with your peripheral sight) that one of them has a kundalinic shell. You're doing your not-looking exercise, and you can feel tempted to enter that elevator with that shell just to not-look at her or him. So you do not do this. Don't try to be perfectionist doing a "better" exercise. Just act naturally : take the elevator that you think is going to close the doors first, or the one that is closest to you, for example. And if you naturally enter his or her elevator, then he/she may give up taking the elevator (mentalize "QUANTUM HORSE") or he/she may just suggest that is going to give up taking the elevator but change again his or her mind (mentalize "ZIG ZAG MOVEMENT").

[NEW] A second possible variation for this kind of speculation may be labeled as the "ANTICIPATION MANEUVER" : a kundalinic shell anticipates your routine, in order to "fish" a change in this routine. For instance, you're walking in the streets and their characters know your itinerary, so a kundalinic shell anticipates your moves, appearing ahead of you going to the same direction, albeit mantaining a certain distance from you. Both of you follow the same street for - say - three blocks. Here you're being tempted to accelerate your steps or slow them down so as to be in the presence of a kundalinic shell a little more, either for looking or for not-looking. It's a dynamic trap. Watch out. Try to act as natural as possible, and do not alter your speed. Mentalize : "LOOKING INDUCEMENT" and "ANTICIPATION MANEUVER".

An additional goal of this exercise is to disaddict your brain from the automatic behavior of looking toward kundalinic shells, principally if you're a man. Generally speaking, men in the Stage World are educated to be more aggressive and to look automatically to the women that pass them, especially to their bodies. Sometimes they turn round to see that specific kundalinic woman who has passed them. On the other side, women are educated to be more discreet when looking at men. Homo-rooted vampires tend to be more discreet as well, because of the fear of prejudice and negative reaction.

[NEW] Other variation of this speculation would be their characters commenting on a report in the media about kundalinic shells, especially when linked to the very root of your vampirism. They can say, for instance, that the magazine "X" of this week is showing a report about it, or they can open a page on the Internet right in front of you and start commenting on this specific news.

[NEW] This is done to weaken your will and undermine your not-looking exercise. They want to control your life. They want you to avidly look for that magazine in the newsstand and/or to anxiously search that news on the Internet. If you're doing your not-looking exercise, it means that you're going against their interests, which are to rule your destiny. And your brain may be also addicted to the idea of observing carefully all the reports in the media about kundalinic shells and/or about the root of your vampirism.

[NEW] So maybe it's time now to free your brain and disaddict it from this behavior, too. Ask yourself : do you wanna be free, or do you wanna be a puppet under their control ? Remember : the media manipulates idolatry, uses to generalize ideas and likes to exaggerate a lot concepts, adjectives, words, etc.. They are in the business of selling descriptions of reality. In this case, they may be selling a fantasy to survivors' minds.

[NEW] You can just act naturally : if they didn't say anything about it and you're reading a magazine or newspaper (or watching TV) when you stumbles on a report about kundalinic shells and/or the root of your vampirism, you can read (or watch) the report normally as any other report, but if there are pictures don't look at their bodies : concentrate on their faces.

Another important point is : do not repress your kundalini energy while practicing this not-looking exercise. Let kundalini come : it's the energy of the spirit. Sometimes even without looking directly to kundalinic shells you can experience the manifestation of kundalini. The peripheral sight alone, or the creation of tiny elements by their characters (like for instance someone around you passing his/her hands on the hair, slowly) may be enough to generate a wave of kundalini.

[NEW] On the other side, depending on your case this exercise may activate a little more your kundalini energy. The manipulation of the kundalini energy is something that should be customized for each case, but once this is impossible here, you're encouraged to feel the situation. If you're experiencing an extreme wave of kundalini energy due to this exercise, you have the option of taking some hatha yoga lessons, so as to purify the quality of your thoughts and of the kundalini energy itself, to balance your energetic meridians and to bring part of the energy to the chakras of your head.

[NEW] A last possibility that they may induce your brain to examine is the artificial introduction in your perception field of what you may call a "megacute shell", in order to break your resistance and determination, and try to force you to do looking instead of not-looking, especially if you're tired.

[NEW] For "megacute shell" I'm not referring to a very kundalinic shell that you can find here and there. I mean those very rare and specific, strongly kundalinic shells that you don't see anywhere, and that you don't see in the media, either, that correspond to the maximum potential of the very root of your vampirism. You know they exist, as you see them once a year, on average, for instance.

[NEW] As with any other exercise, your resistance to not-looking to a kundalinic shell may have a limit, but this limit will be ever increasing till you manage to not-look a shell corresponding to the maximum potential for your type of vampirism, physically speaking.

[NEW] So try not to think in terms of "right" or "wrong", "success" or "failure". Your goal is to do not-looking, but if once in a blue moon you stumbles on a "megacute shell" that is above your present limit and if you realize that you won't resist looking to that shell, then you can do looking, but only to that shell. It's better to look because you have decided to look (for you stay in control of your acts) than to look because they want you to. In other words, you assume responsibility for your looking in this specific case.

[NEW] In this case, don't forget : you never play a "game" with their characters, you never "win" or "lose", there are no "victories" or "defeats", and there is no external judgement and no "evaluation" of your acts, like in an "exam" in a terrestrial school. Your spirit cannot be measured. They want to take energy from you. Nothing is intrinsically right or wrong : it depends on the point-of-view. It's all a question of dosage. So if the dosage is too high, maybe they are wrong : aren't they responsible for the dosage ?

[NEW] Notice that even foreigners of OUR SIDE had their limits before the hurricane, when sometimes depending on their missions among neutrals or among lizards, they had to "put their fingers on the outlet" and thus "recharge batteries" in the collective crystal of the Operation Center(s).

[NEW] But do not indulge yourself in looking to this megacute shell, unless it is really beyond your limit. With concentration, you can reach the maximum potential for this exercise in a question of weeks, although the speed and the time required are always something individual.

As always, they will try everything they can to lure you out of your way. If you're willing to do not-looking, then they may purposely say everything in their sentences around you in order to induce your brain to do looking. So you must be determined. If you want, you can create archetypes in your visualization to label these antagonistic maneuvers of them : "ANTI-NOT-LOOKING MOVEMENT", for instance, and/or "LOOKING INDUCEMENT".

Now take a look at some examples of sentences their characters may say around you where you could apply these archetypes :

a) (if you're a man) : "He is a very macho man"
(because you're resisting to look at kundalinic shells);

b) (if you're a woman) : "She is afraid of men";

c) (two characters saying to each other) : "What are you saying ? I'm married !"
(inducing dichotomy over your brain : saying it is (and it was) "wrong" to do looking because you're married to your beloved one...);

d) "It's a sweet illusion. It doesn't make any difference."
(the not-looking exercise is on the top of your memory stack. Here they're attacking the validity of the exercise for your brain, and at the same time contesting the capacity that you and your beloved one have of creating the reality of your lives, calling what he/she says inside your heart an "illusion");

e) (in your gym) "The pool is empty" or "I'm not gonna do my abdominals today"
(meaning that you're not going to do your looking - "bib path" - today, but who knows tomorrow...);

f) (someone in your workplace carrying a pile of thick books) "It's too heavy"
(meaning that you're not ready to do the not-looking exercise, or that it is too strong for you).

This time you manipulate the image that their characters officially have of you, just like you have seen above in the section " Erasing your personal history". It can be done with people that know you very much.

The idea here is to put yourself in the middle of the way. You don't say anything specific enough that they could handle and use against you in their sentences. Every time you do this, you reduce the scope of their speculation, and you reinforce for your brain the notion that your life is none of their business.

Let's see now a couple of examples :

a) (someone asking you) : "Are you working out ?"
(your answer) : "Sometimes. When I can, I go."
b) (someone) : "Are you on a diet ?"
(your answer) : "Yes and no. It depends on the day."
So the person offers you a piece of chocolate cake : "Come on, help me end this cake". If you're really on a diet, you can say : "Not today. Thank you.", but don't say you're on a diet.
c) Let's say you study in the university. Your workmate knows that already. It's not enough. He/She wants more details :
"At what time do your classes begin ?"

(you're writing something) : "Just a moment" - You make a sign with one of the hands and continues writing for a few seconds. Right after that you just leave the place and go to the restroom, without answering that question. You stay at the toilet for ten minutes. When you come back, your workmate will probably be concentrated on something else. And if his or her character insists, you can say : "It varies depending on the day". If he/she continues insisting : "At what time do your classes begin today ?", then you can say : "Today ? Humm, I don't remember. Why are you so curious ?".

If you want, you can ask something specific about the life of his or her character in the Stage World.

The goal this time is to counterattack. Now you're going to see how they do when you're trying to corral their characters and to fish their personal histories. If you find out something interesting, write down their defense techniques to use later against themselves, when they try to fish your personal history.

The only difference here is that they can act in groups to make their defense, while you can't do this. Using their activated crystals, they can create a combined interruption in the conversation (a phone call, somebody else arriving, somebody else calling that person whose personal history is being fished by you, and so on).

Let's repeat the previous example. Someone asks you :

"Are you working out ?"

Then comes your answer : "Sometimes. When I can, I go". And depending on whom you're talking to, then you can ask back the same question : "And you, do you work out ?"

Another example : you're at the hairdresser's, and the character of the man responsible for your hair seems to be very sympathetic to you. (no second meanings here please). He asks you "innocently" : "What do you do ?".

In this case, you can't ask him back the same question (because you know already he is a hairdresser) and you can't create a diversion (because you can't even move seated there in that chair). So you have to use your imagination and ask him something about his life using the elements that are available in your perception field and/or in your memory.

So you can ask him : "Are you having a good turnover here in the salon ?". You can even add a more specific question : "How much rent do you pay ?"

In some cases, it may be more strategic to ask a specific question about the other person's life in advance, even when it is possible for you to ask back the same question that he or she has asked you. Sometimes what is important for you is not important for the other person. So if the person fishes your personal history in what is important for you, you can fish his or hers in what is equally important for him or her, instead of replying automatically the same question. You can ask something specific or detailed enough about his or her life.

Like for instance : "How are your jiu-jitsu classes ? Do you have classes every day ? How many times a week ? In which days do you go ? At what time do you go ? Is it expensive ? How much do you pay a month ?". And so on.

But beware of questions that they could use later against you to manipulate your brain through the second meaning of the words. If you say : "I don't know jiu-jitsu. How are the main movements ?" then you should prepare your brain for being bombarded by their divisions of reality, and generic fishings using a machine gun of options, something that we'll see later on in the section "Options Mill".

Remember : "there is no game" and therefore there is no fight, there is no "auric karate", and there is no "auric jiu-jitsu". You're not competing with their characters (let alone with other survivors for a "better place" in their dreamworld-to-sell). And you're not being judged by a referee, either.

Finally, you'll probably notice that at times they simply won't answer your question. They use a technique that you may want to call "Artificial and sudden silence during a conversation" : they simply ignore you and your question, gratuitously, like if you were not there. It's an aggressive alternative technique that with training you can learn to use.

Never mind if you can't be as fast or as smart as them. They have their activated crystals and they think in a speed hundreds of times faster than you, and they read your thoughts thoroughly. The goal here is not to take energy from them, but just to respond somehow to their personal history fishing over you.

Here you not only create a fog around you : you also deliberately introduce some invented elements in the descriptions of reality that you choose to give them about your life. Just like they do to you all the time.

Let's say you live alone, and that your beloved one is present in your routine wearing a kundalinic shell and guaranteeing you this shell is going to date you in the Stage World. Your parents live in the same city along with your sister, who has a flute.

So you call your parent's house and you ask your mother if your sister would mind lending you her flute because you're going to give a party to your friends at your house and her flute would be welcome. The party is invented, and your friends - that they don't know - are invented too.

You didn't ask your sister directly because you wanted your mother to know that you have friends - perhaps a girlfriend (boyfriend) - and that you have a social life as well, in spite of the fact that they (your parents) don't know anything about it.

So you're reinforcing for your brain the notion that you owe the characters of your parents no explanations about your life, and that you're the only owner and master of your own destiny.

If you don't have a close relative living in your city, you can apply this technique to anyone having a good notion of your personal history. Every time you describe reality to their characters inventing an element like this one, you change the official image their characters have of you. They no longer know you and your life with certainty. They cannot control your life any longer. They cannot control what they don't know. At least, what their characters officially don't know.

The maximum they can try here is to "trace" your invented story, in order to "catch" your "lie". In the example above, your mother can ask afterwards for details of the party, so you simply don't give them away : "normal party", "cool friends", etc..

Or she can try to induce your brain to believe that they are still in control of your life : "I called your house Friday night but there was nobody home, only an answering machine".

Then you can either be more aggressive or cynical. Aggressive : "Are you investigating my life ?". Cynical : you lie again. "Really ? We didn't listen to the phone ringing. Perhaps you've called the wrong number". "But I left a message for you", she says. "Curious. I didn't get it. Perhaps the machine didn't record it." .

You can manipulate exceptions just like they do while brainwashing you all the time. Now it's your time to have a straight face.

Another technique they may use to subliminally tell your brain that they're the ones that govern your life and your destiny is manipulating dichotomies and rationalizations in order to control your acts while in the presence of their characters.

The point here is : if you're in their presence, you must do what Carlos Castaneda calls the doing of strategy.

One of the aspects of this is not being on their hands regarding time or transportation, for instance. You must be as independent of their characters as possible, otherwise they can control your life for you.

For example, let's say your cousine is going to get married in a ski resort 80 miles away from your city. The wedding is on a Friday night, and all the guests will have to spend the night in a hostel, as it would be too late to return after the ceremony. So some of your relatives are willing to combine to go together to the wedding in the same car with you.

In order to be independent, you have basically two strategic options here : either you don't go to the wedding or you go in your own car. If you go with them, they will be able to determine whether they want to stay there a few more hours on the Saturday or not. They could even decide to spend the whole weekend on the area, and definitely returning on Sunday was not in your plans. After all, they could brainwash you for three days, creating a variety of unpredictable situations...

Every time you show their characters that you are not at their mercy, you subliminally tell your brain that you're in control of your life.

(Updated on November 01 st, 2000 - updates marked with "[NEW]")

Another way of telling your brain that you're in control of your life is cheating the rational structures of the brain by stalking yourself. You can perform unpredictable actions in the Stage World, spontaneously, so as to disaddict your brain from your routine.

So for example if you never stop in a cafe' for a meal, then you can do it now. If you never buy a lottery ticket, you can do it now. If you have different ways of going to work - by car, by bus and by subway, for instance - why should you go the same way every day ? And if you go by car, you can take different routes, just to be spontaneous.

You can also introduce new pieces of clothes that you don't have the habit of wearing, like for instance a cap (if you're a man) or a boot (if you're a woman). Use your imagination. Innovating is the verb here.

[NEW] Stalking yourself versus the not-looking exercise - Another point is : do not lie to yourself. If you're doing your not-looking exercise, beware of the presence of kundalinic shells in the places that are the object of this movement of stalking yourself. Do not "justify" the change of your physical movements as if you were "stalking" yourself (unless you didn't know there was a kundalinic shell in that place).

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