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Complementary optional procedures
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Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality - Introduction


Stopping the world is something that does not end with the world. Their characters continue existing, as well as their intention to speculate using keywords and mathematical similarities, their mind reading capabilities, and so on. But the difference is that now these things do not have an influence over your mind anymore : you're the only master and owner of your own destiny, and thus you're not worried about the alleged "opinions" of their characters on aspects of your life. Mentalize : "OWNER OF DESTINY" and also - depending on the speculation - "EXTERNAL GUIDANCE INDUCEMENT".

You do not recognize the authority of their characters to give "opinions" about your life, because they themselves don't recognize to be reading your mind or to be talking about aspects of your life. In other words, if their characters have something to say to you, let them use the first meaning of the words. And if the real persons in the Backstage have something to say to you, let them activate your crystal or allow you to have access to the Backstage reality. Or both.

And I'm not talking about speculating about the activation of the crystal or about your access to the Backstage. You have no time for second meanings anymore. Their characters always lie. The only reliable source of truth, that you can trust 100%, is your beloved one : his or her voice inside your heart, his or her passionate open aura, his or her passionate eyes. These eyes never lie.

They are like merchants selling deliriums by the side of the road. They want to lure you out of your way. They want to control your mind and rule your destiny. There is no Santa Claus waiting for you. So if your beloved one says to you inside your heart that your crystal will be activated right after the GLOBAL D-DAY, for instance, that's because it's true. If he or she says that it may be activated at any moment, that's because it's true.

Their characters, by their turn, only lie. So this time, after you have deconstructed the influence of the second meaning of their keywords, in a smart maneuver, they may use the first meaning of the words to speculate over your mind. At this point, they may try to :

Here, they want you to miss their speculation (to miss = to be sad about the absence of the speculation), they want you to miss the second meaning of their keywords. Believe me : there is nothing to miss in their deliriums. They want to push your mind to the other side of the reality spectrum : the naturalness of the events around you. Mentalize : "NATURALNESS INDUCEMENT", "ANTI-TRUMAN MOVEMENT" and "DENYING THE TRUTH".

Never forget : this Matrix reality isn't real, the world is a stage (the Stage World), we're on the threshold of the "Global D-Day", everybody is pretending around you like bees, everyone of them is capable of easily reading your mind, and so on; but in spite of all that, you're the only owner of your destiny and you owe their characters no explanations about your life in the Stage World, or elsewhere.

If you feel it's necessary, reread sections " Denying the truth", " Dismantling keyword rain", and "There is no external judgement".

(Added on November 13 th, 2000)

Together with the conclusion that everything is still counterfeit around you, after stopping the world, you'll probably realize that the elements that constitute the speculation no more represent something else for your brain.

If you have been practicing continuously and well all your not-doing (that is, not behaving as if your beloved one would approach you at all) and all your not-looking exercises, their sentences and also the archetypes present in all kinds of speculation will now be weakened, and losing influence over your mind day after day. It's a gradual process. Never mind. After a certain time, your brain will no longer attribute a second meaning to their speculation.

(conversation between Morpheus and Neo, in "The Matrix")

"Their strength and their speed are still based in a world that is built on rules. Because of that, they'll never be as strong or as fast as you can be". (Morpheus)
"What are you trying to tell me - that I can dodge bullets ?"
"No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that - when you're ready - you won't have to".

After stopping the world completely, you won't have to mentalize your archetypes anymore, as the elements of their speculation won't represent anything else any longer. But at the same time you know that they are all characters, that they are all capable of reading your mind and that their intention to speculate exists. So don't believe that they are your friends, because they're not. They're your foes. And never put yourself at the mercy of their characters. Just be happy with your beloved one.

In order to help your brain accelerating the process of stopping the world, and "turn off" the top of your memory stacks, every time you hear a keyword or see an element that has a second meaning for your brain, you may mentalize the sentence : "(...the name of the element...) : IT DOESN'T REPRESENT SOMETHING ELSE ANYMORE" or "THIS (ELEMENT) DOESN'T REPRESENT SOMETHING ELSE".

If you want, you may visualize them using a different font type, or in bold, or in lower case, for instance, just to separate them in your brain from the "classical" method.

You may also realize that not-doing is something that is not necessarily limited by "not behaving as if your beloved one would approach you at all". There are other kinds of situation in your life in which you can also apply not-doing. Not-doing means that you no longer perform any action because of their characters. You no longer become anxious to do anything. For instance, if you forgot to pay a bill, they will probably speculate "remembering" you about the bill. So you can purposely "forget" again, and pay the bill only after the due time. Do not rationalize your actions : forget about extra fees, fines or interest rates. As Trinity would say, "The Matrix isn't real". But sometimes - randomly - you can do what they "remind" you to do : being unpredictable is very important. In this last case, mentalize : "I DO IT BECAUSE I WANT, NOT BECAUSE OF THEM".

And if - for some of the elements - you feel the necessity of a quick reinforcement, then you can always add rapidly the classical archetypes to your visualization.

It's like having two barriers. If their words break the first one ("IT DOESN'T REPRESENT SOMETHING ELSE"), then you make use of the second one - the classical. For "classical archetypes" I mean all the sentences that you have been mentalizing till this moment to counterbalance the influence of their speculation.


Curiously, as long as you start "turning off" the top of your memory stacks, you'll realize that their characters will increasingly (and deliberately) use more and more words and sentences that don't have a second meaning, sentences that if they were said before they wouldn't have had a second meaning, either. The difference is that now the proportion of these meaningless sentences will purposely increase.

Now let's take a look at a thorough list of concrete examples presenting some of the main categories of speculation, as well as some specific and very smart ones, and the way you can handle them in your mind so as to accelerate the process of stopping the world.

(Added on November 13 th, 2000) - (Updates marked with "[NEW]" - December 03, 2000)

After you acquire the sensation of having stopped the world, THEY may try to make your brain feel comfortable and thus induce you to start talking spontaneously about a variety of subjects using only the first meaning of the words.

Watch out. Don't be naive. These characters are not really your friends : they still want to deceive your brain.

They may, for instance, begin talking about subjects that do not present a mathematical similarity with your life, just to attract your interest, and then, in a second moment, they can artificially introduce these mathematical similarities in the middle of the conversation.

They may also try to anchor your perception in the Stage World, giving importance to topics like politics, economics and social matters. They may try to dichotomize reality and fish your opinions about these subjects. Or launch topics of the tonal reality as trial balloons for your mind. Or yet use the self-positioning method to have you personally involved in the issues they talk about.

"The Matrix cannot tell you who you are."
(Trinity to Neo, in "The Matrix")

They could talk, for example, about the axis "honestity versus corruption" in the Stage World, commenting on a scandal involving some of their characters in the news, and trying to dichotomize reality between "right" and "wrong", inducing you to judge the characters involved in the scandal or perhaps trying to put you in a position surrounded by corruption.

So, according to the case, you may mentalize : the very names of the characters involved in the scandal + their positions in the Stage World (President, Prime-Minister, King; Senator, Lord [U.K.]; Representative, Deputy; Governor; Mayor; Minister, Secretary; Judge; Police Chief; etc.) + "HE/SHE DOESN'T REPRESENT SOMETHING ELSE".

And if necessary, you can add the "classical archetypes" to your visualization. In this case : "DICHOTOMY INDUCEMENT", "CORRUPTION IN THE STAGE WORLD", "SELF-POSITIONING", "TRIAL BALLOON", etc..

On another level of perception, however, you'll probably realize that dosing meticulously your sentences during a conversation is in most cases the more strategic action to take. As long as you enthuse yourself over an issue of the Matrix reality and participate animatedly in the conversation, you not only anchor your perception : you also feed the conversation a little more and allow them to use the techniques showed above.

Notice that not talking too much is also not-doing. This is a very sophisticated technique that you can perfect gradually. You can start by erasing your personal history and creating a fog around you. Then you can fish your speculators' personal history, and finally you only talk what is necessary to their characters : either because someone asked you something, or because the physical situation requires a neutral sentence (like "Can you pass me the salt please ?" or "Where are the papers ?") .

I'm not saying you cannot have "friends" in the Stage World, just saying that these apparent "friends" are in reality characters capable of manipulating your mind, and that therefore you must be aware of their speculation and stay alert.

They may try to induce you to participate by saying : "You're so quiet today. What happened ?". Then you can say : "That's just your impression" or - if the person is a more close friend - "I'm learning to listen instead of talking".

And if you can't stay totally silent, you can make use of alternative measures, in a calculated way, dosing carefully the proportion of your participation. Alternative measures like using the self-positioning method over their very characters, for instance, or using what you may call "the opposite reasoning technique" when they emit a clearly dichotomized opinion about a subject : you pinpoint the other side of the question, without identifying yourself with the merits of the question. For example, if they attack corruption in the Stage World, then you can say that there are certain situations in which you must take part in the scheme or else you'll be expelled from your position (by the way, in this case what you do with your money is none of their business).

[NEW] - Finally, another important measure is not revealing everything you know about the subject of the conversation, even when it has nothing to do with your life (in the first or in the second meaning of the words), or even when this conversation cannot be used by THEIR characters to fish your personal history. Being humble is the key here. Remember : THEIR characters know much more than they say about the topics they talk on, and they're really not interested in your "knowledge" about a subject, unless you're recognizedly an "expert" about that specific subject within the tonal reality, when compared to their very characters (in this last case, beware of personal history fishing...)

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