The Horse Movements

Artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and the true nature of reality


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  • Manipulating Contradictions - (Added on August 21st, 2000)

  • Bypassing your Reality Check - (Added on August 23rd, 2000)

  • The Quantum Horse (and the "If I had" maneuver)
    (Updated on August 21st, 2000)

  • The Bib Horse

  • Multiple Horse : Bib + Quantum

  • Horse Movement with Self-Positioning : Calling you a Horse

  • Horse Movement in the Workplace : Trying to Enslave you

      a) Your boss in the horse position
      b) A workmate in the horse position

  • Criteria Disparity with Keywords

  • Horse Movement with Stalinism Technique

  • Presumed Horse Theory

  • Description of Horse Movement over another person with Interpretation and Fear Fishings

  • The Quick Horse

  • The Child Horse - Spiritual Child in the Stage World

  • Horse Movement : punishing you through a sabotage maneuver

  • Scientific Realitymakers Nazism - Cheating descriptions of reality in a scientific position of authority

  • Horse Movement and the Thought Punishment

  • Horse Movement with Event Tracing and the Foregone Conclusion Argument - Making a Storm in a Teacup

  • Manipulating your Common Sense : calling you a "goofy" if you consider "natural" something that they define as "absurd" and accusing you of "foregone conclusion" if you consider "absurd" something that they define as "natural" - (new)


Along with chapters like "There is no Payment" and "Denying the Truth", the "Horse Movements" chapter is one of most important topics within the whole scheme of speculation THEY perpetrate thoroughly over survivors' brains.

That's because the horse movement is the core of the alligators' way of thinking. It represents the alligator soul itself... When you understand the distorted logic used by an alligator or lizard from the OTHER SIDE, roughly speaking you just have to add the thought reading ability and bingo!, you have the formula of speculation performed by the characters of OUR SIDE in your hands! Remember : all THEY want is to take energy from you. THEY want to deceive you, THEY want to deceive your brain. THEY can't resist speculating on you. The difference is that YOUR SIDE reads your mind, while the OTHER SIDE didn't / doesn't.

(NOTE: Of course I'm not talking about the alligators that have deserted to OUR SIDE over the last decades. These ones represent a minority and must be treated as exceptions when you consider the big picture of the WAR in the Backstage and also in the Stage).

Generally speaking, you can say that no one is totally free from the "Horse Movements" without an activated crystal. Nevertheless, there are good and satisfactory measures for a survivor in order to avoid letting the assemblage point going down and therefore avoid losing energy.

Keep in mind that you're not responsible for other people's acts. So no matter how strong or how fast you're in mentalizing your archetypes and how good you're in foreseeing potential problems or speculations or in finding alternative solutions, they can always behave arbitrarily in the Stage World, and there's nothing you can do to impede them from doing this. That's not up to you. That's THEIR behavior, not yours.

You're only responsible for your own acts and thoughts. You are the only master and owner of your life and of your destiny. So you choose how to react (or not react) to each speculation, either through your acts and/or through your thoughts.

There are basically two maneuvers that you'll realize to be the most indicated when dealing with the "Horse Movements", although it's not impossible that you find a new one. Each one of them is important and taking one measure doesn't imply necessarily in excluding the other, as they can be taken cumulatively, either separately or at the same time.

So now let's take a look at each one of them, and then we'll analyze more profoundly several types of horse movements including numerous examples.


The archetype of the "dolphin" has been ventilated in some areas of esotericism over the last decades meaning a person capable of doing many different maneuvers to face a single situation.

As a rule of thumb, try to keep in mind that you have no logical rules to follow whatsoever regarding what to do or not do in response to a "horse movement". In other words, you have to act feeling your energy and using your sixth and seventh senses. If you're a PAN, use also your PAN side.

THEIR characters would label you a spiritual or energetic "Ninja". I wouldn't go that far, because the archetype of a "Ninja" brings together an associated praise connected to the idea of someone in the spiritual "elite", or someone with "advanced skills". And that's not the case here. YOU KNOW.

Believe me, there's nothing fantastic in feeling your energies and following your sixth sense or your intuition. Try to think in terms of energy, and do not rationalize your movements : that's what they want you to do.

Your goal is to avoid letting your "assemblage point" going down and therefore losing energy, either in the short run or in the long run.

[ NOTE: 'Assemblage point' is the definition used by Carlos Castaneda to describe the point through which your counsciousness perceives reality in any given moment. The position of this point may vary a lot during a single day, depending on THEIR speculation over you, and also on a series of factors such as being tired, sleepy, an empty stomach, having a fever, etc. ]

This archetype of the energetic dolphin may be applied to a variety of speculations and not only to the horse movement ones, although you may find out it is very useful in this case.

Solutions may vary a lot, as the horse movements may themselves be of several types. For further details about some types of horse movement (not all of them), jump to the section Some Horse Types.

Use your imagination. You may manipulate the available elements, introducing something new and unpredictable, for instance. Here is a list of some ideas that you may consider to use, according to each case :


The "REPLACEMENT MANEUVER" is an interesting option every time THEIR characters (or even hypothetically the characters of the OTHER SIDE) try to somehow take energy from you by blocking or impeding or expelling or "punishing" you in the Stage World.

Basically, you have first to ask yourself : What's the purpose of doing this thing (that constitutes the object of their horse movement) ? Why do I want to do this ? What is this for ?

Secondly you must ask yourself again : Can I replace this thing by other similar ? Or : Is there any other means or ways of doing this (or its similar) capable of leading me to attain the same goals or purposes ? Which ones ? And depending on the case, you may add : What if I change the environment, or the person(s), or the element involved in the horse movement ?

And thirdly you must verify the validity of the "replacement maneuver". Ask yourself once more : substituting the element for another one will solve the problem ? Or in reality the problem has a great likelihood of repeating itself there with the other element or condition (e.g. place, thing, person(s), shell(s), etc.) ?

This "replacement maneuver" may be very useful in a large variety of situations. It's not, however, a magical solution to everything. Sometimes there are some inconveniences, especially with THEIR characters, because THEY read your mind. As you'll see in the next part, "Creating a situation to judge you", sometimes they speculate over your brain being horses and then, after you find your alternative element, either through your acts or thoughts, they "reward" you offering you the first element again, the very one that they have blocked through the horse movement !

In this last case, you stay mesmerized and manipulated by THEIR Pavlovian thought control like a rat in a lab. So you must mentalize your archetypes. You must tell your brain how aware you are of their control. For further details, read the section "Creating a situation to judge you".

Another question is that, in some cases, you won't find an alternative element to replace the first one with, because it doesn't exist, or because it is not available to you at this very moment. So what to do ? You may mentalize your archetypes and/or you may use the first maneuver, the "energetic dolphin" presented above.

A last reminder must be given regarding this "replacement maneuver". Beware of the excess of logic and the excess of rationalization concerning the habit of replacing the elements in your brain. Do not addict your brain to this habit. They may try to catch you using logic distortions, false syllogisms, sophisms, euphemisms, and manipulating false dichotomies.

They are professional illusionists. Don't think you're "the brainy one" only because you have survived all these years, because you're not. And don't believe you're an expert only because you have freed yourself from basic illusions such as "There is no Game" and "The Praises are False". You're not, either.

Always remember : there are things that cannot be replaced with others. Your beloved one is unreplaceable. He/She is unique and cannot be replaced by any other person in the entire Universe. Not without emotional suffering. Do you agree with Agent Smith (from "The Matrix"), that you have to suffer to be happy ? Are you a masochist ? And OUR SIDE is unreplaceable as well. You simply can't ever replace OUR SIDE with the OTHER SIDE, no matter how "Nazi" the "horse characters" of OUR SIDE have been. The OTHER SIDE is disgusting... Do you wanna be a real dog using a dog-collar controlled by an alligator ? Would you like to be transformed into human tablets ? Blaaaargh !

These are two big distortions of the replacement reasoning that you need to block since the beginning.


Note : some horse types are pending.

Manipulating contradictions

(Added on August 21 st, 2000)

Contradictions are one of the classical horse types, commonly used by the alligators of the OTHER SIDE (either before or during the passage of the hurricane through your city), because as a rule of thumb they don't require the mind reading ability. Of course they are also used by the characters of OUR SIDE to manipulate survivors' brains.

THEY describe reality in a way that is obviously contradictory, unless you think of an exception to "explain" the contradiction, generally an absurd one.

And because the speed of their language and of their speculation can be many times faster than your ability to catch it and to respond properly in the Stage World, sometimes you do not perceive the contradiction until it's too late. It doesn't matter. You can't be blamed for not speaking their language, nor for not having your crystal activated as they do. Nevertheless, you can take your measures : you can mentalize your archetypes, in order to keep your assemblage point in a satisfactory position.

Let's take a look in a few examples.

You meet your neighbor in the elevator of the building where you live. He holds a bag with clothes, which seem to be new, as they have labels with prices. You try to be gentle, commenting : "What's up ? You bought new clothes ?"

And he replies with a quick contradiction : "Sure, I didn't have any white shirt, so I bought this one" (showing you a white shirt in the bag). It's a contradiction because at that very moment he was wearing another white shirt.

Everything is so fast that you don't have time to do or say anything, apart from giving him a pale smile. When you realize he've used a contradiction against your brain, you had already left him and the elevator behind.

Notice that they like to manipulate exceptions, so that if you had said something like : "But you're wearing a white shirt", he probably would have replied : "This one is not mine. I borrowed it.". Or worst : "This is not white. It's snow.".

Mentalize : "MANIPULATING CONTRADICTIONS", "HORSE CHARACTER", "EXPLORING EXCEPTIONS" and "ARBITRARY BEHAVIOR IN THE STAGE WORLD". This tells your brain that you are aware of their speculation and that you have a proper category in your mind to classify it. YOU KNOW that everything is artificial, YOU KNOW that they're all characters and YOU KNOW that their goal is to take energy from you. So you corral them within your mind.

Realize that the emotion is not in the phenomenon, but in the description of the phenomenon. So what you do is to re-describe the phenomenon for your brain. Who controls your life ? Who describes reality for you ? You or THEM ? Are you responsible for their acts and for their sentences ? No, you're not. You are responsible for your acts, for your sentences and for your thoughts.

There's nothing you can do to change their arbitrary contradictions, but you can change your thoughts. You can change the way you perceive reality. By labeling and categorizing and reducing and compartmentalizing their actions in your mind, you choose how to describe the phenomenon, instead of waiting to see what they'll say in their next sentences.

In this specific case, a more advanced and sophisticated response would be to elaborate yourself your own contradiction and use it against that same person. If you're going to do this you must not forget to memorize previously your own list of exceptions to be given if necessary. Never confess your real intentions, because THEY do never confess theirs when speculating on you. Energetic speculations in general can never be proven...

I must remark, however, that this is a more risky maneuver (because they are faster than you) and that preferentially it must be taken with improvisation, in a moment of inspiration, otherwise they can anticipate themselves and block your maneuver.

Let's say you live in the vicinities of Miami, Florida. You're going to the repair shop in your neighborhood to mend your walkman. The shop is specialized in mending TV sets, VCRs, sound systems and the like. So you ask the salesman : "Do you mend walkmans ?".

And he replies : "No. You have to go downtown to find a shop that mends walkmans. You won't find one in the neighborhood". But for reasons of caution and energetic security, you need to mend your walkman soon. HE KNOWS. So you insist, showing the equipment : "Do you know how to mend this ?".

The man says evasively : "Sometimes". You remind him : "It's a sophisticated equipment, it's the price of a sound system". His answer : "Yeah, I know". Then you ask him again : "Do you know how to mend this or you don't know ?", and he replies laconically : "Yes, we know". And you keep on asking him : "So you mend walkmans ?", and he keeps being laconic : "No. We don't have time.". (By the way, laconic and cynic, because the shop is empty).

Surprised by the answer, you ask him again : "Time ? But this is a repair shop.". Then he changes the answer : "We don't have practice" . So you ask him the last time : "So you know how to mend it but you don't have practice ?". Then he says : "Yes", adding the following detail : "There's a shop in the next block. You can try there, they fix walkmans".

Then you say : "Thank you very much", and you go away.

Well, this one is a more complex situation. He is manipulating your mind through three apparent contradictions. The first is the fact that he knows how to mend your walkman, but "do not have practice". The second is the pretext used to refuse the service : initially he said he didn't have time, then he said he didn't have practice. The third one is the availability of this service in the neighborhood : first he said that only in downtown you'd find this kind of service, then he recommended you the shop next block.

You may find out there's a rational, non-horsy explanation for each one of the apparent contradictions : a) first of all he only knows the theory about mending your walkman, or he has very little practice, so he doesn't want to risk a wrong service; b) second, he was ashamed of admitting he doesn't have practice, so he first lied saying he didn't have time, and then confessed his lack of practice; c) third, when he said this type of service can only be found in downtown, he had forgotten about the shop next block being able to mend walkmans. But after that he remembered it.

Do you see how exceptions can be manipulated to mask their real intentions ? So before accusing one of their characters of a horse movement in the Stage World, think twice. You must have a very clear evidence, otherwise THEY can "trace" your evidence presenting you new situations similar to the original but distortedly different at the same time, in an attempt to judge your accusation.

On the other side, YOU KNOW that that man reads your mind. YOU KNOW he is a character of OUR SIDE. YOU KNOW he has a crystal activated, and YOU KNOW someone in the Operation Center is telling him through their network of crystals what to say in each sentence, just like Cristof - the director - told everybody what to say or not say to Truman in "The Truman Show".

And YOU KNOW that by answering "sometimes" to your question on if he did know how to mend the walkman, he was putting himself in the "GRAY AREA", deliberately declining to answer your question with the intention of waiting to know your intentions. And he was also putting himself in the comfortable position of a judge : he was trying to inculcate in your mind the sensation of external judgement, "rewarding" your insistence in the end with the revelation that there was another shop nearby capable of mending walkmans.

And YOU KNOW that his character knows very well how to mend your walkman. (By the way, his shop mends all kinds of sound systems, including the complicated ones, so why on Earth would them not be capable of mending a simple walkman ?).

He was trying to subliminally say to your brain : "We are the ones who govern reality for you. There are no rights in the Stage World. We mend your walkman if, when and where we decide to do so. And we 'punish' or 'reward' you with any information we want. That's your life, our control.".

And YOU KNOW that since the beginning he knew very well about the other shop being able to mend your walkman. YOU KNOW all this, although of course you can't prove it.

So what you can do ? You can mentalize your sentences, in the form of archetypes. In this example, you could visualize something like : "HORSE MOVEMENT", "MANIPULATING CONTRADICTIONS", "EXPLORING EXCEPTIONS", "HIGH SPEED OF THEIR LANGUAGE", "HYPOCRISY IN THE STAGE WORLD", "LACONIC CHARACTER IN THE STAGE WORLD", etc..

Bypassing your Reality Check

(Added on August 23rd, 2000)

It is the speculation THEY do overriding your reality check and/or your memory. By "reality check" I mean the verification your brain - like the brain of every human being - does automatically to decide about the validity of an argument, theory or fact in the Stage World.

THEY think hundreds of times faster than you. The velocity of their language is that of hyperspace when compared to the mere bike speed of their characters (and of you) in the Stage World.

By using bizarre reasonings, illogical arguments, or physically unplausible affirmations, THEY try to cheat your brain, at least for a while. THEY wanna confuse your mind. And because they think in hyperspace speed, they are subliminally intending to call or label you - as well as every human being in your situation - an idiot, an imbecile, a Goofy, a Forrest Gump, etc., only because you don't have your crystal activated yet and therefore can't speak their language and think so fast.

Well, that's not your fault : you're a survivor of the hurricane. Thanks to your courage, determination, will, presence of mind, pureness of heart, and - most important - thanks to your love for your beloved one, you are still alive. Your aura didn't die like theirs. Realize that they are the real idiots who have been deceived during the hurricane, not you...

Let's say you're a woman. You've just left the dressing room of your gym, after taking a shower. The place was sultry and sweltering, as the hot air from the showers spreaded all over. So you're drinking a little water in the drinking fountain, when you see another girl that you know by sight, and who have also just left the dressing room, after taking her shower.

So you make your comments about the temperature. "This bathroom is too hot, we have to drink cold water to counterbalance". And she responds : "Do you think ? But the air-conditioning has been shut off half an hour ago".

Your mind is puzzled by her sentence, but everything is so fast that the only thing you can say is repeating your previous affirmation : "Yeah, but it's hot in there, you sweat after the shower". And then the conversation ends.

You didn't understand what she meant, since the air-conditioning of your gym (which reaches also the dressing room) exists to cool the air, and not to heat it. And this day it's relatively cold outside the gym. So you can't understand how the air conditioning being turned off half an hour before that time could help the situation.

In reality, it would be just the opposite : turning off the air conditioning - which cools the ambience - would contribute to heat the dressing room. So that woman has used one of the very motives of the dressing room being pultry to contest your affirmation that the dressing room was too hot.

She is bypassing your reality check. In this example, she is contesting you using an argument that in truth reinforces your point. And because she is too fast, you can lose energy having the sensation of being an idiot because she is speculating over your brain and you didn't do anything.

Never mind. She is using her crystal, and you do not have yours. Her approach was totally unexpected, and the conversation was very quick. What is important to say is that every human being having an activated crystal can state the most incredible absurdities in the Stage World to anybody not having an activated crystal without being contested.

Normally it takes a while for the person not having the crystal to detect the absurdity, and when it happens it is generally too late.


And if your brain is somehow hit by the label "idiot" because you didn't catch their absurdity in time, take a look again at the section Dismantling keyword handicapped. Realize that THEY - the former neutrals - are the real "disabled persons" who have needed the help of a crystal to deconstruct the force of the Matrix. So mentalize : "CRYSTAL CRUTCH".

It is also worth of mention that, for the purposes of this text, this section "Bypassing your reality check" covers a specific variation (linked to the "Horse Movements") of the section " Bypassing your reality check - Liquidifying your memory", that deals with manipulations of memory in general, including in your nightly dreams, for instance.

The Quantum Horse (and the "If I had" maneuver)

(Added on August 16 th, 2000) (Example #2 added on August 21st, 2000)

This time THEY use the principles of quantum physics to manipulate your brain through a horse movement. THEY simply create a situation where any option that you pick, you lose.

In other words, THEY first block a simple element, and when you give up this element and go follow another option, which is more complicated than the first, then - only then - they unblock the first element. THEY are trying to show you that if you had waited a little more, the first element would have been unblocked...

THEY want you to have the sensation of being judged by an external force, either feeling "punished" (when they 'block' the element) or "rewarded" (when they 'unblock' it) by their manipulation.

Once more they are trying to describe reality for you. To one side, they want you to believe that everything was natural and that you were just "unlucky". So what to do ? Mentalize : "NATURALNESS INDUCEMENT", "DENYING THE TRUTH", and "ARTIFICIAL SYNCHRONICITY".

To the other side, they are subliminally saying to your brain something like : "We are the ones who govern your reality for you. We create reality, you obey, crestfallen, like cattle". Then you lose energy, because of the sensation of being controlled. Mentalize : "QUANTUM HORSE". If they've manipulated your thoughts, you may add : "THOUGHT CONTROL".

The point here is : they act because of you and of your thoughts. It's like an interactive program. So the conclusion is that in reality if you had waited a little more, nothing would have happened besides a longer wait of yours !

"This is the world that you know, the world as it was at the end of the twentieth century. It exists now only as part of a neural interactive simulation, that we call 'the Matrix'. You've been living in a dreamworld, Neo."

(Morpheus showing Neo images on a TV screen, in "The Matrix")

You can say that the expression "neural interactive simulation" is another way of saying "artificial synchronicity", because THEY synchronize their actions with your thoughts, interactively...

Let's take a look now at a couple of practical examples, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Let's say you live in Chicago, Illinois. Your workplace is in a building with - say - twenty floors, and your company is located in the nineteenth floor, just one before the top.

It's a crowded building. At the first level, you have five elevators - along with its respective lines - operating in scales according to the floors : four of them alternate floors jumping four floors each time.

That is, the first goes to the floors # 2-6-10-14-18, the second to the floors # 3-7-11-15-19, the third to the floors # 4-8-12-16-20 and the fourth to the floors # 5-9-13-17.

The last elevator is an "express" to floors # 17-18-19-20, the last ones, precisely where you work (#19). So that you can take the second elevator (# 3-7-11-15-19) or the "express" one (# 17-18-19-20), but you prefer to take this "express" because it is quicker and doesn't stop at so many floors before yours. THEY KNOW.

One day you're late, and a little worried about your delay (but not eager). When you reach the first level and look at the lines, you have the sensation of being "lucky" because coincidentally exactly those two lines that go to your floor (the second elevator line and the express elevator line) are very short, while all the others are crowded. (By the way, what a strange configuration for the lines, don't you think ? That's because it's artificial... Remember : question reality...)

So you take the line of the "express" elevator. A few seconds later, the second elevator line (your other option) is suddenly crowded, in a perfect synchronization of their characters. And you soon realize that your elevator - the so-called "express" - is stopped at the 20th floor, motionless. Your elevator simply doesn't move, staying there like a statue at the last floor, while the others keep on getting new passengers, including your other option (the second elevator)...

They are trying to inculcate in your brain this subliminal message : "If you had taken the other option - the second elevator - then by now you would be already there, seated in your chair working in your desk.".

The truth is that if you had taken the other option, the speculation would be inverted : the second elevator would become motionless like a statue and the "express" elevator option would be very fast. And - of course - its line would be crowded in a heartbeat, right after you have taken your position in the second elevator line.

And then THEY may reinforce this "QUANTUM HORSE" movement with additional speculative behaviors.

After two minutes (an enormous time in terms of elevator motion), someone behind you in your line says : "The operator must be kidding, he must have turned off the elevator". A few more seconds and a person ahead of you in your line abandons the line and goes to another line (of a third elevator). Soon after that, the second elevator (your other option) reaches the first level again.

All remaining persons of your line are still there with you. One more minute and another person behind you in your line throws over your head a second description of reality to cover up everything : "it must be broken". A few seconds later a passer-by who is not in any line says near you : "Ooh, and I have my appointment".

In reality, if you're passing through this situation and you're a survivor of the hurricane, YOU KNOW that your elevator is not broken, nor has been "turned off" naturally. You know it is artificial, you know THEY are trying to take energy from you, synchronizing their acts with your thoughts. THEY are trying to control your life.

So you draw another conclusion : if you leave your line, your elevator will soon work again !, and all the other persons that are still there will take it, but you. So because of their quantum horse movement, you take your decision : you won't leave your line unless everybody else in your line leaves it too. And you establish a deadline for the wait : fifteen minutes, which seems quite reasonable.

So you've created an alternative to bypass their quantum horse, and now they apply the external judgement movement, "rewarding" you with a quick solution : right after you take mentally your decision, they provide an original solution; an employee at the first level of the building calls everybody standing in your line (including you) to follow him through a corridor and take the back entrance elevator which is usually restricted to the employees of the building and/or to the cargo.

THEY are trying to judge your thoughts like if you were a child. The subliminal message here is that you have to prove them that you do not value the Stage World, that you really don't care about your delays. They want you to be a happy slave under their thought control. The point here is : you don't need them to spiritualize yourself or evolve spiritually, nor to deconstruct the Stage World.

THEY want to turn your thoughts against you, in order to control your life. THEY want your brain to believe that you're not the owner of your destiny. Never accept this idea, because it's the core of their speculation, the root of the whole brainwashing scheme and the nucleus of the illusions created and perpetrated by them.

"What is the Matrix ? Control. The Matrix is a computer-generated dreamworld built to keep us under control, in order to change the human being into this [a battery]"

(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

That's it. You just have to replace "computer-generated" by "crystal-generated". Remember : they act together like bees using their crystals under the command of the Operations Center.

So returning to the example above, no matter what you choose to do, your goal is to avoid losing energy. I suggest you mentalize first "QUANTUM HORSE" (when you realize the "if I had" maneuver) and "OPTIONS MILL" (when their characters start creating alleged "alternatives" to your elevator line). And finally "EXTERNAL JUDGEMENT ATTEMPT" (when THEY create the sensation of you being "rewarded" after synchronizing their solution with your thoughts).

If you want, you may reinforce with : "ARTIFICIAL SYNCHRONICITY" and "ARBITRARY CHARACTERS IN THE STAGE WORLD". You may also add "QUESTION REALITY" and "STATISTICAL DISTORTION" in the beginning when you notice the absurd distribution of people between the lines.

(Added on August 21 st, 2000)

Let's say now you live in Belgium. You have sent your application and resume (CV) to several universities. Two of them replied, but they've called you for an interview in the same day and time ! You try to postpone one of them, but with no success.

As you can't be in two places at the same time, you have a dilemma : you have to choose one of the options, according to a series of tonal factors that THEY will manipulate in your mind to "trace" your preference : geographical location of the university, its reputation, duration of the course, annual or quarter fees, etc..

Let's say your resume shows that you are a "good" student in the tonal reality, or in the Matrix. You have all the qualities needed to be accepted, so that you probably will be approved by any of the two universities. THEY KNOW.

They first wait to see which one you'll choose, and why you decide to choose it. And then they can reject your application in the interview, using a pretext or trying to blame you for their rejection. No matter how perfect you are, or how brilliant is your resume : if they want they'll find something to justify your rejection, if this can be used to take energy from you.

Because you don't have an alternative (the two interviews were scheduled to the same time), you may lose energy. Mentalize : "ARBITRARY CHARACTERS IN THE STAGE WORLD" and "QUANTUM HORSE". You know that if you had chosen the other university, you could (and probably would) have been equally rejected by their characters.

Remember : THEY act together like bees, THEY read your thoughts, and their characters do not have rigid criteria regarding procedures in the Stage World. THEY can reject you one moment and the next moment accept a similar application having the same characteristics of yours. And if you accuse them of bias, they will very likely mask it exploring the differences between you and the other person. They will never confess their manipulation or their thought reading schemes.

The more you value the Stage World, greater are your chances of being rejected. But don't think this is because you or your thoughts are being judged by them, and fairly rewarded or punished by a "superior entity", because you're not being judged. That's what they want your brain to believe, in order to transform you into a happy slave.

They do not think in terms of "merit" and they do not value the Stage World. They think in terms of energy : they want to take energy from you; that's their reasoning. So that even if you do not value anymore the Stage World, and even if you have deconstructed the illusion of the so-called "ego", they can reject you anyway. They can be arbitrary just to take energy from you with their arbitrariness.

They may present then a new element to take more energy from you. That same day, or a few days later, you coincidentally pass by someone (a neighbor, a relative, a guy or girl in your gym, it doesn't matter) who says his/her application has been approved by the other university (the one you didn't choose), adding that his/her resume is not "good". Actually, according to their description of reality, his/her resume is one of a "bad" student.

This reinforces for your brain the "Quantum Horse" sensation. The subliminal message here is : if you had chosen the other university, it would have been very easy to be accepted, so easy that even that person was accepted.

In another level of perception, you know their actions are artificial, so your brain is hit by this other message : "we are the ones who govern your reality for you. We could have approved you if we wanted to, like we did with that person. We make the rules of your reality, and we are the owners of your destiny. You follow the rules. You obey.".

Never let this subliminal message penetrate your brain without a corresponding message of yours. Remember : who defines reality for you ? You or THEM ? Are you cattle ?

The point here is : every time your brain decodes or assimilates a new type of speculation, you become aware of their actions and you do not lose energy anymore, at least due to this type of speculation. Or if you do, you lose less energy than before. Each time they repeat this same kind of speculation, you lose less energy, till finally you don't lose it any longer.

That's why it is so important for you to mentalize your archetypes, categorizing and labeling their actions into small sentences or phrases within your mind.

In this case, you may mentalize something like : a) "ARTIFICIAL SYNCHRONICITY" (when they mark the two interviews for the same day and time, and also when you try to postpone one of them without success); b) "QUANTUM HORSE", plus "ARBITRARY CHARACTERS IN THE STAGE WORLD" and "THE MATRIX ISN'T REAL" (when you're rejected); and c) "DESCRIPTION OF REALITY", "INVENTED LITTLE STORY", "UNDERVALUING YOUR REALITY VERSUS OVERVALUING THEIRS", "SPIRIT MEASUREMENT" and "FALSE MIRROR" (when the other person speculates about his/her application being accepted by the other university). You may still reinforce everything repeating once more "QUANTUM HORSE" and "ARBITRARY CHARACTERS IN THE STAGE WORLD".

The Bib Horse

Multiple Horse : Bib + Quantum

Horse Movement with Self-Positioning : calling you a Horse

Horse Movement in the Workplace : trying to enslave you

Criteria Disparity with keywords

Horse Movement with Stalinism Technique

Presumed Horse Theory

Description of Horse Movement over another person with Interpretation and Fear Fishings

The Quick Horse

The Child Horse - Spiritual Child in the Stage World

Horse Movement : punishing you through a sabotage maneuver

Scientific Realitymakers Nazism - Cheating descriptions of reality in a scientific position of authority

Horse Movement and the Thought Punishment

Horse Movement with Event Tracing and the Foregone Conclusion Argument - Making a Storm in a Teacup

Manipulating your Common Sense : calling you a "goofy" if you consider "natural" something that they define as "absurd" and accusing you of "foregone conclusion" if you consider "absurd" something that they define as "natural"

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